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Argan oil for the hair?

How much is TOO much Argan Oil for the hair?

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Actually, the amount and the way you apply argan oil depends on the purpose of your use for it on your hair.  Argan oil has several positive effects on hair, including how it restores shine to hair, cares for your scalp to advance hair growth and helps to mend split ends.  Plus it is perfect for restoring health to over-processed hair.  For an intensive hair treatment, to improve dry scalp, to restore dry damaged hair and add shine, apply a generous amount of oil to dry hair starting at the ends, then wrap in a warm towel and leave for 30 minutes or leave it overnight. Wash and style as usual. For dry scalp and dandruff, massage into the roots, too.  Repeat this once or twice a week for soft, smooth and glossy hair. To calm frizzy hair use a drop or two of the oil, rub your palms together and scrunch the oil into the ends of your hair.

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Argan oil is a miracle product for my thick curls, but a little goes a long way.  Especially if you use another product or two.  For my hair routine, I use a bit of the Generic brand from Sally's of Redkin's Anti Snap.  Once I have that dispersed through my hair, I use a few drops of One n Only's Argan Oil.  I mainly use it on areas of my hair that tend to be more dry. 


All in all, if you use other products that help your hair, you may want to cut back on how much you use so your hair doesn't feel too oily.  You may want to experiment with it for a few days to see what works best for your hair type and routine.

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