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whats a good perfume for me? i like very sweet smelling perfumes!

Hi I am looking for a sweet smelling (cottoncandy is my favorite, so if there is a cottoncandy like smelling one please list it!) perfume, and something that is long lasting, and not too expensive Smiley Happy Thanks!!!


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Hi cottoncandy11

I completly agree with dianabt.

Aquolina Pink Sugar is the BEST! I wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY. seriously. I love it.

it smells super sweet and lasts all day.  I got the "To-Go" version at Sephora for $30.00, after testing a sample, and It was totally worth It!  I dont know any other frangrence that smells like this one.

Buy it. You wont regret itSmiley Happy


Good luck! 


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