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I want a dark, seductive scent. What perfume would have the scents I love and smell super sexy?
Anybody know if the Daisy & Daisy Eau So Fresh mini gift set contains spray bottles? I have received minis before that are not sprays but splashes, and I haven't used them for that reason.   I want Daisy, but I don't use perfume enough to warrant a 1 oz bottle, and it gets funky after two years or so. And I prefer sprays to rollerballs!    Thanks
I bought fragrance Thursday .. Can I get the triple points with my purchase today with my reciept??
Hello ladies I'm currently writing my Master's thesis about communication, and I'm really looking for pictures of some Fragrance Sample Postcards that I can use as some examples on how to use scent in commercials. I've tried finding pictures online without any luck on getting a good picture of both sides of the postcard(s). Is it possible that any of you have some of these postcards with a sample, and that can take some (good) pictures of it/them? Both front page and the back page ?   Thanks in advance. - Maibrit
Hi! I need help choosing a fragrance to gift my mom for her birthday. She is in love with both Jimmy Choo's Jimmy Choo and Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. They both have patchouli base notes and mandarin orange top notes. It'd be great if some similar fragrances could be suggested. Thanks!
Can anybody recommend a long lasting fragrance with good sileage. I like musky powdery scents.
I got a sample of NEST - Midnight Fleur a few months ago and I was obsessed with it, I used it all in two weeks.  I didn't need a million sprays to get a lasting scent and people could always smell it a few hours after I'd put it on.  So, I decided to order a full size and I can't smell it at all just twenty minutes after applying.  I've even tripled the amount of sprays I use at once just to see if I can get the same experience as the sample, but to no avail, I can't smell it and neither can anyone else!  Is it possible that I somehow received a defective bottle of the perfume??  Should I send it back and exchange it for a new one??  Any insight would be appreciated!
Hello! I got a sample of a Hanae Mori perfume a while ago (either 2 or 3 months ago, I would say) and it doesn't say which one it is on the little white spray bottle it came in. It's not on My Purchases either as it appears to have been sent to me in lieu of another sample I asked for. Does anyone have any idea of which one it could be? I found a thread here with a possible answer but it's from a few years back HALP! Thank you! ^_^
I absolutely love fragrances with apple notes in them. I LOVE DKNY Be Delicious as well as Beautiful Day from bath and body works. Any of you know of any other scents with apple notes in them? Please let me know!
I love Burberry London, Burberry The Beat and Brit, would I like Tom Ford Black Orchid??
Can anyone suggest a nice light fragrance for my 12yr old daughter? thanks,
I'm 15 and looking for a classy fragrance, but something that is also youthful, okay for my age and okay for daytime wear. I have heard of Chanel No. 5, but I am afraid it will be too mature for me. Any ideas?
There's Parfume, Toilette, Vaporisateur, Cologne and oil. And then there's 'eau de' what does that mean?   I always look for the 'parfume' but some only come in EDT (at least Sephora online). And then some have a huge price difference between them.   I am looking to purchase a scent that when I apply it in the morning it'll still be there eve/night. I don't want it to be overpowering at first when applied and then ther's no scent by the arternoon.       Edited: I can't firgure how to reply to comments.   I googled this as well and found not much info like you BTers gave here. Thank you. Now I have always purchased the 'parfume' version but was wondering if I'll be disapointed with the 'toilet' version? Will it be too 'watered down' and not have a long lasting smelled? 
I love Pacifica perfume, but its kinda high, and so the cheapest is solid. How do you use it?
I am about to buy the set online, but I don't want to end up not getting what I want - so does this fragrance certificate that is included here really redeem for a 2.5 oz bottle of Daisy Eau So Fresh? Anybody can confirm it I would be delighted to hear! Thank you pretties!  
Wow I got this for Christmas from my daughter and l can't get enough of it.  Haven't been this excited about a fragrance in years! Has anyone else experienced it?
Hey guys, I'm looking for a new perfume. I'm in my late teens, so I don't want a perfume that's too mature but not overly sweet, like what many of the girls are wearing today. I'm looking for something fresh, I guess. I'm also looking for a perfume that lasts longer than the one I'm wearing.   I've been wearing Vera Wang's Lovestruck for a while, and I like it, but I'm kind of tired of it. Admittedly, it IS a little on the sweet side for me, but it's not too bad cause the musky notes balance it out somewhat. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!!  
I read about this perfume on  a site which I completely forgot the name of, LOL, but the description of the scent caught my attention so I decided to order it.  What do you think?
I've worn the original Donna Karan New York perfume for years (black swan like bottle) and found out it's been discontinued. I'm desperate to find at least a similar smelling fragrance, any ideas?
I use to wear Sensi by Giorgio Armani. It has since been discontinued. I was wondering if there was a dupe for it out there?
So, Sephora's description of the Daisy Eau So Fresh gift set says that both the rollerball and the fragrance are eau de parfum. I've looked at the same kit at other retailers though and everywhere else says the two are eau de toilette instead. The size of the perfume bottle that Sephora includes in the kit is smaller than other retailers so it would make sense for the bottle to be eau de parfum, but I was just wondering if anyone knows for sure what is included in Sephora's gift set. Thank you!
Help!  I need a fragrance that is VERY similar to Estee Lauder's now-discontinued Dazzling Silver!   It's a tradition that I get my mother-in-law this for Christmas!  Thanks!
I got a Michael Kors 'Very Hollywood' sample in a Sephora Favorites holiday pack a few years ago, bought the full size with the voucher, now its discontinued!! Anyone have a recommendation for a fragrance that is similar?
Hey beauty lovers! I'm looking for a new perfume and I'm wanting something flirty, sensual, warm, and maybe a little sweet. Nothing too overpowering or floral. I'm about to finish a second bottle of Prada Candy. I love the scent of Candy, but the lasting power is below average. I've been interested in Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, but I haven't had the chance to sniff it just yet!    Other perfumes I enjoy are: Dior J'adore Dior Addict Dolce & Gabbana The One Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy Ralph Lauren Big Pony for Women #2 Marc Jacobs Lola
I'm so sad, I don't seem to find Vivara anywhere! And when I found a website the prices were outrageous! Anyone know of anything that smells like Emilio Pucci's Vivara?
I posted in reference to my future Paris trip recently and received great feedback from quite a few people. I now wanted to ask about experiences with specific fragrance houses that I've narrowed down onto a short list. They are the following:    Nose - Le Labo - Annick Goutal - What draws me to Nose is that they offer rare scents. In regards to Le Labo, they can make you a custom fragrance. (Who wouldn't want that?) As far as Annick Goutal, I love floral, feminine fragrances, but I do know that I can buy these at Nordstroms. However, it may be cool to check out their boutique. Due to the prices of these fragrances (and the fact that I already have 7 different fragrances in my possession), I can probably only buy one. Therefore, I thought narrowing down this further may help me accomplish that. Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated!   P.S. I know everyone is probably wondering why Guerlain is not on this list, but, from what I've seen, their fragrances are cheaper in the US than France.
I am DETERMINED to own one of those beautiful TOCCA bottles of it's the last thing I do!  Seriously though, I've tested all the Tocca fragrances about 50 times each and still can't decide.  For the price, I want to make sure I will love what I'm getting.  Which one do you recommend?  Also, I'm aware that Sephora is offering a Tocca trio, which I may very well purchase.  But I want your opinions first!   *UPDATE* Thanks for the suggestions ladies!  I finally got to Anrhopologie today to try out Stella, Florence, Bianca, Cleopatra, and Colette.  I could definitely tell why Stella has such a following, but it was a bit light/fruity for what I'm looking for right now.  I had a hard time choosing between Florence and Cleopatra...but I'm going with the Cleo.  It had a very nostalgic, retro, smells-kinda-like-my-grandma-but-in-a-good-way feel to it that I adored.  It's rare to find those old-fashioned scents, so I'm going with my gut and will purchase Cleopatra next pay day!  (Florence may soon follow.)