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fragrance for young preteen?

Can anyone suggest a nice light fragrance for my 12yr old daughter? thanks,

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Im thinking Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. My little sister is 11 (almost to be 12) and she loves the smell of it, great scent for a young girl. Smiley Happy

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Dear luvmyboxer (btw awesome pen nameSmiley Happy,


For a twelve year old girl, I will assume she's in 6th or 7th grade.


I would reccomend perfume like Someday by Justin Beiber or Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. Because the music by these artists are aimed toward preteens, their smells are too. They are light, fun, and not very sexy (but definately cute).




If your daughter isn't into these artists or the perfumes, I would try the Viva La Juicy fragrence. It's pretty popular between 7th grade through 10th grade.



Also, Poppy and Poppy Flower scents by Coach are light and sweet.




Clinique Happy Heart is really nice. It's light, with notes of floral and citrus, really well balanced. It's not a "sexy" fragrance, like the Juicy Couture and Coach products, but it will still make her feel sophisticated. And it's reasonably priced. 

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You've already received excellent advice regarding fragrances for a 12 year old. One fragrance that is particularly suitable for a younger lady is Aquolina Pink Sugar. It's playful and warm without being overbearing. It has notes cotton candy and caramel which create a beautifully blended scent. Pink Sugar is such an amazing scent.


Pink Sugar

Whimsically yours,

I would have to say the Tokidoki Donutella roll-on perfume. You can buy it at any Sephora stores in canada or the US. It is 18 dollars. And another one that I love is the Hilary Duff perfume. It's called With Love. I own both of them and love them to death. since i am a teenage I know that  young girls love sweet smelling perfume. Tokidoki is a little more on the safe side. I would also say that the With Love pefume is a sexy girl pefume, which may be something that you don't want her wearing. The cost of this one is $100 for 100 mL and $50 for 50 mL. Now that it is 2011 it is a little bit cheaper. Personally when i first that perfume guys in my class would always try to sit beside me because of the perfume. And that's how i met my boyfriend. I would say the Tokidoki one is safe for now and maybe buy her the hilary duff one when she is 13 or14 yrs. Also the justin bieber, taylor swift, and hannah montana ones r lovely and personally i love them as well. Even though i am in high school. I hpe u figure her which one is right for her! GOOD LUCK! I hope she loves it!! Smiley Happy <3

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Also, You and I perfume for one direction.

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I can totally suggest something, because I'm a preteen too!


I use tokidoki's Ciao Ciao rollerball and have gotten so many's an absolutely amazing floral. Delicious!

tokidoki has many rollerballs and delicious scents, she should check them all out!

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Any of the Harajuku scents....


  • [Original] G (coconut scent)
  • Jingle G (berry scent)
  • G of the Sea (beach scent)
  • Super G (melon/tangerine scent)
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 I have a 12-year old girl too!  I bought her a set of 4 CLEAN rollerball fragrances.  They're light and fresh and perfect for a young woman.  Sephora doesn't offer the same boxed set anymore, but this dual rollerball has CLEAN Warm Cotton, and CLEAN Cool cotton in the same wand.  




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I'm a nanny for a 10 year old. we got her Grace from sephora. Good luck.

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Hi luvmyboxer, 


(love your user name!) and I love the recommendations you have already received.


I personally think the Philosophy Grace fragrances would be fantastic, as well as the Aquolina Pink Sugar. You may even want to try the LaVanila scents as they are rich with antioxidants and have soft vanilla scents to them,  or even the Harajuku G of the Sea. It's a soft citrusy floral scent that is sweet but not too overbearing or strong. Smiley Happy


Mini Roller Ball Set ($48 value)




G of the Sea

G of the Sea


and other Harajuku Scents


Wicked Style Mini Rollerball Coffret

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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I would also suggest the "Grace" line by Philosophy. The fragrances are light, clean, fresh, and can be layered with their fragranced soap, lotion and cologne. Travel sizes/ rollers are available and QVC (sorry Sephora!) carry good deals on sets. Since Philosophy has a GREAT skin are line, this might be a way to introduce her to the brand.
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I think a great fragrance for a 12 year old is Daisy by Marc Jacobs.  Its a nice happy, floral scent that isn't so sweet that it give the moms a migrane.  It's also appropriate for that age.

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Some fragrances I think are great for younger girls are:

JUSTIN BIEBER SOMEDAY by JUSTIN BIEBER - Justin Bieber... what more can I say lol.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck - It smells wonderful, not to mention it's by Taylor Swift. She's a great role model for girls of any age! Smiley Happy

Aquolina Pink Sugar - It's sweet, but has citrus to it so it's not sickening. I remember loving this when I was younger, and every now and then I use some.  Smiley Happy

Vera Wang Princess - It's fun heart-shaped bottle, name, and scent down to the lilac color and tiara-shaped lid are all perfect for a young girl... and it smells really nice, not too heavy.

Philosophy Amazing Grace - for a girl or woman of all ages. Philosophy's scents are all really great, clean, and relatively inexpensive ounce-for-ounce against other brands... It's lightweight but still last all day, too.

Pure GraceBaby Grace, and Eternal Grace™ are great to consider, too!

DKNY Be Delicious - I love the fun-shaped bottle and the crisp, clean scent! It's perfect for any preteen (that loves apples, lol.)

Last but not least, Juicy Couture's Juicy Couture is great and smells wonderful. Also, the glam bottle and packaging will be sure to wow your daughter. This fragrance is light enough for a young girl to wear but sophisticated enough to actually be an enjoyable fragrance lol.

I suggest looking at all of these in person in a sephora store if you can and smell which you think is best and what she'd lioke most.


Hope this helps!!

xoxo, Charlotte

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For someone that age, I would recommend something more natural. Sephora's natural fragrances, that are light, are Lavanilla and Pacifica. Lavanilla Grapefruit and Lavanilla Blackberry are sweet and probably more appealing for young girls.  Pacifica has a Brazilian Mango Grapefruit that my daughter loves!


Other brands, not carried by Sephora...L'Artisan ( has some organic fragrances), Red Flower and Diptyque. All these brands have amazing fragrances and are either natural or organic. Smiley Happy 

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