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I am looking for a fragrance that has a clean almost soapy smell.  I have a hard time with everything giving me a headache but I love my Oil of Olay Quench body wash smell.  I also really like Philosophy's Falling in Love but it almost has a rubbing alcohol smell at first and after awhile, if it didn't I would wear it all the time.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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Yep, try the CLEAN line:


I have the CLEAN Warm Cotton from a perfume set and dislike it precisely because it smells like soapy Downy, and I like my perfume to smell like perfume, not laundry with too much detergent/downy in it. The scent is pretty straightforward and smell the same on clothe or skin and doesn't change. It's strong/noticeable but does not have that sharp/crisp/spicy/alcohol scent most perfumes have so it shouldn't be bad for headaches. I suggest you go to a Sephora and try out the different CLEAN scents.

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For an actual fragrance. the "clean" line is nice. Yes it's called clean. There are several; shower fresh, warm cotton, provence. They are strong so a little goes a long way.


Shower or Bath products. L'occitane has a verbena line that is fresh or a lavendar line  is lovely. 



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