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Is "My little roses de chloe" the same scent as "Roses de chloe" ?
I have been mulling over adding Black Orchid to my fragrance collection for a while.   I had a sample years ago, and it was a sillage and longevity beast (which is something I love). One spray was enough. The scent worked well on me and was delightfully noir. I was going through a Coco phase at the time however, and I never picked it up.   I am finally ready to pull the trigger on it, but in reading some reviews it looks like it may have been reformulated to have much less sillage and longevity.   Can anyone comment on whether or not this is true?
Hi, Scent Lovers!  My Mom loves No. 4711.  What scents, if any, are similar to 4711?  I'm not looking for a dupe, but I would like to stay in the same scent family.   This is how the fragrance is described:   The precious ingredients are carefully harmonised. Bergamot, lemon, and orange provide a uniquely revitalising effect. Lavender and rosemary have a calming and relaxing effect, strengthening the nerves. Neroli, extracted from the blossom of the bitter orange, has a calming effect in the base note, creating a positive mood.
The first are the original Andy Tauer line including Rose de Kandahar and Le Air du Desert Morocain, and from Tauerville the Vanilla and Rose.   Worth they hype?  Best scent? Thanks!
Hi beauties,   I am looking to purchase the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT and I actually don't use perfumes much but this one smells nice and i'm addicted to the bottle. I know the 100ml bottle has the silver bow on it, does the 50ml bottle have the silver bow as well? I've seen ones with clear bow (which doesn't look as nice) and in that case I would purchase the 100ml. I really want the silver bow on it and I would hate to open the 50ml and see that it has the clear bow and I'm stuck with the bottle.... Thanks for your help!
I am looking for an eau de toilette Sephora Fluo Beach. Was it replaced by a similar scent? Help! This is my one and only favorite!
I was binge shopping perfumes last weekend and found this collection called ROADS. The shop owner mentioned the "nose" behind the scent is Danielle Ryan. It is interesting because she is part of the RyanAir family. I thought that was cool. I smelled a few and they were amazing! I especially love Neon and Cloud 9. I didn't commit to buying anything because I was already making a purchase, but I will be going back...   Anyone else have comments on this line?
Can anyone give me a description of these fragrances? ie high and low notes, bold or delicate in scent? What age group(s) would you suggest them for. Thanks!
Hi all,      I've been interested in these since they were released online, but since they aren't available in store to test, I've been hesitant to buy.   I got samples of Green and Red from Lucky Scent, and I don't think they are right for me (Green comes off very masculine on me and Red, I can't put my finger on it, but I don't love it)   Has anyone purchased Play Black?  What do you think of it?  The notes described are right up my alley, but I'm wondering how it wears.   I noticed when I sampled Green and Red, they both smelled lovely on application, but faded quite quickly (3 hours later, almost completely gone)   Thanks!
I just noticed these…and many of the scents are limited with only a few left and no reviews (but someone is buying them). Anyone tried any of them? They sound amazing…unisex…but very pricey. I'd love some input from anyone who has tried them!!! Thanks. mme_des_garcons_wonderwood_carousel_P390206_link
I am obsessed with the scrub, body wash, and lotion by Soap & Glory with their "Fruitigo" scent! I only wish they had a perfume or body mist with the scent as well so the scent would last all day. Has anyone tried this line and have any recommendations for a perfume that smells similar or would complement them well?!
Receive a duo of Pomegranate Noir and Blackberry & Bay mini spray colognes with any $200 Jo Malone™ fragrance purchase. Please note: Excludes gift sets.   Shop the Jo Malone™ Boutique Receive Peony & Blush Suede and Blackberry & Bay Cologne miniatures in a faux-leather travel case with any $175 Jo Malone™ purchase. Tailor Your Scent. A gift from Jo Malone London to you. This duo of Cologne miniatures is perfect for Fragrance Combining.™ Layer Peony & Blush Suede with Blackberry & Bay to create an enticing fragrance, delicious with juicy depth. Shop the Jo Malone™ Boutique   This is a great deal if you spent about 200 on fragrance. Basically you get double gifts (or 4 mini sprays + a tiny tester). They don't tell about the size but I assume 9mL per spray. RUN!!!
I'm trying to find a way to sell my almost never been used bottle of perfume and was looking for suggestions from anyone who has been successful at selling perfume online. Thanks!
Is anyone else having problems with the pump on the Maison Martin Margiela scents?  I only bought mine in May, but the pump, well, doesn't.  I get a measly little dribble, not a good spray like when I first got it.  Don't know if it's a design flaw or I just got a bad one.  Hoping I can find some sort of replacement, because I adore the scent.
Does anyone have any suggestions for fragrances that are similar to these? I live overseas & was looking forward to getting them during my upcoming trip to the States, but cannot find . I'm originally from NYC where there is a Sephora on every block, practically, but currently living in Wellington, NZ - a reasonable price beauty products wasteland - $30 for Maybelline mascaras & +$100 for knock-off fragrances! Really. 
After 10 years I still cant live without Ralph Lauren's Lauren Style, will it ever come back? and/or is there ANYTHING out there that smells really close or fairly similar? 
For those who may be interested, the Lavanila website is having a Mother's Day Sale.  25% off all 1.7 oz fragrances until May 8th.  
What is the Viktor and Rolf Secret Service?  I registered for it but it says that it's currently not available in the US but they would keep me on their list.  What is it exactly?  Is it a discount or reward points club or something?
I want to take a moment and say thanks to Sephora for taking all of our pleas to carry Estée Lauder to heart. I love Tuberose and Gardenia and Sensuous Nude so much, and I am happy I can finally get them with a bit of a discount (during sales and such) through Sephora. Off to generously spritz on some Tuberose and Gardenia just 'cause
Just wanted to pass on the fact that Macy's online (only) now has the following hard-milled bath soaps: Miss Dior and Coco by Chanel! They both smell great, and as someone who prefers the long-lasting nature of soaps, as opposed to body washes, which can "turn" and smell weird, I thought I'd pass this along. Too bad Sephora doesn't cary them. I've also gotten the Miss Dior from Nordstrom's online.
This frag has been discontinued and I am wiling to trade something for it if anyone here on BT has it! I just cant seem to find it anywhere. So much frustration. 
Okay, so I am going bonkers waiting for 2/5 to get here so that I can start ordering my lovely, pretty things. However, in order to quell my itchy trigger finger (seriously, my cart icon is mocking me, taunting me with the 5 items that are just sitting there waiting to come home...) wait, where was I? Ah yes, how did I sate my need to buy some perfume but not feel like I am wasting the chance to earn 3X points? Simple, buy some perfume that Sephora doesn't carry!   Harvey Prince: direct from their website, right now if you use the code TRYAGELESS you can get a sample of the fragrance Ageless for free,but you do have to pay for shipping ($6.50) I also shopped on Birchbox and picked up a rollerball of the newest Harvey Prince fragrance Journey for $16 using some of my saved points.   Ah, new perfume coming my way, it's a good day
Has anyone tried the different hanae mori butterfly formulations and have a clear favorite? Love the scent but can't decide between Parfum, EDP and EDT! Any noticeable difference in silage or longevity?
I really hope I'm aloud to ask this I didn't have time to check the rules....if not let me know and I'll take it down.   now I've been trying to find a 100pt perk I could get my boyfriend so he will have something from me to open on Christmas Day since his Christmas gift is Texan tickets for the 22nd (no hate on the texans please)    is is anyone willing to sell or trade there gucci mini??? 
Will Sephora ever carry the Extrait de Parfum for Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb? I would rather spend the $350 here than at Nordstrom. -extrait-de-parfum/3238377?origin=category-persona ...
So, during Black Friday/Cyber Monday I decided to broaden my fragrance horizons and ordered from Kiehl's and C.O. Bigelow.   Kiehl's: Patchouli and Fresh Rose. More rose than patchouli (I dare say I don't detect the patchouli at all), it is a safe floral, not offensive or overpowering but linear as can be. The definition of a simple, pretty, straight up rose that t least doesn't smell very chemically or fake once it's blended into your skin.   C.O.Bigelow: Amber oil. A dark scent, almost medicinal but very wearable if mixed with a musky scent, warms things up in a way that immediately invokes thoughts of a night by the fireplace.    C.O. Bigelow: Musk oil. WOWZERS! Oh my stars, this is the skin scent I have been searching for all this time! It smells like you just took a shower with fragrance free soap, so all you smell is clean, fresh, glorious humanity. It is such an intimate yet accessible scent, I find myself smelling my wrist over and over and feeling immediately relaxed and happy.    C.O. Bigelow: Patchouli oil. It's patchouli alright, great for layering with other fragrances to automatically up the mystique of ant simple perfume.