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I just saw this in the new section--Has anyone smelled it yet? What do you think? I love the regular Daisy, and this one comes in a lovely bottle, too!  I can't wait to test it out!
anyone have any suggestions on what new perfume i might like? i used to love "Mac Turquatic" but i dont think they make it anymore... light blue by dkny,,,, Armani code -- any sugggestions?
I'm one of those gals that are obsessed with fragrances and have about around 50 60 70 80 and still collecting...(if you want to call it that.) So I would like to know what are you wearing today?   I'm wearing Obsession...(hahaha kinda fits this thread, doesn't it? )
I just got an order in the mail yesterday and I was supposed to get this sample, but it wasn't in there. The card was in there, but no actual sample. The card was really flat, like no sample had actually been in there ever, but I did search the box just in case and nope, nothing! I was really looking forward to trying this fragrance because it sounded so different. Lime, tangerine, AND musk--really intriguing! Any opinions on this one from those who have actually had a chance to try it?
Bliss Spa is my favorite scent, and it has been discontinued!!  I have been looking for something that smells similar, but no luck so far!  Does anyone  have any suggestions?  Thank you!!
Now that summer is in full force I'm in need of a body wash that's going to leave me feeling refreshed at the end of the day.    I'm *this* close to purchasing a bottle of Lush's Dirty shower gel , but before I do I wanted to find out if there's something else out there that I would enjoy.   My idea of refreshing includes clean, herbal, minty and citrus notes.  Definitely nothing sweet.  I like a strong scent, nothing too subtle. My taste may even verge on masculine.   A few "fresh" shower gels I've tried already:   Lush Dirty Shower Gel - Minty and herbal without smelling like tooth paste - my favorite Clean Shower Fresh - Love the scent but wish it was stronger and the formula wasn't so runny H20 Sea Lotus - Okay, but something about it was too artificial for my nose Bliss Lemon Sage - Pleasant scent, but it wasn't strong enough for me    
Inspired by the empties threads I wanted to create a challenge for people to use up all their extra fragrances lying around, this challenge will go for a year and then can continue if people like it enough. you don't actually have to hang onto the bottles for a whole year...that would be kind of eccentric. however you can post as you go or post at the end of the year and write down reviews it will also be a good go to thread to look back on to see what you like and don't like over time. best part samples count as empties too.  have fun hopefully this makes sense. we are five months into the year so this will go from May 2014 - May 2015. pics are welcome!
I am prone to nausea quite frequently and it can be triggered easily by scents. Mostly by fragrances that are way too strong. There are certain types of scents that trigger my nausea even if it isn't too strong (like melon, vanilla, "bakery" type scents)   Do you know of any way to counteract fragrances (usually when someone wears too much or uses one my nausea hates). I don't want to be rude and tell someone not to wear their favorite perfume (especially if it isn't that strong to begin with). But I frequently get so sick that I can't do anything.
Seeing everyone else's passion for blushes, palettes, lippies, et al has inspired me to reorganize my obsession... Er, I mean collection of beauty items I love: perfumes and body oils! So here goes: Oils, left to right: Diptyque satin oil, bobbi brown beach, tom ford neroli Portofino, kai body glow, michael kors liquid shimmer, l'occitane fabulous oil, l'occitane fleur d'or & acacia, I coloniali deep massage in myrrh, nars monoi body glow II, origins ginger gloss, and origins calm your senses Perfumes: Back row: Harvey Prince Journey, Katy Perry purr, thierry mugler innocence, Armani code pour femme, Kenzo flower tag, Orgins ginger essence, harvey Prince Yogini, Elizabeth arden green tea cherry blossom, juicy couture Couture lala Second row: Michael kors rose gold, Philosophy amazing grace, bobbi brown beach, c. O. Bigelow lemon no 1999, versace vanitas, English laundry no 7 for women Third row: Victoria's Secret sexy little things noir, Calvin Klein euphoria, dkny be delicious fresh blossom, Estée Lauder private collection tuberose gardenia Front : banana republic rosewood I have another bobbi brown coming in, almost bare. My Jo Malone collection, left to right: oud & bergamot dry body oil, black cedarwood & juniper, blue agava & cacao, vetyver, peony & blush suede, silk blossom, and dark amber & ginger lily dry body oil. The oils and black cedarwood & juniper are going to be put away for the summer, but they will come back in the fall   Now show me whatcha got!
Has anyone tried this perfume? I saw it in Sephora's list of best sellers and saw that it's out of stock right now, but I've never heard of it. From the description, it sounds lovely.   I usually rotate between these perfumes: Burberry Summer, Marc Jacobs Daisy eau so Fresh, Armani's Acqua di Gioia, Prince Harvey's Hello, and Folle de Joie eau de parfum. (I have a bit of a perfume obsession.)   If you're familiar with (any of) these scents, could you advise whether I should consider getting Beach Walk?   Thanks!
I want to purchase a roller ball collection or a few specific items for my mother for her birthday. She asked me to replace her last perfume - Flowers by Kenzo, which I think give a good idea of her scent preference, so I don't necessarily want to get a sampler that will have other styles she doesn't like. She also likes Thierry Mugler. What are a few specific fragrances (perhaps Roller ball items) that you would recommend for a 60 year old woman of these scent preferences?
Jo Malone is going to launch another limited edition perfume silk blossom at the end of April. It is available in both 30ml and 100ml and the packaging is so pretty ( it does look like silk blossom).The notes are white pepper, silk blossom and moss. I wasn't too impressed with London rain collection, but I might be getting this one. What do you all think?
I went to Austin, TX last week and in this one particular boutique, I came across THE BEST SMELLS EVER. I looked at the price tag $125 and said "ha" and put it down without even looking at the name. Then as the smell began to develop on me I was like "omg I NEED this." I could even smell it on my arm the next morning. I couldn't find the store again, so I went on google and put in every scenario possible: perfume on congress ave, perfume sold in Austin,etc. Finally...after 2 hours...I found it! The line is called "Juliette Has A Gun." EVERY one of them smells amazing. This brand is only sold in 17 stores in the US. South Carolina, FL, Austin, Houston, San Diego, Rhode Island, and NY were the only states that carry it. I ordered the "Try It Kit" on their website for $14. If you decide to purchase a full bottle, they give you the $14 credit toward it. It's got to be done within 2m. I also found them on ebay for around $80. Hope everyone gets to try them out!!! :-)  
What's your favorite scent on a man?
Has anyone had a fragrance remind them of something? I'll give an example. I got the niche perfume sample set a week ago.   When I tried on Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne, I was taken back to my childhood. It smelled like my mom's kitchen in Phoenix, AZ when we would make fresh orange juice! Man, I remember getting excited when the oranges were ready to be picked, because I knew our kitchen would smell good for days and I'd have fresh orange juice, lol! (Seriously, fresh oranges and orange juice smell and taste waaayyy better than store bought OJ)   And now I have yet another perfume on my "must get" list! Le sigh....
My very favorite fragrance of all time is now discontinued and I read somewhere that you can suggest something close or can 'mix' a batch for me, is this correct?
Hello my beautiful people!   This post is inspired by LCResz's recent thread of Perfumes and Oils Collection: umes-and-oils-collection/td-p/1451444. While I love perfumes, I don't have much of a perfume and oils collection. I am more of a mini perfume collector.   I am obsessed with minis and I started last July. And I think that I have collected quite a few! I don't really care much about brands of perfumes or how it smells, but more about what the bottle looks like.   Here is my mini perfume collection! I have it stored on top of a Pier 1 Hayworth Collection Lingerie Chest (but I use it for jewelry and makeup storage!) I am going to run out of room soon!   I would love to see your mini perfume collection!
How do you guys go about it? Usually when I go to my Sephora, it is super busy and there are people spraying themselves all over with testers (wtf) making it impossible to smell anything at all.   Last time I asked for a sample of a perfume I'm thinking of getting for my wedding day, however, I got a sad little sample that wasn't even filled 1/3. Would it be weird to go back and ask for another sample? I just want to be sure I'm picking out the right perfume for my wedding.   Do you guys ask for samples, use testers in the store or just go by notes?
I currently use Vera Wang's Lovestruck but it seems to be discontinued? I need to find something with similar notes for a future replacement. I like that it's warm, slightly sweet and still fresh. Thanks! ~Stephanie
What fragrance notes make you want to try a perfume?  What notes make you avoid a perfume like the plague?   My most loved:   1. VANILLA!!!  Can't get enough 2. Orange blossom 3. Orange or tangerine 4. Almond   Edited to add: Violet!  I love the smell of violet.  How could I have forgotten?   My most loathed:   1. Gardenia 2. Tuberose 3. Patchouli   How about yours?
I really love perfumes that are sensual and sexy... Alot like Prada Candy. I'm less of a fresh/fruity/light floral type of girl, but I'm looking for something that is light enough to wear everyday, not just at night. Does anyone have any suggestions for a lighter, sexy smelling fragrance?
I am not even kidding with this question. I like to wear my florals out, but I attract like every single bee I see. I don't want to give up my perfume because of a bee!
So I went to Nordie's and the lady at Jo Malone was sooo helpful.  Too helpful! (I kid she was really nice) I got sample of Grapefruit (didn't like), some muskier scents and Wild Bluebell...well ladies and gents I have fallen in love with wild bluebell!  OH NOEZ.  I'm fickle when it comes to fragrance (think Charlie Sheen trying to make good decisions) I fall in love and then BAM I'm off to the next lovely smell-good!   I'm trying hard to fight this new love, it's so expensive but it smells so f-ing good.  Even Hubster McSexy liked it.  Why don't fragrance makers sell small bottles?  I don't want to buy a bottle and it goes to waste.    UGH I feel so stuck right now!   I looked up sites that sale smaller samples but I don't want to buy something that's not the real thing.   Any ideas?
Sephora has so many great promos going on right now! I just saw the fan Friday deal for a free Cartier la panthere rollerball with $25 purchase.    I know now we can't add the promo on BT today since it's a fan Friday but wanted to share with all my fellow BTers!
I've just realized that between January 1 and May 2 I have bought 12 new perfumes, and gotten 9 different samples (5 from points or shipping extras, 4 from asking)  from Sephora.  Help!  First, I justified it because it was 15% off, and now it's Triple Points.  Hmm, I think I need a Perfumes Anonymous meeting ASAP!   Now I'm considering adding Tocca Simone, Bulgari Indian Garnet, and Mugler's Alien to the plunder!  Wish they came in rollerballs, that makes it so much easier.  Although the Replica Beach Walk I don't regret for one second, it's fabulous even at $125.   I refuse to even THINK about the men's scents that I'm liking!  (Yes, I do wear men's sometimes, when I'm in the mood for something clean and earthy). Although I have to admit, I did break down and get a sample of Bulgari's Aqua Amara today.    OK, just had to get over my shock at counting out the booty and plunder.  Thanks for the room to rant!  If anyone else needs to join Perfumes Anonymous, you know where to find me!
I'd like to start by pointing out that I spent about five years working in cell biology labs, so I don't know if that makes me more likely to be paranoid or less.   About 18 months ago, I got a deluxe sample rollerball of Marc Jacob's Dot. I tried it for a week, decided it was nice but not wowing me, and stuck the rollerball in a box. About six months ago I pulled it back out, wore it for another week and noticed there were a lot of white specks floating around in it. At the time, I wondered if it was contaminated but didn't really think about it. Back in the box it went. Now, about a month ago, I pulled it out and it had a dozen sesame-seed white fluffy looking colonies at the bottom of the rollerball. I figured it was made cheap because it was a freebie, had been contaminated at the factory, and tossed it.   I started using the Flowerbomb rollerball I got from the Sephora Superstars kit about three weeks ago, and I'm beginning to see visible white specks in this one too. I don't know what to do about it. These will be the only two rollerballs I've ever used, but I'm just putting it on my wrists and neck, which I don't think is too unusual.     I've noticed other ladies on here seeing that their rollerballs get contaminated (cloudy) over time, but is this a normal timeline?  I've been using the Flowerbomb solid for these last few weeks and have only gotten through about 10%.   Whatever the answer, I'm guessing there aren't any new rollerballs in my future    
So I got a sample of this in a fragrance set and liked it but then I got the mini and now I absolutely love it. I figured I should get the full size now while the 3x points promo is still going on.   The 2.7 oz is $112. For the same price I can get the gift set so it's like getting the lotion free. I know the gift sets are usually a better value but I never really saw one with a free product.