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HI! Just wondering what y'all's opinions are on One Direction's three fragrances (Our Moment, That Moment, and You & I). I haven't tried any of them, but I am eager to and am wondering which ones you recommend. Thanks!
UPDATE: the 3X points fragrance promo will run from February 5th through the 14th! Thanks, VioletLavender, for posting the dates to the thread!   For me, I'm already trying to decide between the following: 61297 7?skuId=1650456 skuId=1637750 562164   What do you have your eye on? What types of scents do you tend to gravitate towards?What are some scents you recommend to others? 
Ladies and gents, I've been looking for a signature fragrance for the better part of 9 months now.  I've spent more money than I care to admit in sample vials over at lucky scent and surrender to chance and FINALLY found what I was looking for.  Serge Lutens Douce Amere!   Sadness, it seems it may have been discontinued already?  Could someone more familiar with this line chime in please?  I don't see it available as a 50ml spray anymore, but they still show the bell jar on the SL website.  Can anyone recommend places I might still be able to buy a full size of this?  I have combed eBay, Barneys and The Perfume Shoppe without luck.  Added degree of difficulty - I am in Canada.  I found a bottle at a perfume store in Spain but they wouldn't take my credit card.   Thanks!   eta: if anyone even has a used bottle to trade, I will make it worth your while!
I have several empty bottle of perfume, some of them are absolutely gorgeous! Should I keep them or declutter my vanity? This is not an easy choice to make! What do you guys do?
Hey, I am looking for a floral that is appealing. My perfume favourites are: J'adore, DKNY be delicious, Dior Hypnotic Poison (I know it's vanilla) and Shalimar. Any suggestions?
I've been reading a ton of top five fragrance lists and it seems like all of them have CHANEL No.5 on them. I personally don't care for the perfume, so I'm wondering if it's just me or if people actually like it or if they just say that they do. Any thoughts?
Now I'm hooked! I went into Saks yesterday and I didn't get  chance to smell everything but WOW! I was impressed! I use like heavier scents like wood, musk, amber, oud so I never thought JM was for me.  I walked out with Dark Amber & Ginger Lily and Wood Sage & Sea Salt. Great combination! I'm just sad Saks is over an hour away! What are some of your favorite scents within Jo Malone?  I already have my eyes on Oud & Bergamont! I got a few samples of lime basil and mandarin and I definitely want to get that one as well! I can tell this is going to be very dangerous!  
Does Paco Rabanne 1 Million not come in Eau De Parfum?  Each item lists it as EAU DE TOILETTE
I was just getting ready for a work meeting and was contemplating putting on a new scent I have that includes cognac as an element.  And then I thought, hm, not sure I want to smell even a little bit like alcohol at a work event during the day even if it's just my perfume.  Which got me thinking more. Thoughts on appropriate perfume for work?  Obviously we shouldn't be drowning in scent but how much is okay and what scents?  One that smells like tobacco or cognac?   All input is appreciated and especially thoughts on the best scents for work.  Thanks!
its the newest  perfume by Viktor & Rolf and will this perfume be on sephora until summer?
Bvlgari's Jasmin Noir is my favorite fragrance of all time, but it never seems to be in stock! Could anyone recommend some similar fragrances, other than Very Irresistible by Givenchy and Crystal Noir by Versace? I'm looking for something with tonka bean or vanilla and anise or licorice.    I was only ever able to get a 1oz bottle of Jasmin Noir before it went out of stock about a year and a half ago, and I've only got half the bottle left. I don't really trust getting it from Amazon because of perfume counterfeiters being a problem there.   Any recommendations are appreciated!   
Has anyone worn this scent?  If so, can you tell me how you like it.  It sounds like it would smell great. I have been looking for a scent similar to Bliss Spa and this has some of the same notes.  I have been to a couple of Sephora stores and have not see it at either to get  a sample.   Thanks!!!
holiday cupcakes.jpeg
  Its that time again!!  Bring your punch, cookies, and snacks! Bring the glitter, fun and holiday cheer!   If you dont have a Christmas party to attend, or your family is far away this is for you!    Merry Christmas BT!
I would like to smell elizabeth and james nirvana black and nirvana white perfume and oils. We do not have a store in Duluth, MN that sells this fragerence that I am aware of. Is there anyway to get a hold of samples?
Hi! I'm looking for a new signature perfume, maybe one that is similar to Taylor Swift's "enchanted wonderstruck?" Any ideas or suggestions?
hi y'all!  i'm looking for a fragrance (or if you have a better idea) for my almost 10 year old niece.  she's a dancer, so she's used to putting on make up & whatnot, and i'm sure she's tried her sister's scents (sister is 16).  what are some scents that would be good for her?  would any of the multi packs be good?  thanks!
Hey guys! I am curious to know how many of you suffer from the same problem as I do. Certain fragrances, particularly perfumes give me headaches, even migraines. Are certain scents headache triggers for you? If so, what kinds of scents do trigger headaches, and which can you tolerate? For example I can't stay in an Anthropologie store for too long, because their candles give me an instant headache. It is a nice smell, I just can't handle it. In the same way I can't sit next to people with certain perfumes for too long without getting a headache. I have to be careful about smelling perfume samples too, as some are more headache inducing than others.  I have found that Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue is headache-proof for me. Some other perfumes that I have don't cause me to have headaches, but if I already have one, they can aggravate it....Light blue doesn't for some strange reason...   Do you get headaches from fragrances? Are there any particular brands of perfumes/candles etc that are particularly good/bad for you??       
I've been getting accumulating more perfumes lately and really want to display them, however I know that it is a no-no to expose fragrance to sunlight as it accelerates the breakdown of the perfume. I understand that exposure to sunlight is out of the question, but what effect does light from incandescent bulbs have on them? Whenever I read about light exposure, the articles use 'light' and 'sunlight' interchangeably, so I was wondering if the light from bulb would have the same effect on the perfume?
I have been looking for a perfume with Lily of the Valley notes. I adore Muguet by Fragonard, but the notes are very light. I wanted to try something else that is somewhat stronger lily of the valley. Someone suggested Diorissimo in a perfume shop but, I found it was rather too strong. I'd love to hear anybody's suggestions. Thanks~!  
I just got this perfume as gift. last time I checked out the store it said MADE IN USA. The one I received It said  Made in Switzerland . I was wondered where this perfume actually made from? Thank you Th
I was going to put some on on Christmas Eve mass when my rollerball fell out of my purse and crashed into a billion shards on my tile kitchen floor. With my kitchen now reeking of Christmas ham and roses I quickly ran to see if I could order another and take advantage of the 250 point bonus. Nope, all sold out. Oh well, my birthday's coming up in a couple of weeks, I'll try then, right?   WRONG! I've been looking all over the place for Stella, not just Sephora, and it seems to be out everywhere! Please tell me it's not going away forever. I'd hate to have to sniff my kitchen floor to enjoy it! (And the ham just ruins it anyway)
  What is the difference between Eau de Perfume spray and Eau de Perfume Pour Femme spray (Dot by Marc Jacobs)?
Hello,   Has Tom Ford Violet Blonde been discontinued at Sephora? If so, why ?
Hello my beautiful people!   This post is inspired by LCResz's recent thread of Perfumes and Oils Collection: umes-and-oils-collection/td-p/1451444. While I love perfumes, I don't have much of a perfume and oils collection. I am more of a mini perfume collector.   I am obsessed with minis and I started last July. And I think that I have collected quite a few! I don't really care much about brands of perfumes or how it smells, but more about what the bottle looks like.   Here is my mini perfume collection! I have it stored on top of a Pier 1 Hayworth Collection Lingerie Chest (but I use it for jewelry and makeup storage!) I am going to run out of room soon!   I would love to see your mini perfume collection!
I am in search of a new fragrance. I would love some recommendations. I usually prefer EDP instead of EDT, and like classic floral scents that lean a little powdery-musky. I like perfumes that will last all day. Some perfumes I have worn in the past include: Versace Bright Crystal, Coach Poppy, Marc Jacobs Daisy, Chanel Chance, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Miss Dior, and I am currently wearing Chloe. I have been seriously considering some fragrances in the Burberry line, and Tory Burch, so feedback on those would be helpful as well. Thank you in advance! Here's a few I've ruled out: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina, J'adore Dior, & Gucci Envy me. EDIT: Here are a few others I've ruled out based on trying your recommendations: Dolce by D&G, Flora by Gucci, Stella by Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, Carven Le Perfume, & Versace Yellow Diamond.
Hi, i would like to ask if the SK II flower set restock? I really want to get that set!
I bought a sealed bottled dreams sample set for a Christmas present.  How long is the voucher valid? It is sealed and can't check it out.
I called the Rouge line and she couldn't get this screen to come up. It's under just the parfum rollerball, not the big parfum category where you can select sizes. I can see why there are only a few left if you're buying a 0.33 oz eau de parfum rollerball but instead getting a large eau de toilette, after shave balm and deodorant for $25.   Would you want your significant other to smell like Carven parfum? I haven't smelled it, but it definitely sounds floral.
I just recieved an order in which I had redeemed the Escada Joyful mini from the DELIGHT promo. Unfortunately the bottle opened during shipment, so all my stuff wreaks of the perfume and my cute mini is almost completely empty. Did this happen to anybody else? So bummed, I love collecting minis, and my other order that included the Carven mini was in perfect shape. Le sigh
Can anyone tell me where I can buy my husband a new nose? I've recently become interested in fragrance. And although I've picked up a few bottles, and a few samples, one scent stands out as my favorite. E and J's Nirvana White. Unfortunately, my husband isn't a big fan. So far, his favorites are Marc Jacob's Daisy Eau So Fresh and Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb. I have samples of both of those, but I told him he has to be responsible for buying them for me if he really wants me to wear them. I like them both, don't get me wrong. But White is still my favorite.  I also like Pharrell's Girl. And bought the travel size bottle of that. And he likes it okay, but not as much as the others.    *sigh* What am I going to do with this husband of mine?