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Hello Everyone!   I'm on the hunt for a new perfume! I went around smelling as much as I could and I came across this perfume called CHANCE EAU FRAÎCHE by Chanel, I absolutely love this smell but i was curious as to how long the wear lasts? What are some thoughts about this product? Also I heard many good reviews about the perfume called Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf & i'm curious what the thoughts are about that one as well! Thank you! 
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How many bottles of perfume does everyone have?
I like Angel Parfume by Thierry Mugler but I am looking for a different frangrance "but similar to Angel" any recommendations. Someone said Gucci had one but I cannot remember the name.
Ok guys I'm really in love with Atelier's description of their scents and the few I've been able to smell IRL.  Since my Sephora doesn't carry many of the scents, I was thinking of getting their sampler pack directly from their website (where they then give you credit for that amount towards a later purchase of a bigger fragrance), but before I committed to what would likely be an expensive addition to my minimal scent collection (I otherwise wear ginger or Bvglari's Black--I can't stand most floral scents and am more of ginger, tea, or other quirky scents) I wanted to know how well it lasted on.   Also, anyone have any other scent suggestions for someone who likes scents with things like: Bergamot, Leather, Rain (naturalish clean scents as opposed to ones that your dryer sheets might come in), Ginger and hates: floral (esp things like rose & lily, I can deal with violet); "hippy" scents (basically if you can find it in incense, I can't wear it or be close to it without dissolving in sneezes, so things like patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, etc.)
What's everyone's experience with buying higher end perfume at places like CVS and Walgreens? Or does anyone have a favorite place for buying perfume at a discount? I have bought my husband Dolce and Gabbana cologne on Groupon before.   I'm looking at Marc Jacobs and Thierry Mugler on Walgreens and CVS right now because they would be around 50% cheaper.   I wasn't sure if these places got older bottles or if they just give better prices.
I have a passion fruit body spray that I really love and was wondering if anyone could recommend a perfume that has notes of passion fruit it in, thanks! 
Hello all.   I have been hunting for a new scent for FOREVER. I know what I like but can't seem to find a good fit. I love what most people would describe as hippie scents (incense, sandalwood, amber, campfire, patchouli, spice market,  Arabian nights ) but I don't want to smell like a headshop - I work for a conservative company and so I would like a grown up fragrance with the notes that speak to me without getting a call from HR for a drug test.    I like those addictive woods, resins, and warm florals but more often than not find that scents in this family tend to be paired heavily with vanilla - which claws at me. I don't like anything too sweet, powdery or to musky. I do like scents that lean masculine and don't oppose wearing a men's or unisex fragrance.    Right now I am using the Ambre & Santal body wash/lotion by L`Occitane followed by Spanish Amber perfume by Pacifica. The Spanish Amber really speaks my language - but it does not have any sillage or staying power... and I have become 100% scent blind to it after years of use. That said, it is described as:  This modern and mystical blend has warm and resinous Amber notes at its heart, Rosy Geranium and woody Sandalwood in the middle and citrusy Bergamot and Elemi on top.   I have done countless trials at Sephora trying to find the right one to no avail. Some that I have tried without success:  Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Tom Ford Black Orchid Thierry Mugler Alien YSL Black Opium Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Tocca Beauty Cleopatra Juliette Has a Gun - all of them Hermes Eau des Merveilles Michael Kors Sexy Amber Fresh Cannabis Santal   Searching for specific notes has not served me and so I am hoping that my description of what I like/don't like will inspire some suggestions from you all. Thoughts?  TIA!!
Hello! I am not looking for anything incredibly specific, I like citrus or fruity fragrances that have warm/musk bases. I don't like overly sweet fragrances (caramel or cotton candy notes give me a headache). Just looking a fruity/citrusy scent that has a warm base to it. If you've ever smelled Into the Wild by Bath and Body Works or CK Euphoria Blossom, that's along the lines of what I'm after. Any ideas? Thank you!
So, the omnia paraiba mini that was available in a promo a couple months ago... it's smarter than I am. I can't figure out how to use it. I'm not even sure if it's a spray or a dabber thingy. If anyone could let me know how it works, I'd appreciate it.
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Has anyone here tried or heard of the brand, i smell great? It was founded by Sophia Bush and Randi Shinder. I love Sophia and have been wanting to try out the brand, plus it has great reviews.    You can buy a sample pack for $14 which includes 1mL of each of the 4 scents and a coupon for $14 off whichever eau de parfum you like best.   ismellgreat dot com
i want to add some new perfume to my stash. I have a sample of Marc Jacobs Mod Noir that I am definitely buying. I also have a sample of Alien which I like but will be fine with just the sample for now since I have 2. I'm considering the Marc Jacobs Daisy rollerball trio pack since they have good reviews and interest me. Marc Jacobs Dot looks intriguing. I tend to like sweet and floral scents. my signature scent is Chanel Chance. im open to any other suggestions.  I know I could go to the store and get samples but I have severe anxiety and would rather just order online. Thanks for any help
I am having trouble with perfumes lasting on me. Does anybody have a recommendation of a perfume that will last? How much should I spray to make it apparent to others in a good way?
Hello!   I am looking for a perfume that is good for the winter. My favorite scents include rose, chai, lemon, lavender, vanilla, and anything baked.    Thank you!
I was hoping the fragrance-loving side of BT would be willing to give me a hand!   I got bored the other day and started comparing the scent notes of every. single. perfume. I have worn and loved that I could recall, just to see if they had any notes in common. The results? Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla, and Orange (both Sweet and Blood).   Do any of you guys have a suggestion for a new scent based on that? I'm currently using Stella by Tocca, but I'm growing tired of it, and I want a new signature scent this 2016!
I just ordered Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf!!! Has anyone tried it?? Opinions?  
does the Orange Sanguine Rollerball fragrance pair well with a vanilla scent? 
My boyfriend usually uses Old Spice for fragrance and wants to get away from that but most of the colognes we have tried don't have what he likes. Anyone know of one with a citrus undertone? I wanted to get him one for Christmas. Stronger the better but I need to start somewhere so any suggestions appreciated. Thank you!
Can anyone please recommend a cologne similar to Burberry's Brit Rhythm? Thank you.
I love Hermes' Kelly Caleche, but its a bit much for my budget. Are there any similar scents out there? Thank you! Hermes' description: A reminder of a visit to the Hermès leather vaults, Kelly Calèche is a light, feminine, joyous expression of leather. It gives a nod to two in-house emblems, and translates the perfumer’s tactile and olfactory emotions into an evocation of leather worn next to the skin, gently tanned by the touch and edged with fresh petals.
I recently bought YSL black opium and was very happy to buy it after reading the reviews but somehow its just not staying at me that strong, has that happened to anybody else too ? Im wondering shall I keep it or return for something else.
I recently use the Sephora brand men shaving gel, and it smells really good, i really like the fragrance. And im really desperate wanting to find cologne of that smell, is there any?
Looking for a warm vanilla based mens cologne.   Any suggestions?
Im not sure if the scent is due to perfume, hairspray, shampoo or even laundry products.  However there is this sharp scent I've smelled on a few women... It isn't floral.  Not sweet.  Not musky.  Just sort of sharp and clean.  Does anyone know what this is?  Just wondering.
I received a sample of the Lancome La est vie (?) and was amazed at how long lasting it was!  I applied it 6am in the morning and was able to keep smelling it until the late afternoon    However, I'm not a big fan of sweet scents and is wondering if anyone has a suggestion for perfumes that last as long    I like Chloe, Philosophy Amazing grace, MJ daisy, Burberry weekend and Jo Malone peony a lot when it comes to only the scent itself     
I was wondering if Sephora carries the One Direction Between Us fragrance... ?
This is the one with mini rollerballs of all seven fragrances in the line -- Midnight Fleur, Amazon Lily, Dahlia & Vines, Verde, Indigo, White Sandalwood and Paradise. My faves are White Sandalwood (the one I was most intrigued by & wanted to smell), Midnight Fleur, Verde and Amazon Lily ... in that order. I find Dahlia & Vines way too strong, like you could smell me coming a mile away if I wore it. Indigo is meh. I almost used a 100 pt perk to get one and now I'm glad I didn't. Paradise is somewhere in the middle.    What are y'all's faves of the newer scents they've added? Anyone else purchased the sampler? I will probably buy the full size of White Sandalwood with the $25 off coupon next month. I want another heavier, fall/winter scent in addition to Nirvana Black that I already have. I wanted to smell White Sandalwood to make sure they weren't too similar and they're not.
After doing some heavy browsing on LuckyScent trying to find some new and interesting fragrances, I came upon their Fragrance Fitting Questionnaire and I thought it would be fun to see all of your answers! Also, I thought it would be a great way for us to recommend scents to each other.    Here's the questionnaire (from LuckyScent's site). I'll post my answers in a reply below, and I hope you do, too!    1. Who would you cast to play you in the movie of your life (not necessarily an actor. Could be a musician, writer, politician, athlete, celebutante, historical figure, criminal, etc. We'll provide them with acting lessons if necessary)?   2. Are you looking for a signature scent? Or are you looking for a scent to wear for a particular occasion / mood / climate and if so, please describe.   3. Choose up to five words that appeal to you: girly sexy, masculine, fresh, ethereal, refined, comforting, airy, opulent, classic, exotic, minimal, intellectual, macho, womanly, contemporary, fun, sacred, elegant, natural, stylish, romantic, earthy, flirty, cozy, effortless, complex, energetic, vixen, unique, youthful, clean, understated, natural, rock   4. Are there any fragrances you currently love or have loved? If so, please list a maximum of five.   5. How would you describe your clothing style?   6. What would you do on your perfect day / evening?   7. What do you want for you birthday this year? 8. List three smells you love (not perfume).   9. What would you like for dinner tonight, including drink?
I've used and loved LILY since it came out in 2012, but it seems to have been discontinued. I love spicy scents with floral notes. Any recommendations on what I could try that would be similar? I'd love to find a fragrance that's timeless and won't be discontinued anytime soon. Thanks for your help.