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i am looking for the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb travel set for $50.00
As summer starts to fade and cooler weather is just around the corner, I have put away my sweet smelling scents in search of a spicier option. I have been LOVING the Nest: White Sandalwood lately. Can't get enough of this fragrance! It's earthy, spicy and a bit powdery. Very fresh and it's been my "go-to" for the past two weeks. This is my first Nest purchase and I can't wait to try another! Any one out there have any favorites?  
I'm so excited about this latest fragrance from Jo Malone. However, I won't be receiving my samples till next week  Anyone has tried this perfume yet?  Please share!  
I'm trying to find a way to sell my almost never been used bottle of perfume and was looking for suggestions from anyone who has been successful at selling perfume online. Thanks!
Hello! I got several free fragrances in my last Sephora order and fell in love with Midnight Fleur by Nest. I wanted to try more of this brand's fragrances without spending a lot of money and noticed that they make a set of five .25 oz mini bottles. Do you (still) sell these? I couldn't find them on the site, but I saw other people's reviews saying they bought them at Sephora. Are they available in-store only? Thank you
Hi, I will buy Roberto Cavalli "Just cavalli"perfume for women , cause I can't find it anymore. So can you help me ..  Thanx
I just got an order with the Torylove promo and it is an ok size it is a .14  oz and comes in a super cute box!
Is anyone else having problems with the pump on the Maison Martin Margiela scents?  I only bought mine in May, but the pump, well, doesn't.  I get a measly little dribble, not a good spray like when I first got it.  Don't know if it's a design flaw or I just got a bad one.  Hoping I can find some sort of replacement, because I adore the scent.
Hello All!   I've been looking for the perfect light, floral scent that lasts all day and can't seem to find one. I'm in love with Jo Malone's English Pear and Freesia and Peony and Blush Suede, but neither lasts more than four hours, even when layered together. I really love E&J Nirvana as well, but it doesn't last either The best I've found so far in terms of lasting power and sillage has been Balenciaga Florabotanica, can anyone recommend some slightly sweet florals that don't need reapplication during the day?   Thanks! Kristina
I am looking for a clean scent that is still romantic for date nights or my wedding day. I usually go more floral but my fiance usually finds those too powdery so I am looking for something clean, or maybe with some vanilla?
Does anyone have any suggestions for fragrances that are similar to these? I live overseas & was looking forward to getting them during my upcoming trip to the States, but cannot find . I'm originally from NYC where there is a Sephora on every block, practically, but currently living in Wellington, NZ - a reasonable price beauty products wasteland - $30 for Maybelline mascaras & +$100 for knock-off fragrances! Really. 
I am looking for a perfurm for the winter, and I am 32 years old so... I would like something mature without smelling like too mature.
What shower gel or soap would compliment this perfume?
I am 21 and very busy with school, work, and projects. I'm productive, serious, and dorky.  My favorite fragrance is Bombshell from Victoria's Secret but wish to add more to my perfume collection. Fragrances I also love are Romance by Ralph Lauren and Lola by Marc Jacobs. Suggestions? 
After 10 years I still cant live without Ralph Lauren's Lauren Style, will it ever come back? and/or is there ANYTHING out there that smells really close or fairly similar? 
I want to know which of the Philosophy fragrances has just a very fresh, well scrubbed body smell?  I have smelled it on others but not asked which one they were wearing.
HI all! i ordered the cute little Sephora Universal atomiser, thinking I could transfer my Tory Burch Rollerball perfume into it.  Unfortunately, it isn't going to is adapted for spray-type bottles and it doesnt open up for pouring.   I want to get that perfume out of the rollerball, because it just seems like I don't get enough product out of the roller ball...then I feel like a kid scribbling all over myself  trying to get enough coverage! Plus, I am afraid over time the product inside will become contaminated with any body oils or dirt it may come into contact with from my skin.   Any suggestions? ( other than next time don't be a cheapo and just buy the darn spray bottle and be done with it!) EDIT: If one pays enough attention, all one has to do is unscrew the bottom, hold it upside down, and pour a perfume into it!  :::shuffles away embarassed::::
Does anyone know of a sweet smelling yet very sexy perfume? In the past I've used Beyoncé Heat and VS Noir Tease.
I like vanillas, fruits and baked goods smells. Something that stays all day but isnt too strong. HELP!
It was my most favorite perfume. So much so that it became my signature scent. please help.
They are selling bottles and rollerballs of perfume, candles, and scented ovals...
Sephora needs to carry the mini fragrance sample containers like the ones at Nordstrom.   I buy my fragrances only if I have a sample to test at home. What smells lovely in the tester may change on me & doesn't work for me.    Example: I love Paloma Picasso perfume. The way it smells in the tester & on others. However, when i wear it, after about an hour, the fragrance changes on me & it isn't for me. I've sniffed my wrists, sniffed the bottle, two different scents.
I just saw this in the new section--Has anyone smelled it yet? What do you think? I love the regular Daisy, and this one comes in a lovely bottle, too!  I can't wait to test it out!
Bliss Spa is my favorite scent, and it has been discontinued!!  I have been looking for something that smells similar, but no luck so far!  Does anyone  have any suggestions?  Thank you!!
anyone have any suggestions on what new perfume i might like? i used to love "Mac Turquatic" but i dont think they make it anymore... light blue by dkny,,,, Armani code -- any sugggestions?
Now that summer is in full force I'm in need of a body wash that's going to leave me feeling refreshed at the end of the day.    I'm *this* close to purchasing a bottle of Lush's Dirty shower gel , but before I do I wanted to find out if there's something else out there that I would enjoy.   My idea of refreshing includes clean, herbal, minty and citrus notes.  Definitely nothing sweet.  I like a strong scent, nothing too subtle. My taste may even verge on masculine.   A few "fresh" shower gels I've tried already:   Lush Dirty Shower Gel - Minty and herbal without smelling like tooth paste - my favorite Clean Shower Fresh - Love the scent but wish it was stronger and the formula wasn't so runny H20 Sea Lotus - Okay, but something about it was too artificial for my nose Bliss Lemon Sage - Pleasant scent, but it wasn't strong enough for me    
I am prone to nausea quite frequently and it can be triggered easily by scents. Mostly by fragrances that are way too strong. There are certain types of scents that trigger my nausea even if it isn't too strong (like melon, vanilla, "bakery" type scents)   Do you know of any way to counteract fragrances (usually when someone wears too much or uses one my nausea hates). I don't want to be rude and tell someone not to wear their favorite perfume (especially if it isn't that strong to begin with). But I frequently get so sick that I can't do anything.
I just got an order in the mail yesterday and I was supposed to get this sample, but it wasn't in there. The card was in there, but no actual sample. The card was really flat, like no sample had actually been in there ever, but I did search the box just in case and nope, nothing! I was really looking forward to trying this fragrance because it sounded so different. Lime, tangerine, AND musk--really intriguing! Any opinions on this one from those who have actually had a chance to try it?
I went to Austin, TX last week and in this one particular boutique, I came across THE BEST SMELLS EVER. I looked at the price tag $125 and said "ha" and put it down without even looking at the name. Then as the smell began to develop on me I was like "omg I NEED this." I could even smell it on my arm the next morning. I couldn't find the store again, so I went on google and put in every scenario possible: perfume on congress ave, perfume sold in Austin,etc. Finally...after 2 hours...I found it! The line is called "Juliette Has A Gun." EVERY one of them smells amazing. This brand is only sold in 17 stores in the US. South Carolina, FL, Austin, Houston, San Diego, Rhode Island, and NY were the only states that carry it. I ordered the "Try It Kit" on their website for $14. If you decide to purchase a full bottle, they give you the $14 credit toward it. It's got to be done within 2m. I also found them on ebay for around $80. Hope everyone gets to try them out!!! :-)