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I bought a sealed bottled dreams sample set for a Christmas present.  How long is the voucher valid? It is sealed and can't check it out.
I called the Rouge line and she couldn't get this screen to come up. It's under just the parfum rollerball, not the big parfum category where you can select sizes. I can see why there are only a few left if you're buying a 0.33 oz eau de parfum rollerball but instead getting a large eau de toilette, after shave balm and deodorant for $25.   Would you want your significant other to smell like Carven parfum? I haven't smelled it, but it definitely sounds floral.
I just recieved an order in which I had redeemed the Escada Joyful mini from the DELIGHT promo. Unfortunately the bottle opened during shipment, so all my stuff wreaks of the perfume and my cute mini is almost completely empty. Did this happen to anybody else? So bummed, I love collecting minis, and my other order that included the Carven mini was in perfect shape. Le sigh
Can anyone tell me where I can buy my husband a new nose? I've recently become interested in fragrance. And although I've picked up a few bottles, and a few samples, one scent stands out as my favorite. E and J's Nirvana White. Unfortunately, my husband isn't a big fan. So far, his favorites are Marc Jacob's Daisy Eau So Fresh and Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb. I have samples of both of those, but I told him he has to be responsible for buying them for me if he really wants me to wear them. I like them both, don't get me wrong. But White is still my favorite.  I also like Pharrell's Girl. And bought the travel size bottle of that. And he likes it okay, but not as much as the others.    *sigh* What am I going to do with this husband of mine?
I have a very acidic body chemistry and fragrance smells like vinegar on me. BUT, I really would like to find fragrance. I love the smell of Musk. What could you suggest?
I was binge shopping perfumes last weekend and found this collection called ROADS. The shop owner mentioned the "nose" behind the scent is Danielle Ryan. It is interesting because she is part of the RyanAir family. I thought that was cool. I smelled a few and they were amazing! I especially love Neon and Cloud 9. I didn't commit to buying anything because I was already making a purchase, but I will be going back...   Anyone else have comments on this line?
I've been getting accumulating more perfumes lately and really want to display them, however I know that it is a no-no to expose fragrance to sunlight as it accelerates the breakdown of the perfume. I understand that exposure to sunlight is out of the question, but what effect does light from incandescent bulbs have on them? Whenever I read about light exposure, the articles use 'light' and 'sunlight' interchangeably, so I was wondering if the light from bulb would have the same effect on the perfume?
  This is a very expensive fragrance by Creed, and I was looking for a cheaper alternative for a friend. Here is the description:    Green Irish Tweed by Creed is a classic Fougere fragrance. One of the signature scents of the house of Creed , this "walk through the Irish countrywide" is a favorite of many celebrities. The fragrance is rich, fresh, sporty and unforgettable. Green Irish Tweed opens with top notes of iris and lemon verbena. The middle notes include violet leaves. The base notes are ambergris and Mysore sandalwood. Green Irish Tweed was launched in 1985. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Creed Sixth Generation .   Any suggestions? Thanks! 
I usually don't, but I recently got rollerballs of my favorite fragrances to carry in my purse. Do you reapply? Same or different smell? How do you carry it?
Hello ladies!   I am looking for fragrances that you would consider comparable to the Coach Poppy parfums. I am in love with all of the poppy perfums, but am thinking about venturing out and trying different brands, but staying within the fruity smells.   What do you ladies recommend?
Hi, i would like to ask if the SK II flower set restock? I really want to get that set!
Not sure if anyone out there loves this stuff, but I have a full 1.7 oz bottle of eau de parfum (spritzed once) that is collecting dust.  Figured I'd have better luck posting in fragrance than the trade thread.  I'm open for trades or to sell!
hi y'all!  i'm looking for a fragrance (or if you have a better idea) for my almost 10 year old niece.  she's a dancer, so she's used to putting on make up & whatnot, and i'm sure she's tried her sister's scents (sister is 16).  what are some scents that would be good for her?  would any of the multi packs be good?  thanks!
I was just getting ready for a work meeting and was contemplating putting on a new scent I have that includes cognac as an element.  And then I thought, hm, not sure I want to smell even a little bit like alcohol at a work event during the day even if it's just my perfume.  Which got me thinking more. Thoughts on appropriate perfume for work?  Obviously we shouldn't be drowning in scent but how much is okay and what scents?  One that smells like tobacco or cognac?   All input is appreciated and especially thoughts on the best scents for work.  Thanks!
I recently learned that eau de cologne/toilette/parfum corresponded to the concentration of a fragrance and not to the scent being for men, gender neutral, or women (respectively). So then I looked at all of the mens colognes at Sephora and found that they are almost exclusively limited to eau de toilettes and colognes, where as the womens' are largely eau de parfums. Does anyone know why mens  fragrances as a whole  are less potent than womens?
My absolute favourite scent of all time was a tiny bottle of Lola Cosmetics perfume oil.  It was only sold in Lola stores, for a few years between 2004-2009.  You know when you're wearing a perfume that is so "you"?  It made me feel amazing when I wore it.   For some odd reason LC discontinued the oil.  You can still see people asking about it on discussion boards and FB pages.  I've accepted that LC is never going to start making it again, but I'd love to find something comparable.   Here is the description that was written about the product: "A long-lasting blend of essential oils with top notes of  Bergamot, Currant and Mandarin , middle notes of  Jasmine, Iris and Nutmeg , Lola is undeniably seductive and ultra-feminine.  Patchouli, Oak Moss and Musk  ensure that you'll leave behind a little Lola and a whole lot of sex appeal everywhere you go. Unique, floating  Brassia Seeds  enhance the aphrodisiac qualities of this exotic blend."   I'd love some help from the BT perfume divas.  Is there any scent you could suggest that I might like to try, based on what is described above?
Can anyone give me a description of these fragrances? ie high and low notes, bold or delicate in scent? What age group(s) would you suggest them for. Thanks!
She loves super sweet scents and is OBSESSED with the Pink Sugar fragrance! She's been asking for a new perfume for Christmas. This needs to be something a twelve year old can wear to middle school-- nothing sexy or sultry! Thanks so much!
I just got a sample of Marc Jacob's Daisy Eau So Fresh in the mail and I LOVE it.   And even better yet, my husband says he likes it. (Fingers crossed I get some for Christmas) So far, I've found a couple of fragrances I like. The first, made by someone on Etsy and it's very earthy and involves patchouli which my husband hates. SO obviously, he's not a fan. The second, is Nirvana White by Elizabeth and James. But he says it's too musky. Apparently, I don't know what musky means because I didn't think it was musky at all.    But he actually approves of Eau So Fresh, it would be nice to have a scent that he actually enjoys for a change!!
Hey, I am looking for a floral that is appealing. My perfume favourites are: J'adore, DKNY be delicious, Dior Hypnotic Poison (I know it's vanilla) and Shalimar. Any suggestions?
  Hi !   I am a frequent traveler and I love fragrances too much to resist from taking some with me.   My foreword is... I am an addicted I love fragrances and only shoes I need more.   Sometimes especially when on a rush, it becomes painful with the security, I am often on short biz trips and tend to take only hand luggage with me.   I had been using and still using Travalo the refillable solution and quite happy with it.   I often though forget it and it is one per each fragrance, I came up with 8 of them because you can't refill a different fragrance otherwise it gets a chemical weapon or at least you made your own fragrance cocktail I have found a product that sounds interesting but not yet available: Perphone What is your experience with traveling with fragrances? Did you find any better solutions?   Hope this is the right group, I want sure whether "Products" or "Fragrance" was the right place, though the latter appears to be a good starting place.    Thx !!!!
How do you clean out your atomizer so that you can put a new fragrance in it?
I am confused. I've been reading suggestions online for ways to help your fragrance last longer so that you get the most out of it.    One site I read said to apply a little bit of petroleum jelly to the inside of your wrist and then apply the fragrance to that. ANd that will help the fragrance stretch further.   BUT another site I read said that if you accidentally over do it and put on too much perfume that if you apply some lotion to your wrists it will soak up some of the scent so that it won't be so strong.   SO which is it? Does it help fragrance last longer or absorb the fragrance?    I'm currently in love with Elizabeth and James' Nirvana White. But I just sampled Lady Gaga's fame and I like it too.
Hey there i would like if anyone will help me. My sister and i want to purchase a new perfume for mom as a gift for her birthday which is in thanksgiving day. What would one be good for her she's turning 45 which would you recommend for her age for a mommi thanks for your help 
I'm trying to find a nice Christmas gift for my boss. She loves Burberry frangrances, but she already has them all! Are there any other similar perfumes out there that she would like?
Hi!   I just got the new sampler for her, it's the one in the pink shiny box and I love it!  I opened it and the initial smell is great, does anyone know what perfume that one is?  It's over powering so I'm hoping someone knows what scent i'm talking about.   Thanks!
Currently I love Eau Fraiche by VErsace and I swear it could work as unisex.   I also like CHanel BLue (i think its called)   And Kenneth Cole black smells really nice too! Dunno if its discontinued now tho~
What is a good fragrance for a 15 year old who wants feminine, but strong and an air of independence in her presence? I'm not a huge dress-wearer (although I do love them) but I do wear a lot of dress shirts and jeans. I like flowery scent more than fruity but am open to all suggestions!