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I've seen so much generosity on BT lately and I want to keep the good vibes going! This weekend I went through my sample stash and discovered I had way too many fragrance samples. I'm planning to giveaway 4 fragrance sample boxes; 1. Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, 2. Chloe, 3. Burberry (My Burberry & Brit Rhythm), 4. Mixed box (Versace Yellow Diamond, Versace Bright Crystal, Dior Jadore, Thierry Mugler name a few).     The rules are easy. US only. Respond to this post and indicate the box you'd like. Since we're getting into the hot summer season, include your favorite summertime drink! Mine is Peach Lemonade!     I'll tally on Thursday 05/28 after 8pm EST and announce the winners on Friday 05/29! Have fun!
For the first time today I noticed there was a tab under "weekly specials" that links to free gifts with fragrance purchases.  Some cute totes and other products with select fragrance purchases.  Wanted to point it out in case you missed it, like I did. 
I was recently chosen to receive and review the newest Marc Jacobs fragrance, Mod Noir. I came into work today to the lovely surprise package.    Here is a little bit more info on the perfume itself before I get into my thoughts on it.   **Copied from the product page: " A modern return to the classic note of intoxicating gardenia, Marc Jacobs Mod Noir elevates a signature scent into a contemporary sphere. The airy floral fragrance opens with a field of lush, dewy greens, which give way to freshly cut gardenias floating atop sparkling water. Creamy musks leave a sensual dry down on the skin. The striking bottle was inspired by Marc Jacobs’s quirky, striped fashion prints and the interplay of black and white in his iconic runway collections. Bold elements cleverly juxtapose classic and modern styles. The bottle’s linear black and white stripes contrast with its circular shape, and the shiny lacquer opposes the matte frosted finish. Notes: Greens, Gardenia, Creamy Musks. Style: Bold. Modern. Unique."   Link to product: 856#pdp-reviews   My first thoughts:  1. The bottle itself is cutely chic. To me it's very different than the usual MJ bottles, I still really like it 2. The fragrance is light and floral, but still manages to stay fresh. I absolutely love all of MJ's scents and this has not disapointed me at all. It is actually something I would buy for myself. It's perfect for spring & summer   I'll come back with a more in depth review on it once I've worn it a couple of times.    If there is anything else you would like to know please feel free to ask below Has anyone else gotten the chance to try this perfume out? What are your thoughts on it?     *Sorry if this review is a little scattered. It's my first time reviewing something like this. I know there is usually a lot of up roar and anger when not everyone get these gifts but please try to be polite on this thread, I'm very lucky to have been chosen as an active member of BT.   **Also disclosing the fact that this was a gift from Sephora and Marc Jacobs.
I'm looking for a new fragrance for a friend. She likes Jean Paul Gaultier and Prada, so are there other similar perfumes that fall along those profiles?
I wonder if anyone here has had a great experience having a scent recreated for them?   My favourite fragrance ever was retired a few years ago.  I managed to score an unopened sample that they found in a drawer and sent me (for free!  so nice of them).  I'd like to have it matched but don't really know where to start.  There are a few online sites that offer matching but I'd have to send them my whole sample so I don't know who to trust.   Any experience or advice to offer?
Hi, All!    I'm looking for some creative advice for displaying those little fragrance sample vials.     Right now, I've got them stored upright in a shoebox, but I don't see everything that I have unless I pull them out one by one to read what they are before deciding which to try out for the day.     I'd like to be able to store them on the counter, but with their names easily visible.  (I was thinking of those vinyl bags with pockets, but they go over the door, which is where my long mirror hangs, so I don't want to cover it up. Therefore, the counter it is.)     Any suggestions?  
A friend recently bought the Juicy Couture's Viva la Juicy perfume and received the Juicy tote bag with it. She's not liking the perfume much though and would like to return it. Does she have to return the tote with it as well?
Helllooooo~ i recently ordered a cologne and its been over 24 hours and was wondering why i got 2x the points rather than 3x?   is there anyone who is in the same position or know why?   thanks! Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
In some of my very recent sephora orders there were the fragance sampler cards set and one of them was a tocca. I liked it but at the time i didnt realize that there were so many different names. Does anyone know which one it was? 
Did anyone receive this yet? Mine will arrive tomorrow.  Looking forward to testing a few new scents.   
My boyfriend wears Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier and I love the smell. What might a complimentary women's fragrance be? I'm looking for a perfume that has similar fragrance notes.
I just ordered a bottle of lancome  tresor, but I didn't get triplet points. Is tresor not a qualifying  fragrance? 
I have been loving Nirvana Black all winter long (literally obsessed), but it's time to switch to a new spring scent. What's a scent that has similar notes to Nirvana Black but would be a bit lighter for the season? I do not like Nirvana White. Way too floral for me.
Hey beauty lovers now that Sephora has started their 3x the points on perfumes till may 10 wanted to find what perfumes you guys picked up or are looking to get. currently I've been loving YSL's black opium and really want the full size but what else would you guys recommend?
Hi, Scent Lovers!  My Mom loves No. 4711.  What scents, if any, are similar to 4711?  I'm not looking for a dupe, but I would like to stay in the same scent family.   This is how the fragrance is described:   The precious ingredients are carefully harmonised. Bergamot, lemon, and orange provide a uniquely revitalising effect. Lavender and rosemary have a calming and relaxing effect, strengthening the nerves. Neroli, extracted from the blossom of the bitter orange, has a calming effect in the base note, creating a positive mood.
I just received an envelope (with my order) with perfume samples. I loved the Stella McCartney sample and would like to order it.  However, I do not know which scent this was of hers.  If anyone could help me, I would be very greatful. 
I was in love with both L.A.M.B and Boyfriend and now they have been discontinued and I'm looking for something comparable.  Any Recommendations?
I was looking to purchase a bottle of Love Coach as my last buy of the sale because I noticed that it was in the sale section last week and I really like the scent, but it's gone. I tried searching under the brand Coach but there's only 1 thing under the tab and its on sale. Is sephora no longer carrying Coach? I kind of wish I had bought the perfume earlier if I had known it would be gone so quickly
I have several fragrances I have my eye on and am always looking for new scents.   What about you? What will you get?
Hi,  I am really interested in the Sephora favorites bottled dreams perfume and I just wanted to know that does the voucher inside for a free full-size bottle have an expiration date? I do not live near a sephora so i'll have to wait until i can go to one to get my favorite perfume from the voucher provided inside 
Are LaVanilla perfumes being discontinued? I went to a Sephora in Calgary, Alberta and I was told by an SA that they only had the deodorants now and she wasn't sure whether or not the line was being discontinued with Sephora entirely or if it would be available online only.
The first are the original Andy Tauer line including Rose de Kandahar and Le Air du Desert Morocain, and from Tauerville the Vanilla and Rose.   Worth they hype?  Best scent? Thanks!
I was looking at the Clean line of fragrances, Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs, Fresh Life and Hesperides Grapefruit by Fresh, and Amazing Grace by Philosophy, but I'm open to other suggestions
Where can I find the gift set advertised in the email that just came out?
I have 2 Tocca scents that i love.. giuelette , and colette. I went into sephora today to try and find something along those lines, but long lasting. I find that the Tocca ones dont last on me more than 2 hours. When i went in the one that the girl recommended for me what chanel chance (the pink one) and i tried it on and i dont like it. It smells kind of ... old? i dont know how to describe it. I was something clean and fresh but something for a 22 year old that can be my signature scent. Any suggestions?? please help!! 
Several years ago Sephora carried Guerlain's Insolence and My Insolence EDT.   Since Sephora stopped carrying Insolence, I've not been able to find it.  I've checked NM, Saks, Bloomingdales, Nordstroms to no avail.  From what I can tell (inferences made from's produce page on Insolence) the fragrance has not been discontinued.     Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I may purchase a new bottle?  I do not trust Amazon, eBay, Fragrance Overstock, et al, websites because the product cannot be guaranteed authentic and unspoiled.    Thank you.
I can't decide between MJ Daisy or Dots? I think the rollerball trio set is a great deal, but I don't know if I will like it as much. I prefer a fresh, light and soft scent...ideas??
What's the difference: Cool CTRL™ Natural Deodorant vs Pit Boss Antiperspirant 
I was wearing my Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet the other day not that it is "spring" ( I live in NYC and it is still in the 30s here ) and I was just so in love with the sweet flowery scent. I was in a happy mood all day just because of that!     What's your favorite spring perfume?!    As I said, I am wearing Blooming Bouquet but I also love Chloe Love Story. I guess I like flowery scents!
I'm struggling to decide if I need both of these fragrances. I just learned about them as I've been living under a rock obviously. I love beachy, tropical, coconutty scents.  A little bit of floral is fine, as long as it's not an overwhelming note.    As Terracotta has been re-released, I'm thinking I should jump on it. But do I need Bronze Goddess as well? I'm wondering how similar they are. Thanks for any guidance.