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Does anyone else buy scented candles from Sephora? I purchased this set of Tocca candles and I am OBSESSED with Cleopatra. What are your burning this moment?
I'm one of those gals that are obsessed with fragrances and have about around 50 60 70 80 and still collecting...(if you want to call it that.) So I would like to know what are you wearing today?   I'm wearing Obsession...(hahaha kinda fits this thread, doesn't it? )
I can't contain my excitement for the newest addition to Narciso For Her Line: L'Absolu, in a beautiful dark berry bottle! I love For Her EDP in the pink bottle, but used it so much this year- I am probably halfway or 3/4 this is a great replacement!   I thought I was going to have to wait until September to see this launch but thankfully Sephora opened it up to VIB's early!  
its the newest  perfume by Viktor & Rolf and will this perfume be on sephora until summer?
Hello BTers! Last week, I purchased a large TF fragrance (8.4oz / 250ml) using a 20% off code from Saks online. Unfortunately, they did not and will not provide any kind of atomizer (and pictures online seem to indicate it comes with a funnel). I was just wondering if anyone could recommend some kind of decanting kit / tools, and even any favorite atomizers out there? Thanks!
Does anyone know of any fragrances similar to Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black, Tokyo Milk Dark Bulletproof, or Givenchy Pi?
Anyone ever heard of this?! It's awesome. "Essence of Norway."
Hey gals! I am SO picky with perfumes. I've smelled hundreds of perfume and only like 3 scents :-(     1) Chanel Eau Fraiche  2) Juliette Has a Gun Anyway 3) Viva La Juicy   My favorite is the Chanel, BUT, it does not linger on me and sits very close to the skin so no one can smell it on me. Are there any similar scents that are strong enough for other to smell and last longer than 20 minutes?! Maybe I missed one in the sniffings....   Thanks for your help!    
I'm looking for a scent that has a vanilla base and preferably citrus top notes. Something possibly a bit edgy/rock and roll. I'm a leather jacket wearing, classic rock kind of girl. I hate overly floral/powdery scents. In the past I've worn Hugo Boss Orange, Vera Wang Lovestruck, Dior Hypnotic Poison but I want a change. Any ideas? Thanks! Edit:  Also, I live in Australia and our sephora doesn't stock a lot of the things you guys have listed so I'm primarily interested in designer brand names (example: Prada, Versace, Dior, etc) that would be carried in Myers department store. 
Hi, I didn't see a thread to piggy back on - so here goes. I'm trying to time a purchase of a Tom Ford fragrance that unfortunately Sephora doesn't offer. What's the best strategy / channel to make this purchase so as to maximize on some kind of reward or discount (I'm in the U.S. for what it's worth)? Thanks!
** Closed ** I've seen so much generosity on BT lately and I want to keep the good vibes going! This weekend I went through my sample stash and discovered I had way too many fragrance samples. I'm planning to giveaway 4 fragrance sample boxes; 1. Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, 2. Chloe, 3. Burberry (My Burberry & Brit Rhythm), 4. Mixed box (Versace Yellow Diamond, Versace Bright Crystal, Dior Jadore, Thierry Mugler name a few).     The rules are easy. US only. Respond to this post and indicate the box you'd like. Since we're getting into the hot summer season, include your favorite summertime drink! Mine is Peach Lemonade!     I'll tally on Thursday 05/28 after 8pm EST and announce the winners on Friday 05/29! Have fun!
I had a few of the clean sample vials sitting in my perfume sample jar that I found a way to sort of repurpose.   I liked how they smelled, but I knew I'd never use them as a perfume. After I ran out of febreeze, I poured in one sample vial and filled the empty febreeze bottle with water.  It made the best fabric spray!  I used it on my drapes and rugs. My whole house smelled soooooo clean and fresh! 
What would you include? I was disappointed in the last offering. What would be your dream fragrance collection?
viva juicy.jpg
Does anybody know of a fragrance that is similar to this? My husband really likes it but I want to change it up a little.
So sad to hear Kat Von D Sinner perfume is discontinued! I loved this fragrance so much and am almost out. Specifically came on the site to order more. Can anyone recommend a similar fragrance? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
I was recently chosen to receive and review the newest Marc Jacobs fragrance, Mod Noir. I came into work today to the lovely surprise package.    Here is a little bit more info on the perfume itself before I get into my thoughts on it.   **Copied from the product page: " A modern return to the classic note of intoxicating gardenia, Marc Jacobs Mod Noir elevates a signature scent into a contemporary sphere. The airy floral fragrance opens with a field of lush, dewy greens, which give way to freshly cut gardenias floating atop sparkling water. Creamy musks leave a sensual dry down on the skin. The striking bottle was inspired by Marc Jacobs’s quirky, striped fashion prints and the interplay of black and white in his iconic runway collections. Bold elements cleverly juxtapose classic and modern styles. The bottle’s linear black and white stripes contrast with its circular shape, and the shiny lacquer opposes the matte frosted finish. Notes: Greens, Gardenia, Creamy Musks. Style: Bold. Modern. Unique."   Link to product: 856#pdp-reviews   My first thoughts:  1. The bottle itself is cutely chic. To me it's very different than the usual MJ bottles, I still really like it 2. The fragrance is light and floral, but still manages to stay fresh. I absolutely love all of MJ's scents and this has not disapointed me at all. It is actually something I would buy for myself. It's perfect for spring & summer   I'll come back with a more in depth review on it once I've worn it a couple of times.    If there is anything else you would like to know please feel free to ask below Has anyone else gotten the chance to try this perfume out? What are your thoughts on it?     *Sorry if this review is a little scattered. It's my first time reviewing something like this. I know there is usually a lot of up roar and anger when not everyone get these gifts but please try to be polite on this thread, I'm very lucky to have been chosen as an active member of BT.   **Also disclosing the fact that this was a gift from Sephora and Marc Jacobs.
I just found this New fragrance set. The price is $58/CAD$70. I love mini perfume, but this set is too similar to the last one.  Anyone is thinking getting this one?? er-P393744?skuId=1691583   It has: 0 .17 oz Bulgari Omnia Crystalline Eau de Toilette (Scent certificate redeems for 1.3 oz bottle) - 0.24 oz Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Eau de Parfum (Scent certificate redeems for 1 oz bottle) - 0.24 oz Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Eau de Parfum (Scent certificate redeems for 1 oz bottle) - 0.16 oz Escada Joyful Eau de Parfum (Scent certificate redeems for 1 oz bottle) - 0.25 oz Fresh Fresh Life Eau de Parfum (Scent certificate redeems for 1 oz bottle) - 0.16 oz Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette (Scent certificate redeems for 1 oz bottle) - 0.14 oz Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum (Scent certificate redeems for 1 oz bottle)
I would like use my flowerbomb samples to refill the small travel size bottle that came with a little funnel but I don't know how. Can you remove the spray tops or do you just keep spraying into the funnel until the vial is empty? Thank You for your help!
  So I adore this perfume, love it. Issue is it's a toilette and doesn't last longer then maybe three hours or so. I have an all day event that I'm going to and want the scent to last a loooot, or at least maybe an hour or two, longer.    So any recommendations on things that smell similar lotion or fragrance wise? Its base notes are: M andarin orange, basil, green tea, amber.
Hi Sephora, Can you please consider selling the Tom Ford Private Blends line here at Sephora stores in the U.S. or at I have just bought one and plan to buy another- but can only buy them at my local Nordstrom. Nordstrom is getting my business instead of Sephora...;(   Fans: if you agree, please post that you want these private blends too! Given that they are so expensive, I plan to buy only 1-2 per year, but still, they would sell!
Hey beauty lovers now that Sephora has started their 3x the points on perfumes till may 10 wanted to find what perfumes you guys picked up or are looking to get. currently I've been loving YSL's black opium and really want the full size but what else would you guys recommend?
Is "My little roses de chloe" the same scent as "Roses de chloe" ?
I have a pretty large fragrance collection (amassed over nearly thirty years). There is one fragrance in my collection that my little guy (6-years-old) can't get enough of (after the horribly powdery drydown).   Shalimar EDP: 652?skuId=1297076   When I'm wearing it he comes up to me, sniffs my neck, let's out that heart melting "little kid sigh," wraps his arms around me, and settles in for a long snuggle.   That has me wondering; what scents do your children love on you?
I have been mulling over adding Black Orchid to my fragrance collection for a while.   I had a sample years ago, and it was a sillage and longevity beast (which is something I love). One spray was enough. The scent worked well on me and was delightfully noir. I was going through a Coco phase at the time however, and I never picked it up.   I am finally ready to pull the trigger on it, but in reading some reviews it looks like it may have been reformulated to have much less sillage and longevity.   Can anyone comment on whether or not this is true?
I'm looking for a new fragrance for a friend. She likes Jean Paul Gaultier and Prada, so are there other similar perfumes that fall along those profiles?
For the first time today I noticed there was a tab under "weekly specials" that links to free gifts with fragrance purchases.  Some cute totes and other products with select fragrance purchases.  Wanted to point it out in case you missed it, like I did. 
sampler screen shot.jpg
I purchased 2 scent kits with scent certificates ONLINE. They have samples to use and a certificate to redeem at a store for one of the fragrances in the kit. I used the samples and went to a store (inside a JCPenny) to redeem the certificate and was told it could only be redeemed at a freestanding Sephora store (not in a JCPenny, not in Canada and not online). I looked online and it does say so in fine print, but I feel like this is a scam. There is not a qualifying Sephora store within 100 miles of the zip code to which they shipped my order. I looked up several other cities and the majority are inside JCPenny stores. I contacted customer service and spent over 30 minutes on hold and speaking with two people with the same refrain - "there is nothing we can do, it needs to be redeemed at a freestanding Sephora store". One of the persons told me to use while on vacation. I feel like they highly misrepresented this product and the company. It should not be sold online if it cannot be redeemed online and there should be a better warning that the company does not back up or support its products company-wide. I have looked at many sites about the company and I will no longer support them with my purchasing money.
I wonder if anyone here has had a great experience having a scent recreated for them?   My favourite fragrance ever was retired a few years ago.  I managed to score an unopened sample that they found in a drawer and sent me (for free!  so nice of them).  I'd like to have it matched but don't really know where to start.  There are a few online sites that offer matching but I'd have to send them my whole sample so I don't know who to trust.   Any experience or advice to offer?
I'm a huge Atelier Cologne fan. Wish these were available last week during the fragrance event.... But still really excited to try these! VIB and Rouge exclusive for now. Anyone try them yet?      The descriptions all sound wonderful!    All are available in three sizes, 3.3 oz for $125, 1 oz with a leather case for $85, 0.25 oz for $25.