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YOUR SCENT STORIES.   ok i'd like to preface this by saying that i don't intend this thread to be a bunch of navel gazing on my part. i just wanted to start a thread where people can just tell their scent stories. share your collection--or not. share what a certain perfume means to you. a story. why you love what you love. some scents that you ended up loving over time. whatever you feel to share !   andy warhol collected personal fragrances (cologne, perfume, etc). he would buy one, wear it continuously for 3 months, then put it in a box never to wear it again. then, throughout his life, he'd return to the box and smell the perfume, to be instantly transported to that very specific 3 month period of his life. this is one of my favorite bits of trivia.   f ragrance is so personal . subjective. much moreso than makeup, in my opinion (i don't even think that is a matter of opinion !!). i started my perfume hoarding a few years ago, way before any sort of serious makeup collection was developed. a lot of my collection is personal taste and selection, while a good portion of it were gifts (it's well known among family and friends that i'm obsessed with smells). some scents are obviously "me" (i'm definitely drawn to earthy and "darker" scents, for lack of a better term), others are things i'd have never reached for but have come to represent certain eras and are therefore attached to some heartstrings (such as MJ 'lola').   i can't be as disciplined as warhol, but there's still a slight method to my madness. i used to wear one perfume until it was gone, then move on to something else. now i wear a scent  almost  primarily for a few months, occasionally going back to "past" scents when i'm feeling nostalgic or missing something / someone. sometimes it's a happy thing, sometimes it's bittersweet, sometimes it's straight up masochistic. and i love it.   i live in a tiny place so i keep my perfumes on my book/vinyl shelf. some of these i haven't worn in years, but i keep them.   my current "now" scent:  diptyque philosykos (fig) my forever scent(s):  serge lutens ambre sultan and bvlgari jasmine noir favorite floral:  issey miyake l'eau d'issey most nostalgia inducing  1. v&r flowerbomb. it amuses me this took off the way it has, i remember when it was an exclusive at bergdorfs in nyc* and i got my hands on it and felt so special, now it's on everyone (*it was either an exclusive or it was gifted to me ahead-of-release. i can't quite remember, it was 2007ish !). 2. jo malone blue agava & cacao what is missing from my collection:  tom ford black orchid. it'll be mine someday. jo malone blue agava & cacao. any comme des garçons scent (which sephora has started carrying !!). and finally, le labo rose 31 and/or santal 33 personal trivia:  the little box pictured contains samples and deluxe samples. my favorites in there are probably tom ford santal blush (can't afford !), tom ford tuscan leather (can't afford !!!), and givenchy dance--which is very dear to me, it's a sample i got in japan, and i've never seen dance sold in the states ?? it's a perfect daytime spring smell.  best budget scents:  tokyo milk dark, hands down. i have two (can you even see them in the pics ?!), arsenic and tainted love. arsenic is my fave, i've run out but intend to grab it up again soon. not pictured:  jo malone amber & lavender, which i keep in my bathroom as an air freshener ! and rollerballs (only have a few and rollerballs i have i have a full size of)     and i thought some of you would be amused that my perfumes are tucked in below my bowie shelf  
Hi!   I just got the new sampler for her, it's the one in the pink shiny box and I love it!  I opened it and the initial smell is great, does anyone know what perfume that one is?  It's over powering so I'm hoping someone knows what scent i'm talking about.   Thanks!
I am confused. I've been reading suggestions online for ways to help your fragrance last longer so that you get the most out of it.    One site I read said to apply a little bit of petroleum jelly to the inside of your wrist and then apply the fragrance to that. ANd that will help the fragrance stretch further.   BUT another site I read said that if you accidentally over do it and put on too much perfume that if you apply some lotion to your wrists it will soak up some of the scent so that it won't be so strong.   SO which is it? Does it help fragrance last longer or absorb the fragrance?    I'm currently in love with Elizabeth and James' Nirvana White. But I just sampled Lady Gaga's fame and I like it too.
How do you clean out your atomizer so that you can put a new fragrance in it?
I'm one of those gals that are obsessed with fragrances and have about around 50 60 70 80 and still collecting...(if you want to call it that.) So I would like to know what are you wearing today?   I'm wearing Obsession...(hahaha kinda fits this thread, doesn't it? )
Hey there i would like if anyone will help me. My sister and i want to purchase a new perfume for mom as a gift for her birthday which is in thanksgiving day. What would one be good for her she's turning 45 which would you recommend for her age for a mommi thanks for your help 
I'm trying to find a nice Christmas gift for my boss. She loves Burberry frangrances, but she already has them all! Are there any other similar perfumes out there that she would like?
Currently I love Eau Fraiche by VErsace and I swear it could work as unisex.   I also like CHanel BLue (i think its called)   And Kenneth Cole black smells really nice too! Dunno if its discontinued now tho~
What is a good fragrance for a 15 year old who wants feminine, but strong and an air of independence in her presence? I'm not a huge dress-wearer (although I do love them) but I do wear a lot of dress shirts and jeans. I like flowery scent more than fruity but am open to all suggestions!
Hi all,      I've been interested in these since they were released online, but since they aren't available in store to test, I've been hesitant to buy.   I got samples of Green and Red from Lucky Scent, and I don't think they are right for me (Green comes off very masculine on me and Red, I can't put my finger on it, but I don't love it)   Has anyone purchased Play Black?  What do you think of it?  The notes described are right up my alley, but I'm wondering how it wears.   I noticed when I sampled Green and Red, they both smelled lovely on application, but faded quite quickly (3 hours later, almost completely gone)   Thanks!
what is the best perfume for guys who likes a strong, long lasting scent?
I have been wanting to find a "signature scent" for awhile now, and I found one on Etsy that I really like. But my husband does not like it. And the first time I wore it to work a student that I work with was really bothered it (I work with special needs students, and that particular one is very sensitive to scents) so I can't wear it to work anymore.   I was in Sephora a couple of weeks ago to look at NARS Audacious lipsticks (Which I LOVE btw) and my friend that I was with tried on the two Elizabeth and James Nirvana scents. I loved them both!!    I went back today and got the smallest version of Nirvana White to try for a little while and see how it goes. The girl working the counter also made me a sample of the Black, and gave me a couple of other samples too. One of them, MY NY from DKNY smells pretty awesome, so I'll definitely try it!!!! 
I am trying to assemble a "spray and sniff" list for tomorrow I'm looking to pick up a perfume for my mom, and cost isn't a consideration since it's my mom, so feel free to recommend outside of Tom Ford as well. Here are the fragrances she currently likes/uses:   Halston (keep in' it old school!) Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Vera Wang (the original one) Tory Burch Lancome Miracle   I think I want to get her Stella McCartney's Lilly in a rollerball for her to try, but if you guys can think of any others that are in the same category as those above I would love to add them to my list to check out.
I'm so excited about this latest fragrance from Jo Malone. However, I won't be receiving my samples till next week  Anyone has tried this perfume yet?  Please share!  
I see that there are fragrance samplers available in the US with vouchers for a full-size fragrance. Why is the SAME sampler set available in Canada with no voucher??
Hello my beautiful people!   This post is inspired by LCResz's recent thread of Perfumes and Oils Collection: umes-and-oils-collection/td-p/1451444. While I love perfumes, I don't have much of a perfume and oils collection. I am more of a mini perfume collector.   I am obsessed with minis and I started last July. And I think that I have collected quite a few! I don't really care much about brands of perfumes or how it smells, but more about what the bottle looks like.   Here is my mini perfume collection! I have it stored on top of a Pier 1 Hayworth Collection Lingerie Chest (but I use it for jewelry and makeup storage!) I am going to run out of room soon!   I would love to see your mini perfume collection!
I have tried a lot of perfumes but I haven't found the one for me. I like perfume that has sandalwood in it, I'm looking for a perfume similar to bath and body works fragrance mist called country chic. So far I liked see by Chloe, chloe by Chloe, viva la juicy by juicy couture. But I don't think they are the one for me. So I'm looking for that perfume that represents me.
I was at Sephora a few weeks ago, sampling Flowerbomb. I was waiting for the VIB sale to buy a big bottle of it! A SA asked me if I was wearing Flowerbomb. She mentioned how she thought it smells the same on everybody. And she made me realize something. It's true, I can recognize the scent from a mile away. I love it, but do I want to smell like everybody else? So anyway, she suggested Miss Dior, which I tried the next time, and OMG! I'm in love! I removed Flowerbomb from my wish list and replaced it with Miss Dior (so much cheaper anyway!).   Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Flowerbomb. I even bought the small refillable bottle. I just realized I want something more unique. Something that will blend with my skin and hair and become my own *signature (I hate that word!) scent.   True story. What do you think?
I went to Austin, TX last week and in this one particular boutique, I came across THE BEST SMELLS EVER. I looked at the price tag $125 and said "ha" and put it down without even looking at the name. Then as the smell began to develop on me I was like "omg I NEED this." I could even smell it on my arm the next morning. I couldn't find the store again, so I went on google and put in every scenario possible: perfume on congress ave, perfume sold in Austin,etc. Finally...after 2 hours...I found it! The line is called "Juliette Has A Gun." EVERY one of them smells amazing. This brand is only sold in 17 stores in the US. South Carolina, FL, Austin, Houston, San Diego, Rhode Island, and NY were the only states that carry it. I ordered the "Try It Kit" on their website for $14. If you decide to purchase a full bottle, they give you the $14 credit toward it. It's got to be done within 2m. I also found them on ebay for around $80. Hope everyone gets to try them out!!! :-)  
Hello, I just bought a full size fragrance and I was wondering if it was possible to use the small sample bottles you get for sephora for easy transportation? I'm sure it's possible since the employees transfer it from the full size bottle but I never looked hard enough to see how they actual do it without wasting a ton. Thanks in advance. 
I just noticed these…and many of the scents are limited with only a few left and no reviews (but someone is buying them). Anyone tried any of them? They sound amazing…unisex…but very pricey. I'd love some input from anyone who has tried them!!! Thanks. mme_des_garcons_wonderwood_carousel_P390206_link
I am obsessed with the scrub, body wash, and lotion by Soap & Glory with their "Fruitigo" scent! I only wish they had a perfume or body mist with the scent as well so the scent would last all day. Has anyone tried this line and have any recommendations for a perfume that smells similar or would complement them well?!
I am using hug a bub baby carrier to carry my baby but is it safe if I use perfume while carrying a baby. Please suggest.
I have a scented oil I love.  The company stopped making the scent years ago but I have bottle that is full, but I've had it so long I really don't want to apply it to me skin.    It does smell the same and I want to find a company that can duplicate it for me.   Anyone have any recs on companies that provide this service for a reasonable cost?   Thanx  
Receive a duo of Pomegranate Noir and Blackberry & Bay mini spray colognes with any $200 Jo Malone™ fragrance purchase. Please note: Excludes gift sets.   Shop the Jo Malone™ Boutique Receive Peony & Blush Suede and Blackberry & Bay Cologne miniatures in a faux-leather travel case with any $175 Jo Malone™ purchase. Tailor Your Scent. A gift from Jo Malone London to you. This duo of Cologne miniatures is perfect for Fragrance Combining.™ Layer Peony & Blush Suede with Blackberry & Bay to create an enticing fragrance, delicious with juicy depth. Shop the Jo Malone™ Boutique   This is a great deal if you spent about 200 on fragrance. Basically you get double gifts (or 4 mini sprays + a tiny tester). They don't tell about the size but I assume 9mL per spray. RUN!!!
For some reason, I can't bring myself to toss out a bottle of perfume when there are some 'literally' drops left! I pivot and turn the bottle at every conceivable angle to spray out what's possible. The rests it's in there until either has dusted up so I don't want to bother saving it or it actually vaporizes away.   Am I the only one that does this? Or does anyone have any tricks to get that last bit out? 
I love the smell of the Inis energy of the sea cologne and I was wondering anyone knows a one similar to it? 
its the newest  perfume by Viktor & Rolf and will this perfume be on sephora until summer?