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I was wearing my Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet the other day not that it is "spring" ( I live in NYC and it is still in the 30s here ) and I was just so in love with the sweet flowery scent. I was in a happy mood all day just because of that!     What's your favorite spring perfume?!    As I said, I am wearing Blooming Bouquet but I also love Chloe Love Story. I guess I like flowery scents!
What's the difference: Cool CTRL™ Natural Deodorant vs Pit Boss Antiperspirant 
Hi, everyone!   I was out looking to treat myself at the mall for my last childless birthday yesterday when I came across a display of Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria fragrances in Nordstrom. Do any ladies here have any of these fragrances in their stash? I took a whiff of them all and right now my favorites for spring are Herba Fresca, Mandarine Basilic, and Pamplelune. Can anyone give me any insight on the lasting power of these Eau de Toilettes? They all smell so fresh and springy and delightful that I'm just excited to get my hands on one, but I'd like to know what to expect before pulling the trigger.   Thanks, ladies and gents!
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I purchased 2 scent kits with scent certificates ONLINE. They have samples to use and a certificate to redeem at a store for one of the fragrances in the kit. I used the samples and went to a store (inside a JCPenny) to redeem the certificate and was told it could only be redeemed at a freestanding Sephora store (not in a JCPenny, not in Canada and not online). I looked online and it does say so in fine print, but I feel like this is a scam. There is not a qualifying Sephora store within 100 miles of the zip code to which they shipped my order. I looked up several other cities and the majority are inside JCPenny stores. I contacted customer service and spent over 30 minutes on hold and speaking with two people with the same refrain - "there is nothing we can do, it needs to be redeemed at a freestanding Sephora store". One of the persons told me to use while on vacation. I feel like they highly misrepresented this product and the company. It should not be sold online if it cannot be redeemed online and there should be a better warning that the company does not back up or support its products company-wide. I have looked at many sites about the company and I will no longer support them with my purchasing money.
I'm struggling to decide if I need both of these fragrances. I just learned about them as I've been living under a rock obviously. I love beachy, tropical, coconutty scents.  A little bit of floral is fine, as long as it's not an overwhelming note.    As Terracotta has been re-released, I'm thinking I should jump on it. But do I need Bronze Goddess as well? I'm wondering how similar they are. Thanks for any guidance. 
I'm looking for a scent that has a vanilla base and preferably citrus top notes. Something possibly a bit edgy/rock and roll. I'm a leather jacket wearing, classic rock kind of girl. I hate overly floral/powdery scents. In the past I've worn Hugo Boss Orange, Vera Wang Lovestruck, Dior Hypnotic Poison but I want a change. Any ideas? Thanks! Edit:  Also, I live in Australia and our sephora doesn't stock a lot of the things you guys have listed so I'm primarily interested in designer brand names (example: Prada, Versace, Dior, etc) that would be carried in Myers department store. 
ive never used jo malone perfumes, because there is no store nearby. i heard about jo malone perfumes combination. what does it mean? you use two kind  perfume at the same time? and if i spray only one for example dark amber and ginger lily its wont be as good as combination ?? thanks in advance
I'm a huge Atelier Cologne fan. Wish these were available last week during the fragrance event.... But still really excited to try these! VIB and Rouge exclusive for now. Anyone try them yet?      The descriptions all sound wonderful!    All are available in three sizes, 3.3 oz for $125, 1 oz with a leather case for $85, 0.25 oz for $25.    
I am looking for a new fregrance for the summer and I am unsure as to what to try. I like sents like euphoria calvin klien,issey miyake,big pony ralph laren in pink. Please advise of any similar scents.
Hi beauties,   I am looking to purchase the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT and I actually don't use perfumes much but this one smells nice and i'm addicted to the bottle. I know the 100ml bottle has the silver bow on it, does the 50ml bottle have the silver bow as well? I've seen ones with clear bow (which doesn't look as nice) and in that case I would purchase the 100ml. I really want the silver bow on it and I would hate to open the 50ml and see that it has the clear bow and I'm stuck with the bottle.... Thanks for your help!
I am looking for an eau de toilette Sephora Fluo Beach. Was it replaced by a similar scent? Help! This is my one and only favorite!
I really want to buy flower bomb but I want to wait until they do 3x points, do they only have this in February?   I meant Sephora* in the question, darn autocorrect. 
I just recieved an order in which I had redeemed the Escada Joyful mini from the DELIGHT promo. Unfortunately the bottle opened during shipment, so all my stuff wreaks of the perfume and my cute mini is almost completely empty. Did this happen to anybody else? So bummed, I love collecting minis, and my other order that included the Carven mini was in perfect shape. Le sigh
Can you guide me what are the new fragrances for males in Chanel?
Does anyone know of a fragrance that is similar to Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino? I love this scent, but it is very expensive and I find that it doesn't have much staying power. Thanks
So sad to hear Kat Von D Sinner perfume is discontinued! I loved this fragrance so much and am almost out. Specifically came on the site to order more. Can anyone recommend a similar fragrance? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
I ordered the Chloe perfume online during the 3x the points event, and it finally came today in the mail! Unfortunately, when I opened the beautiful box, I was met with a sad and broken bottle of Chloe. Half of it had leaked out, the rest was in the bottle but the pump was completely goo-ed shut. It just makes me so sad to see such a beautiful (and expensive) perfume go to waste (will be returning, obviously). Wish it had been packaged better so I don't have to deal with replacing it.
I just found this New fragrance set. The price is $58/CAD$70. I love mini perfume, but this set is too similar to the last one.  Anyone is thinking getting this one?? er-P393744?skuId=1691583   It has: 0 .17 oz Bulgari Omnia Crystalline Eau de Toilette (Scent certificate redeems for 1.3 oz bottle) - 0.24 oz Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Eau de Parfum (Scent certificate redeems for 1 oz bottle) - 0.24 oz Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Eau de Parfum (Scent certificate redeems for 1 oz bottle) - 0.16 oz Escada Joyful Eau de Parfum (Scent certificate redeems for 1 oz bottle) - 0.25 oz Fresh Fresh Life Eau de Parfum (Scent certificate redeems for 1 oz bottle) - 0.16 oz Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette (Scent certificate redeems for 1 oz bottle) - 0.14 oz Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum (Scent certificate redeems for 1 oz bottle)
I've worn Amazing Grace for years, but every time Philosophy sells the scent changes. The fine perfume version was the closest thing I could find to the original scent I fell in love with but now it's gone. Almost every scent I try is too fruity or too green and I get an instant headache. I'm heartbroken to not have a fragrance and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 
Hello my beautiful people!   This post is inspired by LCResz's recent thread of Perfumes and Oils Collection: umes-and-oils-collection/td-p/1451444. While I love perfumes, I don't have much of a perfume and oils collection. I am more of a mini perfume collector.   I am obsessed with minis and I started last July. And I think that I have collected quite a few! I don't really care much about brands of perfumes or how it smells, but more about what the bottle looks like.   Here is my mini perfume collection! I have it stored on top of a Pier 1 Hayworth Collection Lingerie Chest (but I use it for jewelry and makeup storage!) I am going to run out of room soon!   I would love to see your mini perfume collection!
So I was looking at my fragrance collection the other day and while this isn't exactly news  to me...I was just realizing that I overwhelmingly gravitate towards male fragrances. But there's a specific kind of male fragrance that I like...not those fresh, sporty scents (my husband likes those). I like the ones that I can only describe as woody, earthy, musky and spicy. Some of the male fragrances I wear are:    Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb (ha! I actually had a Flowerbomb mini and gave it away) Tom Ford Grey Vetiver  Terre D'Hermes  Maison Martin Margiela 'Replica' Jazz Club   Any other ladies out there gravitate towards male fragrances? If so, which ones? 
The only high end fragrance I have used is DKNY Be Delicious but I want to branch out and try some other perfumes, but I do really like DKNY Be Delicious, are there any that are similar to that? 
HI! Just wondering what y'all's opinions are on One Direction's three fragrances (Our Moment, That Moment, and You & I). I haven't tried any of them, but I am eager to and am wondering which ones you recommend. Thanks!
I'm looking into buying one of the TF private blends, but there's not a single location (Sephora or otherwise) that carries them, even within 150km, for me to test out before I commit. And Tom Ford's website doesn't give out samples... and even if they did, they don't ship to Canada. Since they're almost $250CAD each for the smallest size, I don't want to buy them all in one go. Does anyone have  any idea how I can sniff a few or get a hold of legit samples (I don't trust ebay) before I take the plunge?   Here are the ones I'm considering: 0680 1565662 1449115 =1565696 kuId=1449099 =1565688 1449263
BESIDES, the CLEAN/Philosophy lines (way too weak).   Looking to purchase something with the 3Xs pts offer at Sephora. Ideas?I want something that smells like I just stepped out the shower.
BEFORE 3X POINTS ENDS.... HELP 😦OK so you can buy the bottle separate and it's 1.7 Oz or the gift set for the same price and get 2 lotions and a 1.6 Oz bottle, Did they really give .1 less or is this a typo?
UPDATE: the 3X points fragrance promo will run from February 5th through the 14th! Thanks, VioletLavender, for posting the dates to the thread!   For me, I'm already trying to decide between the following: 61297 7?skuId=1650456 skuId=1637750 562164   What do you have your eye on? What types of scents do you tend to gravitate towards?What are some scents you recommend to others? 
I've been wearing Lavanila Pure Vanilla since last summer or so, and I absolutely love the scent. However, I'm wondering if my bottle of perfume is losing potency. I know that over time we become immune to scents that we smell frequently, so I've taken care not to put on more so that I don't overdue it. But before when I'd get whiffs of it regularly, now it seems to be totally gone within a couple of hours, and I used to get soooo many compliments on it (just from walking by strangers), whereas now no one really comments on it, or someone has to get super close before they notice.   Is it possible my bottle of perfume has lost its potency? I know light can affect fragrance, but the bottle lives in my windowless bathroom, and aside from the hour each day I'm in that room it's completely dark otherwise. Has anyone else experienced this? Do perfumes die off?