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BEFORE 3X POINTS ENDS.... HELP 😦OK so you can buy the bottle separate and it's 1.7 Oz or the gift set for the same price and get 2 lotions and a 1.6 Oz bottle, Did they really give .1 less or is this a typo?
Hey beauty lovers now that Sephora has started their 3x the points on perfumes till may 10 wanted to find what perfumes you guys picked up or are looking to get. currently I've been loving YSL's black opium and really want the full size but what else would you guys recommend?
I have been loving Nirvana Black all winter long (literally obsessed), but it's time to switch to a new spring scent. What's a scent that has similar notes to Nirvana Black but would be a bit lighter for the season? I do not like Nirvana White. Way too floral for me.
Hi, Scent Lovers!  My Mom loves No. 4711.  What scents, if any, are similar to 4711?  I'm not looking for a dupe, but I would like to stay in the same scent family.   This is how the fragrance is described:   The precious ingredients are carefully harmonised. Bergamot, lemon, and orange provide a uniquely revitalising effect. Lavender and rosemary have a calming and relaxing effect, strengthening the nerves. Neroli, extracted from the blossom of the bitter orange, has a calming effect in the base note, creating a positive mood.
I have several fragrances I have my eye on and am always looking for new scents.   What about you? What will you get?
Are they legit? I've used Groupon for restaurant deals and things like that but rarely do I purchase any Groupon Goods. They have a few great deals on fragrances that I have been eyeing so I just wanted to see if anyone has experience with it.    Thanks in advance!
I just received an envelope (with my order) with perfume samples. I loved the Stella McCartney sample and would like to order it.  However, I do not know which scent this was of hers.  If anyone could help me, I would be very greatful. 
I was in love with both L.A.M.B and Boyfriend and now they have been discontinued and I'm looking for something comparable.  Any Recommendations?
I was looking to purchase a bottle of Love Coach as my last buy of the sale because I noticed that it was in the sale section last week and I really like the scent, but it's gone. I tried searching under the brand Coach but there's only 1 thing under the tab and its on sale. Is sephora no longer carrying Coach? I kind of wish I had bought the perfume earlier if I had known it would be gone so quickly
I went to Austin, TX last week and in this one particular boutique, I came across THE BEST SMELLS EVER. I looked at the price tag $125 and said "ha" and put it down without even looking at the name. Then as the smell began to develop on me I was like "omg I NEED this." I could even smell it on my arm the next morning. I couldn't find the store again, so I went on google and put in every scenario possible: perfume on congress ave, perfume sold in Austin,etc. Finally...after 2 hours...I found it! The line is called "Juliette Has A Gun." EVERY one of them smells amazing. This brand is only sold in 17 stores in the US. South Carolina, FL, Austin, Houston, San Diego, Rhode Island, and NY were the only states that carry it. I ordered the "Try It Kit" on their website for $14. If you decide to purchase a full bottle, they give you the $14 credit toward it. It's got to be done within 2m. I also found them on ebay for around $80. Hope everyone gets to try them out!!! :-)  
Hi,  I am really interested in the Sephora favorites bottled dreams perfume and I just wanted to know that does the voucher inside for a free full-size bottle have an expiration date? I do not live near a sephora so i'll have to wait until i can go to one to get my favorite perfume from the voucher provided inside 
Does anyone know of a perfume/fragrance that smells like the Moroccan oil brand treatment?  
So sad to hear Kat Von D Sinner perfume is discontinued! I loved this fragrance so much and am almost out. Specifically came on the site to order more. Can anyone recommend a similar fragrance? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
I have 2 Tocca scents that i love.. giuelette , and colette. I went into sephora today to try and find something along those lines, but long lasting. I find that the Tocca ones dont last on me more than 2 hours. When i went in the one that the girl recommended for me what chanel chance (the pink one) and i tried it on and i dont like it. It smells kind of ... old? i dont know how to describe it. I was something clean and fresh but something for a 22 year old that can be my signature scent. Any suggestions?? please help!! 
Are LaVanilla perfumes being discontinued? I went to a Sephora in Calgary, Alberta and I was told by an SA that they only had the deodorants now and she wasn't sure whether or not the line was being discontinued with Sephora entirely or if it would be available online only.
The first are the original Andy Tauer line including Rose de Kandahar and Le Air du Desert Morocain, and from Tauerville the Vanilla and Rose.   Worth they hype?  Best scent? Thanks!
I can't decide between MJ Daisy or Dots? I think the rollerball trio set is a great deal, but I don't know if I will like it as much. I prefer a fresh, light and soft scent...ideas??
I was looking at the Clean line of fragrances, Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs, Fresh Life and Hesperides Grapefruit by Fresh, and Amazing Grace by Philosophy, but I'm open to other suggestions
Hi, everyone!   I was out looking to treat myself at the mall for my last childless birthday yesterday when I came across a display of Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria fragrances in Nordstrom. Do any ladies here have any of these fragrances in their stash? I took a whiff of them all and right now my favorites for spring are Herba Fresca, Mandarine Basilic, and Pamplelune. Can anyone give me any insight on the lasting power of these Eau de Toilettes? They all smell so fresh and springy and delightful that I'm just excited to get my hands on one, but I'd like to know what to expect before pulling the trigger.   Thanks, ladies and gents!
Where can I find the gift set advertised in the email that just came out?
Several years ago Sephora carried Guerlain's Insolence and My Insolence EDT.   Since Sephora stopped carrying Insolence, I've not been able to find it.  I've checked NM, Saks, Bloomingdales, Nordstroms to no avail.  From what I can tell (inferences made from's produce page on Insolence) the fragrance has not been discontinued.     Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I may purchase a new bottle?  I do not trust Amazon, eBay, Fragrance Overstock, et al, websites because the product cannot be guaranteed authentic and unspoiled.    Thank you.
I'd like to start by pointing out that I spent about five years working in cell biology labs, so I don't know if that makes me more likely to be paranoid or less.   About 18 months ago, I got a deluxe sample rollerball of Marc Jacob's Dot. I tried it for a week, decided it was nice but not wowing me, and stuck the rollerball in a box. About six months ago I pulled it back out, wore it for another week and noticed there were a lot of white specks floating around in it. At the time, I wondered if it was contaminated but didn't really think about it. Back in the box it went. Now, about a month ago, I pulled it out and it had a dozen sesame-seed white fluffy looking colonies at the bottom of the rollerball. I figured it was made cheap because it was a freebie, had been contaminated at the factory, and tossed it.   I started using the Flowerbomb rollerball I got from the Sephora Superstars kit about three weeks ago, and I'm beginning to see visible white specks in this one too. I don't know what to do about it. These will be the only two rollerballs I've ever used, but I'm just putting it on my wrists and neck, which I don't think is too unusual.     I've noticed other ladies on here seeing that their rollerballs get contaminated (cloudy) over time, but is this a normal timeline?  I've been using the Flowerbomb solid for these last few weeks and have only gotten through about 10%.   Whatever the answer, I'm guessing there aren't any new rollerballs in my future    
I saw the Lavanilla line in my local Sephora. I looked at the price and it was $58. I was just wondering if anyone thinks its worth buying for that price. I really need answers from people who actually tried it. Lastly, how long does it last?  Thanks =)
I'm struggling to decide if I need both of these fragrances. I just learned about them as I've been living under a rock obviously. I love beachy, tropical, coconutty scents.  A little bit of floral is fine, as long as it's not an overwhelming note.    As Terracotta has been re-released, I'm thinking I should jump on it. But do I need Bronze Goddess as well? I'm wondering how similar they are. Thanks for any guidance. 
Anyone buy beauty products from Overstock?  They don't have merchants selling on their site like Amazon or Ebay right?  My mom's getting me SpiceBomb as a stocking stuffer & I told her I'd hunt down a good deal for her.  I saw it on Overstock for $50 it's usually between $70-$80 for the 1.7 oz. I kept browsing on Overstock & saw they have 2 pack Clarisonic brush heads for $18.49, originally priced at $43.  So before I tell her to get it from Overstock, I want to make sure it's real.  Not only for the ingredients, but my family does not support fakes/knock-offs! We don't support child labor, human/drug trafficking, terrorism... I would feel so bad if I made my mom purchase it & find out it's a fake.  I know you can normally find good deals on QVC, but this seems a bit too good to be true. Not to mention the picture looks a bit sketch.   
Has anyone worn this scent?  If so, can you tell me how you like it.  It sounds like it would smell great. I have been looking for a scent similar to Bliss Spa and this has some of the same notes.  I have been to a couple of Sephora stores and have not see it at either to get  a sample.   Thanks!!!
I was wearing my Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet the other day not that it is "spring" ( I live in NYC and it is still in the 30s here ) and I was just so in love with the sweet flowery scent. I was in a happy mood all day just because of that!     What's your favorite spring perfume?!    As I said, I am wearing Blooming Bouquet but I also love Chloe Love Story. I guess I like flowery scents!
What's the difference: Cool CTRL™ Natural Deodorant vs Pit Boss Antiperspirant 
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I purchased 2 scent kits with scent certificates ONLINE. They have samples to use and a certificate to redeem at a store for one of the fragrances in the kit. I used the samples and went to a store (inside a JCPenny) to redeem the certificate and was told it could only be redeemed at a freestanding Sephora store (not in a JCPenny, not in Canada and not online). I looked online and it does say so in fine print, but I feel like this is a scam. There is not a qualifying Sephora store within 100 miles of the zip code to which they shipped my order. I looked up several other cities and the majority are inside JCPenny stores. I contacted customer service and spent over 30 minutes on hold and speaking with two people with the same refrain - "there is nothing we can do, it needs to be redeemed at a freestanding Sephora store". One of the persons told me to use while on vacation. I feel like they highly misrepresented this product and the company. It should not be sold online if it cannot be redeemed online and there should be a better warning that the company does not back up or support its products company-wide. I have looked at many sites about the company and I will no longer support them with my purchasing money.