Why did you take the Fragrance Finder away?

Fragrance Finder was a very helpful tool for someone looking for a scent similar to something they've used before!  What a loss to the site! I realize you have other tools to help choose scents, but the ability to name a scent and have Sephora provide a list of scents with similar notes or possible alternatives was just briliant and so user friendly!  Please consider bringing it back.  I also preferred the old options/tools - your descriptions were much better and the graphics and screens were more attractive.  Now it looks like man's world.  You took the pretty away.  Blech.

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I'll second this. I really like finding similar scents to the one I currently had. Or suggestions for similar scents. Really sad this option is now gone. Would really like it to be brought back.

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So sorry ladies, I too was a huge fan of the Fragrance Finder! I'll be sure to forward your feedback to the appropriate department. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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