What's your signature scent?

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Hello ladies!


I was thinking about perfumes and scents I really enjoy and was wondering what some of your favorite scents are! I'd love to hear what your thoughts are.

I personally am a fan of perfumes with vanilla and citrusy notes. Florals I can find enjoyable too but sometimes they can be overpowering.


Edit: Some people have been asking me what some of my favorite scents are. I don't really have a signature and find I switch it up, depending on the season and mood I'm in.


I do like:

-Clinique Happy

-DKNY Be Delicious

-G (from Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls line)

-So This Is Love (Sephora's Cinderella line)

-A Whole New World (Sephora's Jasmine line)


Re: What's your signature scent?

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I switch it up too, quite a bit actually. But the four that are in constant rotation are:


Mimosa by Annick Goutal

No. 7 by Hanae Mori

L'Eau by Serge Lutens

La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain


  • La Petite Robe Noire is the sexiest, sultriest fragrance I've come across, without being overbearing. It's spicy, too. I much prefer the EDP over the EDT, despite the price difference--it's worth it for the sillage and, frankly, I think the scent suffers when diluted. 
  • L'Eau is clean, crisp. Not soapy, but like clothes out of the dryer. It's unisex I would say, pairs beautifully with cold weather :smileytongue: 
  • No. 7 is sweet and fruity, it's a gourmande that I can stand which is saying a lot considering I usually stay far away from food perfumes. It smells like too much at first, but after a few minutes, it is so lovely.
  • Mimosa is like champagne to No. 7's white wine. Bubbly, crisp but still sweet and airy. It really lives up to its name!

As you can probably tell, I adore perfume :smileyhappy:


P.S. For those interested, No. 7 has a cheaper alternative (not a dupe, but a LOT of overlap) in Juicy's new Viva La Juicy La Fleur.


Re: What's your signature scent?

Jimmy Choo-Flash!


Re: What's your signature scent?

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I have wayyy too many favorites... and more than 40 full sized bottles to show for it (not including minis or rollerballs).  :smileysurprised:


Signature - Coco Chanel Noir

Loves:  Dior - Hypnotic Poison

                       Pure Poison

                       Midnight Poison



             Tom Ford - Black Orchid

                       Neroli Portofino

                       Lavender Palm

                       Jasmin Rouge

                       Bois Marocain

                       Tobacco Vanille

              Estee Lauder - Spellbound


                       Beyond Paradise

                       Youth Dew (old but classic)

              Yves St. Laurent - Opium

                        Champagne (now Yvresse)


              Victoria's Secret - Angel Dream

                         Angel Gold

                         Black Orchid

                         Basic Instinct

                         Amber Romance

Marchesa, Coach Signature, Coco Chanel, Boucheron, Narciso Rodriguez


OMG!  (Hanging head in shame!!)


Re: What's your signature scent?

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Chloe <3


Re: What's your signature scent?

My all time favorite is Lancome Tresor! All day, everyday!


Re: What's your signature scent?

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LOVE tresor <3 


Re: What's your signature scent?

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my signature ones are maison francis kurkdjian aqua universalis and diptyque eau rose. obsessed. i do own a handful of others but those are my two favorite! 


When i went to la recently, i went to the lucky scent store and now i'm afraid i'm going to turn into an expensive fragrance junkie lol


Re: What's your signature scent?

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I like etc! from Rue 21. It's one of my favorites. You might like it too because it has a citrus undertone.


Re: What's your signature scent?

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CLEAN Ultimate, but I like all the CLEAN scents.


Re: What's your signature scent?

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Adidas for Him

(yes i'm a girl but still, "manly" scents work well with my body chemistry apparently)



Re: What's your signature scent?

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The One by D&G


Re: What's your signature scent?

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My absolute favorite is Flowerbomb, the boyfriend loves it so much on me, he bought the bigger size and rollerball for our 3rd anniversary. Haha


Re: What's your signature scent?

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Organza by Givenchy and Hervé Léger are my two signatures.  Chanel No. 5 is a favorite, too, but my husband doesn't like it.  Otherwise I'm always trying out samples, but haven't fallen in love with anything lately.  


Re: What's your signature scent?

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Clive Christian No 1 has been my favorite for years.  I have been searching for something similar to it because it is ridiculously expensive, but I have not found anything even remotely close to it yet.


I wore Ysatis by Givenchy for years and years! lol!  


I like many of the Hermes Hermessence fragrances - Osmanthe Yunnan, Poivre Samarcande, and Paprika Brasil are a few of my favorites.


I like many of the Chanel boutique fragrances like Bel Respiro and La Pausa.


I have a few drawers full of  I am a total fragrance junkie.  I tend to like warmer, spicier scents, and I avoid anything with baby powder or too much vanilla scent in it.




Re: What's your signature scent?

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My top 2 are:

Express- Glam (vanilla-y)

Escada- Cherry in the Air (citrus-y)



Re: What's your signature scent?

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Aquolina Pink Sugar for 10 plus years now.  Yum!!


Re: What's your signature scent?

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Dolce & Gabanna The One- everyone compliments it. And oddly enough, the scent I picked out for my husband completely not putting it together- D&G The One Gentleman.


Re: What's your signature scent?

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Elizabeth Arden- Green tea

Juicy Couture- Viva La Juicy

Lavanila- Pure vanilla

Liz Claiborne- Lucky You


Re: What's your signature scent?

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J'Adore Dior, 7 years running :smileyhappy:


Re: What's your signature scent?

I love many, from Chloe, L'Air duTemps from Nina Ricci, Green Tea from Arden, Miss Dior,  Bright Crystal, Beautiful & Estee from Lauder,  JOY from Jean  Patou,, Chanel  No. 5, Elizabeth Arden Red  Door,  Angel from Thierry Mugler, Tresor from Lancome & several others. Some that I love are no longer manufactured. I usually come back to Chanel No. 5, Red Door & JOY. I probably wear Red Door most often.  I want to try Tom Ford Black Orchid.& Jimmy CHOO Flash.


Re: What's your signature scent?

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Pink - Victoria Secret

I have had more compliments when I wear that than any other scent I have worn.  Getting online now, I am looking and I think its been discontinued?  NOOO!  Guess I will have to find a new signature scent when I have used it up.  I do like Rapture too!

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