What's the most popular chanel perfume? Thinking of trying one! Thanks!
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Hi there mabango,


Dominiqu3Renee is correct! Chanel No 5 has been an vanity shelf favorite for decades! However, just because a fragrance is popular does not mean one should invest in getting a bottle. Scents are very personal and there are particular scents that just don't work for everyone. Chanel No 5 is made up of bold notes, which give it a very distinct smell.


I personally favor Chanel Chance (such a dignified and sophisticated scent) and Coco Mademoiselle (a little more playful, but it still possesses that regal scent that is often associated with Chanel fragrances).


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Try No. 19 from Chanel. Better than No. 5, in my opinion.  Very classic.

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