What perfume smells similar to V&R Flowerbomb but isn't quite as sweet?
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Help!  I'm looking for a new fall/winter fragrance and decided to try Flowerbomb.  I didn't love it at first because it reminded me of  Angel (which I wore years ago but got tired of) but after a couple of hours it smelled great. Does anyone have any suggestions of a perfume that smells similar but without all the sweet?

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I love FlowerBomb and all the notes in this fragrance.  I just bought Chanel Chance Eau Tendre and it is similar yet not as sweet.  Try it.  I have receive oodles of compliments on Eau Tendre.

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I have worn Flowerbomb since the second it came out and I fell in love. After about an hour on me it doesn't smell as sweet, but I also layer fragrances on occasion. I will do Flowerbomb mixed with Versace Bright Crystal and it smells amazing. Try the layering thing if you love Flowerbomb because there really isn't anything like it. I swear every day somebody asks me what I'm wearing and it's always just Flowerbomb. I get millions of compliments on it.

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