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What is your favorite scent you fill (or would fill) your Sephora Atomizer with for on the go?
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I currently have mine full with Victoria's Secret 'Tender Whisper' Fragrance Mist.

It's the perfect everyday smell of peach & sandlewood. Smiley Happy


My Sephora Rose Quartz Atomizer. :)


What scents do you all adore for "everyday"? Smiley Happy

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I recently switched my daily scent up to accommodate the new season. Recently I've found myself reaching for the original Juicy Couture, Miss Dior, and Kat Von D's Saint for day scents. I suffer from really bad allergies so it's important that I use something that is light and won't aggravate my sinuses.


For evenings out I typically will reach for Thierry Mugler's Womanity, which is my signature scent and is currently in my atomizer. It possesses a beautiful woodsy citrus blend with notes of fig for a distinct chemistry that smells different on everyone. It's a very appropriate day and evening scent.


Miss Dior

Juicy Couture


Whimsically yours,
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i always fill mine up with my Victoria's Secret 'Mango Temptation' Fragrence Mist.
I'm almost out, and I don't think they have it anymore! Smiley Sad 


I'd fill mine with Jessica Simpson's Fancy Love Smiley Surprised

i love how its scent reminds me of spring. Smiley Happy


Hi beaush!


I'm IN LOVE WITH the new Fan di Fendi EDT.. oh my it is SO great, I can't wait to buy a bottle and carry it with me everywhere. It's just the right mix of a cool, watery light scent with just a hint of citrusy sweet notes.. amazing!!


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Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

I personally love Tutu by Betsy Johnson and Nina by Nina Ricci sweet smelling and sweet 

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I would fill mine with Coach Poppy Smiley Very Happy I absolutely love the smell! Im addicted (: 





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DKNY Be Delicious, hands down.

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I carry several scents, but I fill the atonomizer with a Clean scent so during the day I feel refreshed.  I love Warm Cotton.

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Any Thierry Mugler scent. They are all so unique and they last on forrrever! I recently got the Angel Aqua Chick and I found on Ebay Innocent Rock. Love love love! Womanity is also great, that was my first from the line!

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My go to is Victoria's secret heavenly or love me. I also do love spell from vs. My favorite is my Chanel No 5. Also tying vs website has mango temptations
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Ralph by Ralph Lauren. Always reminds me of spring.

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What a great post!


I always love wearing citrus/sweet fragrances. I like really light fragrance because, they tend to dry down better on me. Here are my top fav. Fragrances.


Fresh Citron De Vigne 


Citron de Vigne

I love all of the Escada fragrances!


Rockin Rio


Island Kiss



Sexy Graffiti

Flora By Gucci Eau Fraîche

Flora By Gucci Eau Fra&#238;che




<3 Melissa
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  • My Sephora Rose Quartz Atomizer. :)
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