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What fragrance appeals the most to men?

I always seem to pick fragrances that most guys don't find appealing. What fragrances do men find the sexiest and most irresistable? If anyone has any suggestions--I want to hear them! Thanks in advance! Smiley Happy

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Hey there! From my experience, most of the men I know absolutely hate anything too strong-smelling. You know the type of fragrance I am talking about, the kind that assaults  your senses the minute a person walks in the room and then punches you in the nose for five minutes after they leave.   Ha. I would second office gal's opinion of each man having their own idea of what smells nice like we do.  Each girl I know likes a certain type of scent, and so it would stand to reason that each guy would too.  Just use what makes you happy: my suggestion: something that not everyone wears.  Sniff around and sample any fragrances you can (Sephora stores are great for this) but also boutiques, malls, and cosmetic counters to see what you like and what works well with your chemistry.


 Also, just as a side note, I read on this website, that men are not able to smell as well as women...might want to keep this in mind when selecting a fragrance, makes more sense to find one you like instead of what you think a man might enjoy.  

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