Teen Fragrances
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I'm trying to find a perfume that's good for me year round that isn't too old or too over powering. I'm fifteen, so far I've been looking at Chanel Chance (the third one) and Miss Dior Cherie. Any other suggestions? Also, between those two, which one would you suggest? Thanks!
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I have a teenage daughter who adores perfume, she love Chanel Mademoiselle. She also really loves Harajuku Lovers and Victoria Secret's Pink. All that said, I think fragrance is the most difficult to suggest to someone, because not all perfumes smell the same on people. You need to find one that works with your body's chemistry. Before I made an expensive perfume purchase I would spend a day gathering samples from the perfume counters and order what I got the most compliments on....that is how I do it Smiley Happy Good thing about Sephora though, returns are easy.

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