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I'm looking for a signature scent that ppl will recognize as me.  I generally like floral or sweet scents.  Coach poppy, be delicious, D&G light blue and Clinique Happy are some of the perfumes I've worn in the past.  I don't like rose scents and the Diane Von F i had a smaple of was horrible.  Lately I've been thinking of deciding on a fragrance and sticking with it,  my husband thinks this a great idea.  Any suggestions on perfumes that fit this description?  Does anyone else have a sig scent they always use?  Or is variety for you?

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Personally I think that if you want a signature scent that's just you, you need to stay away from perfumes sold at Sephora and Deptmart Stores.  My mom always (for years and years) wore a scent from a little boutique at a local mall and people would actually say, "Joyce is here!" when they walked into a room she was in.  Granted, she wore a bit much - her nose was immume after so many years - but I think you get my point.


I would suggest looking at local boutiques or smaller perfume houses online.  Tokyo Milk has a line not sold here that you might enjoy (like the Sugar Bomb set).  House of Gloi has a lot of unique perfume oils and they sell sample vials for only $2.50.  Body Time is another small company with perfume oils and other custom scented products that comes to mind.


Good luck finding "you"!

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