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I'm looking for a signature scent that ppl will recognize as me.  I generally like floral or sweet scents.  Coach poppy, be delicious, D&G light blue and Clinique Happy are some of the perfumes I've worn in the past.  I don't like rose scents and the Diane Von F i had a smaple of was horrible.  Lately I've been thinking of deciding on a fragrance and sticking with it,  my husband thinks this a great idea.  Any suggestions on perfumes that fit this description?  Does anyone else have a sig scent they always use?  Or is variety for you?

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It's unfortunate that you don't like roses because I would recommend Stella McCartney Nude.

As for ones you may actually like, you should try Tocca in Stella, Estee Lauder's Beautiful Sheer, Tokyo Milk's Walz and if you are feeling really adventurous, try the new one from Guerlain and Hermes. Good luck!

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