Recommendations for strong scented body wash/lotion/spray trio?
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First off, I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong section; I was quite conflicted as to where i should put it Smiley Happy

I'm looking for a body lotion/body wash/spray, related or unrelated to each other, that will leave the scent on my skin for a long time, longer than an hour like all my other ones do!

Currently, I wash with a body wash my Caress, and then I put on the Twiight Woods lotion by Bath and Body Works, followed by the Twilight Woods spray. Then I alternate between Ralph Lauren Romance perfume or Pink Sugar by Aquolina.

I love to layer my scents, but my problem is that while my shower gel/lotion/spray smells terrific, it does not last long at all, which is very diappointing. But it is why I am on the hunt for a new one! I have tried everyting at Bath and Body Works but nothing seems to have a lasting factor.

I like scents like cookies, cotton candy, etc (put no plain vanilla) or coconut, motre of the sweet smells. I like perfumes such as : Weekend by Burberry, Coco Chanel, and Pink sugar by Aquolina.

I'm looking for all three (showel gel, lotion, and spray) that will last all day and smell really great. I have heard about Lush, Philosophy, Victoria Secret etc but not sure if they are long lasting. It does not matter the cost, I simply want to find products that LAST!

Thanks! Smiley Very Happy

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