New Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume
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How is everyone liking the new perfume? Good? Bad? What does it smell like? 

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It's good, but not great. It starts out sweeter and a bit more sharp/crisp than DOT (which is more...round to me), but it fades to a soft light fragrance. It's lighter than DOT (I sprayed both on my wrist. After smelling Honey, I can still smell DOT. But if I smell DOT first, I can't smell Honey). It's a bit young/girly for me, but it's a nice flirty light fragrance for summer. 


It's in my shopping list, but I'm not getting it unless it's part of a set.

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It's ok.  I got a sample with my last order and wore it to work today.  It's a sweeter scent than I normally like and I can pick out the honey smell.  my coworker really liked it on me though.  I'm gonna try it again tomorrow but I'm not sold.

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