Korean Skincare Scented Perfume?
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I love the scent of Korean skin care products (e.g. AmorePacific, IOPE, LaNeige, etc.) and would like to find a perfume with that type of scent. The closest I found was years ago with Shiseido's Relaxing Fragrance, which is off the market.  I've used D&G Light Blue for years without alternating because it's hard to find a scent that's fresh, slightly fruity/floral, not too citrusy, not too floral, not powdery, and not strong overall.


Any suggestions? (Korean brand recommendations are welcomed, too, as I live in Los Angeles.) Thanks!

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Hi beatlebruin, 


I'm not sure how many of us are really familiar with the actual scent of Korean skincare but I would suggest you visit your local store so that a cast member can make a sample of some fragrances for you to try out. For now, check out some by Clean (which are SUPER lightweight and soft scented) or even by Philosophy.


CLEAN - Shower FreshCLEAN - Cotton T-ShirtCLEAN - CLEAN OriginalPhilosophy - Amazing Grace FragranceFalling In Love Fragrance

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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