Is Coach Poppy a good fruity scent for a 16 year old girly girl?

I love floral and fruity scents, and I have heard that Coach Poppy is a good one. Some of my other favorites have been Escada Sunset Heat, Vera Wang Princess, and Love Spell from Victoria's Secret.

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Hi Singingbelle,


I have smelled the Coach Poppy before and it does have a nice floral scent to it. I didn't feel that it was too sweet. If you like fun fruity fragrances I have listed some additional ones below. I am also a fan of all the Escada perfumes, they all smell amazing and are the perfect pick me up.

Fresh Sugar



Harajuku Wicked Style Angel

Wicked Style Angel

Hanae Mori Eau de Collection No. 3

Eau de Collection No. 3

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola!


Oh, Lola!



<3 Melissa
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