Is Coach Poppy a good fruity scent for a 16 year old girly girl?

I love floral and fruity scents, and I have heard that Coach Poppy is a good one. Some of my other favorites have been Escada Sunset Heat, Vera Wang Princess, and Love Spell from Victoria's Secret.

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Hello, singingbelle!

When I first smelled this perfume, it reminded me of a really girly floral scent. I bought this for my mom last year and I liked it so much she decided to share it with me! For Christmas I got the Poppy Flower scent and it acually smells more florally. I love both of them and I think you will too!

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I love Coach Poppy! It's a sweet floral that is playful, yet very feminine and sophsticated. Most floral scents are very age specific, however Coach Poppy works so well for everyone. it's a very refreshing and soft fragrance. Below are some other scents that I think will work well for you that have sweet floral notes.


Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy


Viva La Juicy


DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

Be Delicious Fresh Blossom


Kat Von D's Saint


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I think you will love this smell! It fits perfectly with your description of yourself. But if your unsure, I would recommend buying a rollerball to test it out. The Coach Poppy & Poppy Flower Rollerball Duo lets you test out both fragrances for $22, which I think is a steal.


Or you can go to your local Sephora if it's not too far away.

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Hi Singingbelle,


I have smelled the Coach Poppy before and it does have a nice floral scent to it. I didn't feel that it was too sweet. If you like fun fruity fragrances I have listed some additional ones below. I am also a fan of all the Escada perfumes, they all smell amazing and are the perfect pick me up.

Fresh Sugar



Harajuku Wicked Style Angel

Wicked Style Angel

Hanae Mori Eau de Collection No. 3

Eau de Collection No. 3

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola!


Oh, Lola!



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Hi singingbelle,


I agree, I really like the Coach Poppy but am more partial to the Coach Poppy Flower as it is a bit more light and sweet! You can always try the rollerball as it has both scents on either end:



I also recommend the Dior Miss Dior Cherie

Miss Dior Cherie


Fresh Sugar

Sugar Eau de Parfum


And the LaVanila Vanilla Coconut, Lavendar or Grapefruit:





Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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