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High Schooler likes Amber/Musk/Vanilla

Hi, I'm a high schooler looking for a perfume. I already know I like perfumes with a amber, vanilla, and musk scent. I've tried Vera Wang Princess and loved it. I also like Flowerbomb, I know its a 'older' perfume but i only spritz it once at an arms distance away so its not over powering and I enjoy that scent too it doesn't smell floral at all on me. I just want to know if there are any other options out there. I don't want anything too heavy, too floral, or too bubbly gummy sweet. Thanks a lot.

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Hi! Here are my suggestions for you to try, theres a few different perfumes I think you may like:


Dolce & Gabbana Rose the One

Rose The One




Marc Jacobs Daisy



Bvlgari Omnia Coral (comes in a cute purse size spray too!)

Bvlgari - Omnia Coral


Philosophy Falling in Love

Falling In Love Fragrance



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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I have LOVED Ralph by Ralph Lauren since high school. 

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How about sampling some of the men's fragrances?   No law says fragrance has to have a gender.  You might like Dior Homme,  Gucci pour Homme, Chanel Pour Monsieur, Hermes Pamplemousse Rose or even Bulgari Black.  Back on the women's side of the shop, you might like the something from the Hermes "Jardin" range -- sur le Nil, Sous les Toits or apres la Mousson.  Have fun!

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