Have you tried Chanel Chance Eau Tendre?

How did you like it as compared to the original and the Eau Fraiche? I don't normally like florals as much, but Chance is my "signature" scent so it would be nice to get a little more variety. I wear the original in the winter and the green one the rest of the year.

Do you notice it being mostly floral, or do the other notes come out enough to make it interesting? I know everyone's body chemistry is different, but I'd love to hear other opinions. 

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I have been wearing the tendre from Chanel for a long time and I might change but I always go back to it. I constantly get asked what I'm wearing and compliments all the time. I guess I would call the notes floral because sometimes the bees try to follow me around. It's a scent that your always going to love!!!

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