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Fruity perfumes

Im my friends secret santa and she said her fave smell is fruit, does anyone have any good fragrances for fruit?

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It's hard to find something that smells purely fruity, but here are some great fruity floral scents:

- Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

- Burberry Brit Sheer

- Twirl by Kate Spade

- Marc Jacobs Splash in Apple


For a more pure fruit kind of scent, Bath & Body Works carries perfumes that are based off of the different fragranced bath products they carry.

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In my opinion the Coach Poppy scent has some fruity tones in it but not too fruity like a Calgon body spray =-) if that makes sense.

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This fragrance from Donna Karan, is based with grapefruit, clean and fresh. It has a matching body lotion, $40.


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Definately DKNY Be Delicious or Be Delicious Blossom- both beautiful scents! Fresh mangosteen is pretty too.

Also, Pacifica's Mango Grapefruit fragrance is extremely fruity, I'm not really a fan of it but if your friend wants fruity, its fruity!


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A favorite is Love Spell from Victoria's Secret. So amazing (:  Another good one is DKNY Be Delicious or Vera Wang Princess.

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