Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

Which fragrances have you bought or want to buy and/or or not bought because of a sample you received?


Would buy:

  • Dolce & Gabbana - The One. Got this recently as a sample and love it. Really good staying power but not an overpowering scent. 
  • Dolce & Gabbana - Intense.
  • Guerlain - La Petite Robe Noire.
  • Dior - like pretty much all of them.


Won't buy:

  • Escada - Especailly Escada. Didn't like it on me.
  • Marc Jacobs - all of them. I like most of them but they do not last on me. I really liked Dot and Daisy but they just don't last at all. 
  • Atelier Colgne - Orange Sanguine. I liked the orange scent of it in the bottle but on me it smells like potpourri
  • Prada - Prada Candy. Loved it but it doesn't last on me.
  • Clean - all of them. Smell too much like household products to me.
  • Marchesa - Marchesa Parfum D'Extase. Didn't like it on me. 



Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

Won't buy?  Too many to name.  Sephora recently sent out an accordion style flyer with a bunch of fragrance samples.  I didn't like any of them.


I have purchased YSL Irrestible because I got a little sample of it and it reminded me of that cheap Barbie perfume that came with some Barbies in the late 80s/early 90s.  But then I wasn't sure if the sample was for Irresitble or Very Irrestible. 


Same thing happened to me with a Balenciaga fragrance.  I had some magazine that had fragrance sample, and I was like stop-in-your-tracks floored by it.  Had to have it.  Then I went to the store to buy it and I was confused as to which one it was.  I had narrowed it down to two but I wasn't sure which.  I forget which I picked.  Actually, I have the bottle in my bathroom and I still couldn't tell you the name of it.  Hah. 


Finding a fragrance you like is so hard.  I've tried that sephora personality fragrance finder a few times and I never feel like I've had a match.  Then, you literally can't smell anymore after about 4 or 5 whiffs, so you're done for the day.  You can try the coffee beans... but it really doesn't help. 


Yet another example of how it'd be helpful if Sephora wasn't so stingy with the samples.  If I just got a bunch of samples, I could try it out at home, at my own leisure, and figure out which I wanted to buy.  It's cool, I already have 4 bottles of stuff anyway.  Too bad I don't really love any of them, though.

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

A few of the CB I Hate Perfume samples I ordered REALLY made me want to buy the full versions, but they are super expensive and don't seem to have much sillage. It makes me sad because they are amazing.


Another one I would order based off the sample are a couple of the I Love New York by Bond perfumes (also expensive, so I need to really want it.)


I bought Boyfriend based off the sample, but I don't really like it now so I'm not sure why I did that :-\



Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

Interesting, we have not bought some of the same perfumes because of samples:

Escada - Especially Escada (I do not care for the smell at all)

Marc Jabocs -Dot (smells (and looks) like a little girl's perfume, something I would give my 13 year old cousin)

Prada - Candy (too sweet)

Marchesa - Marchesa Parfum D'Extase (I really wanted to like it because I like Marchesa clothing, but the perfume was not appealing)


Tom Ford - Black Orchid (HORRIBLE, it smells like a pepper shaker)

Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy (I don't know quite how a smell can smell tacky, but it does)


Perfumes I have bought because of samples:

Dior - J'Adore (LOVE THIS STUFF)

Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb (love, love, love!)

I may buy Lancome - Tresor. I am growing attached to the smell and how it blends with my skin. But, the smell alone reminds me of my aunt and godmother because they love this perfume. I love them both, but they are much older than me. I am not sure I want such a mature perfume.

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

marc jacobs - alllll oooofffff tttthhhheeeeemmmmm

miss dior


viva la juicy


something i would totally not buy 

i think it was i heart NY it think. weird this is, it smell better on my dog than myself. im serious!

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

GUCCI - Guilty Intense. I would have never tried it, let alone bought it, had I never gotten a sample of it. LOVE It.


I am super picky about perfumes, so almost every perfume I own, I've gotten because I had a sample of it and loved it.

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?


  • Florabotanica. I like the way it smells, but not on my skin. I'm like that with a lot of fragrances though, they smell good in the bottle or on cloth or a blotter paper but don't smell good to me once on my skin, even if they smell fine to  others. Waiting for Rosabotanica. 
  • Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire, there are too many classic Guerlain fragrances that outweigh it though it's nice. 


  • Flowerbomb,
  • the first 3 Dita von Teese fragrances,
  • Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune. All fugitive on me, gone in 1/2 hour or so. Though I think the Aqua Allegorias maybe are designed that way since I've read others reporting the same. I might still buy Aqua Allegoria in one or more versions, to use as a refreshing after-bath splash kind of thing, with the fading in mind. 



  • Shalimar, I tested it just so I could 'get it out of the way' like I did with most of the Chanel No5 versions, but ended up really liking it a lot so bought it within a week of testing for the first time. I don't usually decide that quickly.
  • Chanel No5 Eau Premiere. If I'd had someone competent explain the variations in the formulation of each version of No5, I might have found this much sooner. I was put off by several other versions and couldn't figure out why No5 never reliably smelled the same on me twice or why 'I only liked it sometimes'.


Will: L'Heure Bleu EDP, Apres L'Ondée. They are odd and dreamy fragrances, not necessarily something I'd recommend to very many people but I really took to them both. 

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

Memories I still think of my mom whenever I smell Shalimar. I did have a bottle but have not worn it in years. I am not even sure if it still is good.

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

See by Chloe.  Got a sample card.  Bought it.  Fiance dropped my rollerball after having it a couple of weeks.  Bought it again Smiley Happy

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

The only scents I've purchased thanks to samples are Tokyo Milk Dark Tainted Love No. 62 and John Varvatos Artisan Black for the bf.

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

would not buy:

all of the marc jacobs perfumes - they are nice but simply do not last on me

flowerbomb - too sweet on me

issey miyake - too synthetic smelling on me

chanel no 5 - too aldehydic on me


bought/may buy:

marchesa - a lovely dry floral on me

tom ford black orchid - very intriguing forioriental on me

serge lutens fleur de citronnier - loved this sample and am going to buy it when it comes back in stock


i try on perfume samples daily in search of my next purchase. i can never have too many perfumes.



Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

Same here. I'm always trying something different. I'm a total perfume hoarder. I always only get fragrance samples with my orders. I wish they would offer a wider selection and change them up more frequently. 

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

I have a penchant for Lush's Rose Jam, Karma, and  Lust.  They are different and unique and just right for my body chemistry.


Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

I usually try to add at least one perfume sample/point perk to each order I place, so I've gotten quite a few of them over the last months.

I bought Lady Gaga Fame because of a point perk (which I originally chose just because it looked cool). I tried it and fell madly in love with the scent. I still want to buy Balenciaga Paris because the point perk sample was incredible.

I will not buy any of Marc Jacobs scents. They are nice but nothing special. Dot is the only one I can vaguely remember. The last few Guerlain and Lancome scents did absolutely nothing for me (although I love their classics). Prada Candy and Marchesa perfumes - those shouldn't even be allowed to be sold, in my opinion.


Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

This is a great thread for me. A while back I realized I just don't use most of the little samples I get, I ended up giving my entire stash away. At the same time, I had gone into the store a few times in search of fragrances and nearly got sick from the smells, I am super sensitive to scents. I had pretty much given up, then decided what the heck, I'll get samples of fragrances I've never even heard of and keep them in a bowl in the bathroom, try them and give them up if I don't like them.


But mostly I've found scents I LOVE. 


Hannae Mori HM for men (got the full size for myself)

Coach Poppy (then got the 250 point mini)

Jimmy Choo Flash (just got the 3 oz)


I kind of liked Marc Jacobs Honey but not as much as many others. Coach Poppy Flower not so much.


I didn't like Prada Candy at all.

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

I'm SO sensitive to scents too, so i totally understand. I give most of my fragrance samples away! And now I generally don't even like mainstream perfume brands. I can only handle the pricier brands which makes me happy but my wallet sad lol 

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

I bought Aquolina Pink Sugar and Prada Candy both after getting samples.  Yum!

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

I would totally buy Tocca's Giulietta - love the fresh scent. I'm also interested in Cleopatra because of the lotion sample from Sephora.

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

Love both of those Tocca's!!!

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

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Have Bought / Would Buy:

Tom Ford Oud Wood -- so pricey, but it lasts for ages because it's so strong. I also like Tobacco Vanille, but not as much. 

Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien 

Miss Dior Cherie 

Jo Malone Nectarine & Honey Blossom


Won't Buy:

I really don't like most fragrances, actually; I'm really sensitive to them, and most give me a headache! The worst for me was the original Dior Addict (the combination of vanilla + tonka bean + amber = migraine city for me). I don't really like anything too cloying or too overpoweringly floral. 

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

The Clean fragrance that was in the Holly Jolly Blitz bag smells almost identical to this Scrubbing Bubbles cleanser I use in my bathroom...which smells so good for a bathroom cleanser but it's not what I want to smell like Smiley Wink


A fragrance that I bought after loving the sample was LaVanilla Healthy Grapefruit.

Re: Fragrance you've bought (or not) because of a sample?

I got Ralph Lauren Romance and Marc Jacobs Daisy.


I wanted to get Little black dress from Guerlain (i think thats the brand), but after smelling the sample, I completely changed my mind lol.