Fragrance suggestions?

I am not a huge fan of overpowering perfumes or the typical perfume smell. Looking for something that's light enough but won't make me smell like a pre-teen (lol!)
Any help is greatly appreciated!

P.s  the lower pricing, the better!!!

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Some good smelling options are roller balls, they are inexpensive (about $25) and they are not overpowering because you can control the amount.  I really love Acqua di Goia, it's on sale here right now, it smells like a woodsy beach.  I really love Origins Ginger rollerball, it can be found on their website, it is a warm really good smell.  But there are a lot of sophisticated scents in rollerballs, go to your nearest dept store and pick a scent and see if you can get it in a rollerball on this site, they have the most I think.


Hi lisaxx,


I LOVE wearing light fragrances on days that I run errands or when I'm having really bad allergy days (smelling something too potent is the last thing my sinus system needs).Below are some fragrances with unique base notes to create very enticing, yet subtle scents.


Shower Fresh

Juicy Couture


Amazing Grace

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Hi lisaxx,


I would suggest Dolce and Gabana light blue or dot by Marc Jacobs.


Hi Lisaxx,


I am the same way, strong perfumes or other scents, can trigger a migraine, quick.


I love VIVA LA JUICY by Juicy Couture. It is has a soft and sexy scent. Yummy!! and Nothing over powering about it.

LIGHT BLUE by Dolce&Gabbana. It has such a crisp, fresh, clean, and declicious scent.


If you don't wanna splurge, I love Victoria Secret's PINK Fresh&Clean. You can buy an excellent travel size, for $8. This scent really is fresh, and clean. Smells kind of like green apples, very nice. This great for everyday. Love it.


Those are my top 3...hope that helped, and u find something u like Smiley Happy


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Hi Lisaxx,


It looks like you already have some great recommendations! I also wanted to add if you like lighter fragrances, I suggest looking into the Philosophy line. The Amazing Grace smells amazing and is very popular! It has a wonderful clean scent to it.


Amazing Grace


Philosophy Eternal Grace™is another pretty smelling spring scent! It has a splash of citrus notes in it.


Eternal Grace™

<3 Melissa

Hi lisaxx. I love light fragrances that aren't overpowering and found the following to be easy on allergies and your nose:


Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Eau de Toilette Roll-On




Caudalie Fleur de Vigne





I hope this helps!






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This is my new favorite!!!!

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If you have a fragrance you adore but it's to heavy for some occasions, why not layer just the body wash/soap with the lotion from that fragrance line and leave out the perfume or cologne. Sometimes wearing the fragranced lotion alone is all you need and for me it has longer staying power but is lighter. Be careful though . . . Not all lotions in a fragrance line are true to the fragrance so my advice is try it out before committing to the purchase. Some lotions can be as much as $50. There is one classic fragrance that is very pricey so I just buy the lotion in that line and I get compliments all day. They catch a light whiff  which is so much more flattering than a heavy dosing of perfume.  

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