Flirty, sweet, warm fragrance?

Hey beauty lovers! :smileyhappy: I'm looking for a new perfume and I'm wanting something flirty, sensual, warm, and maybe a little sweet. Nothing too overpowering or floral. I'm about to finish a second bottle of Prada Candy. I love the scent of Candy, but the lasting power is below average. I've been interested in Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, but I haven't had the chance to sniff it just yet! 


Other perfumes I enjoy are:

Dior J'adore

Dior Addict

Dolce & Gabbana The One

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy

Ralph Lauren Big Pony for Women #2

Marc Jacobs Lola

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Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb

Ungaro Diva

Tiffany Tiffany


aquolina pink sugar?

miss dior is quite warm and sweet on me but you are definitely going to get some floral in there too.

marchesa is another sweet floral

nest dahlia and vines is another one.

tocca giulietta is warm and sweet as well.



Well if you like warm and sweet but NOT floral... Hypnotic Poison and Angel! :smileyhappy:  both a bit old school now but still nice and sophisticated. 


TokyoMilk Dark fragrance line may have something you would like.

Tainted Love, for example


Aloha NataliieWalker!  


I highly suggest FLOWERBOMB!  It smells sweet but mature at the same time.  It is hard to describe it but you have to go to Sephora RIGHT NOW!  Go give your nose a sniff-sniff to see if you like it.


You were talking about lasting power.  I'm gonna tell you my gross story.  I spray this perfume only one spray a day (it is potent enough for me to only spray ONCE).  I spray it on my left wrist, then rub it on my right wrist then I rub my left wrist on my neck.  The next day, even after I shower with a shower puff and scrub every part of my body including the wrists, the perfume smell on my wrists is still there as if I didn't shower!  Kinda Gross!  BUT TRUE!   


This stuff is expensive... but SO worth it!  

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Have you tried Versace Bright Crystal? It is floral, but with a light touch. It comes in a nice small rollerball (though it's OOS right now). 

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I am in love with Marc Jacobs Dot right now. It's warm and sweet without being Too sweet or flowery. You can pick up a rollerball at Sephora for not too much to try it out. :smileyhappy:

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I'm a fan of Viva La Juicy

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Rihanna Reb'l fleur ive heard is a lot like Flowerbomb, it smells good and stays long for the money.

I also like Thierry Mugler Angel

and Burberry by Burberrry

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I just got my sample of Jimmy Choo Flash and it seems to fit the bill perfectly. It seems to last a fair while. While I am not a fan of the original I found it doubtful I would like this but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised! This may be going onto my wishlist as well.

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D&G's The One is my signature fragrance, and I am liking my sample of La vie est belle by Lancome.  Since you like The One as well, you may like this one.  It is similar, but more sweet instead of vanilla, if that makes sense.

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I like the NEW mj Honey it comes in a rollerball too so if you don't like it there isn't a big splurge. Katie Perry's new one smells warm and sweet too. I normally use Chanel Eau Premiere as my signature as I cannot stand NO.5 this is a more updated version as is the Mademoiselle.

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Try Viva La Juicy Noir! My new favorite!!

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