Favorite sexy smelling/musky body wash?

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Alright ladies, finally running out of a LE B&BW body scrub called Into the Wild... it's quite a sexy/musky scent with a touch of fruitiness. Anyone know of a similar type of body wash/scrub or have one they use now that just can't help but make you feel sexy when you use it?


For reference, this specific fragrance is a "sensual mix of exotic mandarin, lush petals, and white woods."


Thanks! xx


Re: Favorite sexy smelling/musky body wash?

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Try Molton Brown products, Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Bath & Shower Wash is uber sexy!


Re: Favorite sexy smelling/musky body wash?

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My fave scent from Bath & Body Works is Midnight Pomegranate.

I also really like Caress body washes in Sheer Twilight, Scarlet Blossom and Passionate Spell. I don't necessarily "feel sexy" when I use them but they definitely smell sexy!


Those are about as heavy & musky as I can stand. Most of the fragrances billed as "sexy" are usually loaded with pheromones & give me a headache.

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