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Fall Fragrance...assistance needed

I would love to buy a long-lasting fragrance for the fall and need at least 5 choices to choose from. One more thing: I don't want to spend over $100 for it. 

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Hmmm, for fall, under $100, let's see....


Boyfriend by Kate Walsh

LaVanilla Blackberry it has a nice fruity spicy scent

Jimmy Choo

Bvlgari Jasmine Noir

Tom Ford Black Orchid


Versace Crystal Noir


I'd love to hear which one you eventually decide on!

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If you're looking for a warmer perfume I would recommend Boyfriend by Kate Walsh. It could almost pass as a unisex scent when you first put it on. It has strong notes of amber, spice and vanilla. It wears down beautifully. I find the vanilla lasts the longest and has a sweet finish. I've been told it is a very "snuggly" and inviting scent. I've had friends try to steal a couple of my scarves because of this perfume.


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Hey alicisany,


I love the armani code for women in the winter. It's is long lasting and smells so good. I always get tons of compliments when I wear it! Hope this helpsSmiley Happy

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What type of fragrances/scents do you like? What do you normally wear?


Give us some insight on what's your norm and your likes/dislikes so we can narrow down some options for ya! Smiley Very Happy


When I think f=Fall, I think of warmer scents, bit a bit of musk, spice, or amber. Scents that are a little heavier and rich compared to light, crisp, fresh Spring and Summer scents.


One of my personal faves is Calvin Klien's Euphoria. It's got such a deep, rich scent to it that lingers and the dry down is still lovely smelling but not overpowering. It's one of the longer lasting fragrances I've worn. It's a bit sweet, but not candy-sweet, but it definitely has a very sensual, warm vibe to it. I've always gotten compliments when wearing it!

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I would suggest the new Taylor Swift scent, Enchanted.

Coach Poppy Blossom; Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Dreaming of Portofino; DKNY Be Delicious Rio; Hanae Mori Butterfly; Marc Jacobs Dot.

Hi alicisany,


I'm not sure if you like fresh scents, floral, or what but I have some ideas. 


Peace Love & Juicy Couture.  It's maybe more of a summertime fragrance but I still wear it in the fall.  It's fresh and bubbly.  Not bubbly in a champagne way.  More bubbly in a bath and fresh scented way.  3.4 oz is $89.00Juicy Couture.jpg



Jimmy Choo (below)  is a fragrance I think I would like to have.  I smelled it on a card.  I need to take time to actually spray it on.  I have heard a lot of good comments about this fragrance.  2 oz $70.00 or get the rollerball.

Jimmy Choo.jpg



Viktor & Rolf smells really nice.  It's stronger in scent but really nice on my mom.  I sprayed it on and liked it.  I'm sure it's by my mom's side right now Smiley Happy  That's how much she is enjoying it.  Everyone's body chemicals will react different.  Try it in the store to see if you like this.  It's 1 oz for $75.00 or get the rollerball $25.00





LAVANILA is great because it's made with essential oils and without all of the harsh chemicals.  My mom owns this in Vanilla Lavender 1 oz $42.00  I would like that and the Vanilla Blackberry.  I don't know that it stays all day but should stay on for hours.  It's a great scent at the very least!




I own Vera Wang Lovestruck.  It's romantic in scent.  It's a deeper scent but pretty.  $78.00 for 3.4 oz. 

Vera Wang.jpg



These are perfumes that are on Sephora's website.  I have some favorites that are not listed.  I love Estee Lauder: Pleasures.  Most people, I assume, would consider Pleasures to be a summer fragrance but I still use it in fall.  I love Chanel: Chance.  I liked Ralph Lauren: Romance.  Good Luck!



My favorite for Fall is DKNY Red Delicious. It smells like the fanciest Autumn apple harvest Smiley Happy I spritz it on my cardigans and it floats around me all day. Very good staying power.


Hi alicisany!


You can't go wrong with Lavanila Pure Vanilla Fragrance ($42 for 1 oz.) or Juicy Couture Juicy Couture ($52 for 1 oz). I assume you want the smaller sizes if you are only going to use it for Autumn.


Hope this helps!

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