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Dot by Marc Jacobs

Hey girls,


I just was wondering if any one had gotten the new Marc Jacobs fragrance. I just got it today and it smells sooooo good and the bottle is absolutely adorable!

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I tried it in the store on Thursday and it does smell delicious! When I finish up a bottle of my fragrance collection, I plan to get it.
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I got a bottle for my birthday earlier this Fall - LOVE it! I receive lots of compliments & I just adore the botitle on my dresser. The scent just makes me happy everytime I wear it. Smiley Happy


Friends pick it up & ask, "what is this?" & then when they  smell it...  They say they want a bottle. 


I'm converting them. Smiley Happy





This is defintely the one Im chosing from the fragrace sampler for myself.  I love those things, lots of samples and then you chose.  I had my eye on Dot anyway and it happened to be in one of the choices in the pack, so I might as well spend $50 and get the extras and the bottle itself is $48, plus you get a bag.  Dot is my next purchase.

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I really like this fragrance! Its sweet, but not in an overpowering way. My friend was wearing it and I instantly complimented her and asked her what it was. The bottle is adorable tooSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

I absolutely adore this new fragrance and can't wait to get a bottle! Each store I visited had the large sizes and I just want a small bottle for now. Very cute and smells delish!


Marc Jacobs - DOT

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

I smelled it in store and sprayed it on my wrist to see how it would react to my skin and oils/chemicals in my skin and it was great. I love the bottle too! Marc Jacobs always has the most creative bottle designs, in my opinion. Smiley Happy


I LOVE the smell of Dot. It's amazing. & I agree the bottle is SO cute! 

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