Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

So after seeing the new Sephora Favorites Rollerball Collection, it seems like a theme that most people are tired of seeing the same fragrances in these otherwise awesome sets. 


I would love to see a bag more catered to my taste of musky scents or even one that had newer scents that I would be less likely to have sampled or purchased already.


If you could pick 5 fragrances to be in a Rollerball set just like this one, what would they be?


My picks are for ones that I have not yet tried:

  1. JIMMY CHOO Flash
  2. Tom Ford Black Orchid
  3. PRADA Candy L'Eau
  4. Dior Addict
  5. GIORGIO ARMANI Emporio She

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

I want a Marc Jacobs RollerBall set!

1. Honey

2. Daisy

3. Dot

4. Daisy Eau so Fresh

5. Oh, Lola! 


I would be completely happy with that! I don't like alot of other perfumes. 

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

Oooooh that would be nice to! Hey, maybe they could make a MJ Superstars Kit and include some cosmetics as well....

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

That would be amazing! I'd buy it in a heartbeat! 

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

You and me both!

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

Oooh what a great thread! :smileyhappy: From the new releases, I'm most curious about...


1) Calvin Klein Downtown

2) Gucci Generous Violet

3) Coach Citrine Blossom

4) Jimmy Choo Exotic

5) Kenzo Couleur Pink

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

I was looking at Jimmy Choo Exotic too, but didn't want two on my list :smileytongue:

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

Have you smelled that yet? I don't like the original Jimmy Choo.

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

No just some of the little thing in the mags, but those are never quite accurate.  I was more just looking at the notes on the product descriptions. But now I have made myself more curious to go on a smelling spree next time I'm in store. I feel like I tend to wear more perfume during the fall/winter than I do earlier in the year, so now is the time. :smileyhappy:

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

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Kiki1517, I had planned on adding a few Jimmy Choo Flash samples in with Traveling Sephora Box 2. Would you like me to set aside and label a couple for you?

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

Yeah the notes are what made me curious as well. I think I would like it but you never know until you wear for a day to make sure some of the notes in don't make you want to puke. If I have to smell any perfume I don't like for too long it gives me a sick headache.

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

Me too.  That's why I prefer perfume samples over makeup or skincare ~ a tiny vial of perfume is all I need for a day's test to make a decision, while I need multiple days to decide on makeup, or honestly weeks to decide on skincare.

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