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Some scents smell great on others, what is the one fragrance you wear that you ALWAYS gets favorable comments on?

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I only ever get comments on LAVANILA perfumes - maybe because I like my perfume to be very subtle but these seem to last longer and travel farther. I'm always worried that they smell too strong but apparently people like them. Smiley Happy

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I wear lots of different fragrances, but I get compliments on some much more than others. I've made a list of the ones I get compliments on the most frequently, their descriptions and  topnotes and links to their Sephora product pages:


Calvin Klein Obsession: a sexy, musky oriental that's liked by most men (and many women) and the fragrance I get the most compliments on. Topnotes of mandarin, bergamor, jasmine, orange blossom, amber (Link)


Thierry Mugler Womanity: a very evocative, memorable and long-lasting scent that I'm told smells kind of like the beach.  Topnotes of Fig, sea salt, citrus and mossy woods (Link)


Burberry Classic: a lovely, woody scent outdoorsy guys seems to like that's isn't too girly. Lots of women ask what I'm wearing when I wear this one. Topnotes of peach, black currant, jasmine, cedar (Link)

Versace Crystal Noir: a deep, rich and intense oriental woods scent that two different guys told me was sexy. Topnotes of plum, amber, gardenia, cedar (not sold by Sephora, but available on Ulta)


Guerlain Shalimar: a classic and sophisticated oriental that often gets me noticed on special occasions. Topnotes of bergamot, jasmine, rose, iris (Link)


KenzoAmour Indian Holi: a very exotic and unique oriental--one guy told me it was amazing and he'd never smelled anything quite like it. Women often ask what scent I'm wearing with this one too. Topnotes of cherry blossom, incense, rose, red berries, rice steam, sandalwood (Link)


Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret:  a classy fruity floral that's ultra-feminine and seems to draw compliments from more sophisticated guys and classy women.Topnotes of cranberry, white peony, sambac jasmine, white musk (Link)


Gucci Guilty: a fruity and spicy oriental that's both sweet and daring. I've gotten compliments on this one from nice, considerate guys and women in their 20s really seem to like it too. Topnotes of mandarin, peach, pink pepper, patchouli (Link)


I hope all this helps you--good luck in your search for your perfect fragrance! Smiley Happy


I think I just answered your question in another post, but to make sure here is my answer again...

I always get compliments when I wear Victoria's Secret Love Spell perfume and matching lotions, body spray, etc.

I've been wearing it for years and I still get compliments on it after all these years.

Hope this helps you...Smiley Happy


Lots of guys like love spell .. I think it smells like candy and to them food lol




Stay away from vodka-flower smell combinations or so my husband describes them lol.


Hugo Boss Deep Red


It's probably been the only fragrance my fiancee has ever purchased for me (2 bottles even).  Otherwise he doesn't usually make comments about anything else. 

I like ...
Pink sugar
Siren by Paris Hilton
Original Burberry
And chance by chanel

Aqua Di Colonia Fieno. It's from a little perfumerie in Soho.

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