Anyone knows a really fruity&fresh perfume perfect for everyday?
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Hi im looking for a really fruity&fresh perfume that last all day & that is kinda strong for everyday. I really like the bath&body work sweet pea scent. I don't like perfume that are musky or smell too mature. I'm still in high school so something fruity Smiley Happy


Thank you!

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With perfumes normally described with "fresh", tend not to last as long as normally fruity and fresh scents are lighter in nature compared to heavier, muskier scents like amber and woody notes.


A general perfume should last anywhere from 4-6 hours. Try fragrance layering with using a lotion/cream with similar notes as the perfume of choice.


My suggestions:


Vera Wang's Princess

It's definitely sweet and fruity, but along with being fruity, it also has gourmand notes so the warmer notes like vanilla and chocolate along with the mix of amber will allow it to linger longer than a pure fruity scent on its own. Though it does have musk and amber, it's not at all an older scent. It's very youthful but also not childish. I'm 25 and have worn it for over 3 years and have always recieved compliements on the scent.


DKNY Be Delicious series

Two of the staples in this series are the original Be Delicious and the Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, I would recommend the Sweet Blossom as it's a great combo of fruit, floral, and keeping very fresh. DKNY's series is always great on gift sets with lotions to layer and even making mini sets available either at Sephora, Ulta, or department stores where you can try the two staples and a few seasonal versions as well.



Escada makes dozens of seasonal fragrances that always have an underlining common factor of being on the sweet and fruity side. There's always so much to pick from and they also put out gift sets of mini scents to try multiples at once.


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