Age appropriate there such a thing?

I saw a post last week that got me thinking, are there certatin age groups that should wear ceratain perfumes?


Therer are two fragrances I really like but hesitate to wear because I think I will end up smelling too old or too young.  The first is Coco by Chanel, the original not Madamoiselle - which I don't think smells anything like the origninal.  I got a couple samples of it and wore it for weeks but then had a friend tell me their grandmother wore it, which kind of put me off.  The other  (well two) is Viva la Juicy and original Juicy Couture.  I just recently picked up the bottles to see what all the buzz was about and now I know!  They are really pretty.  But are they too fruity and floral for a 33 year old?  I looked on the ratings and reviews and saw that people of all ages were raving about them. 


Does anyone else have perfumes they stay away from because of their "young" or "mature" stigma???

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Funny you mention fragrances/age appropriateness.  I'm 32 and tried a sample of Jennifer Aniston's fragrance.  My husband said it smelled like something an older woman would wear.  (By that he said someone mid-40's or older.)  


So I do believe there are fragrances for different age groups.  But it all boils down to the nose.  'Wear what you like' is my motto!


I recently got samples from Ulta for Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift fragrances.  These are really made for the younger crowd, but I really like the Taylor Swift has a vanillia base to it!  





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