shade selection for bobbi brown corrector?

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since bobbi brown isn't carried in my sephora I was planning on ordering the corrector online but don't know what shade to choose.  I have very purple/red under eye circles and I wear shade 5 in MUFE full cover concealer, does anyone have any suggestions as to what the equivalent would be for bobbi brown?


thanks in advance.

Re: shade selection for bobbi brown corrector?

Hi Nic1483,


Based on the shade that you currently wearing in MUF. I suggest the Bisque. 


It's slightly warmer and it will easily cancel out dark tones.



<3 Melissa

Re: shade selection for bobbi brown corrector?

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Hi Melissa,


I was wondering if you-or any of our awesome BT members!!!!!- could help me with this as well?  I wear Porcelain in the Bobbi stick and am interested in this product.  Would I be better with the bisque or peach shades? My undertones are neutral-yellow....I have no pink.  I want a corrector that won't be too light but also won't oxidize too dark later (this happens with certain the day goes on, I either have white or orange streaks under y eyes lol).  I like Cover FX but am looking at additional options.

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