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can anyone help me in shade matching for matte foundations and also for urban decay naked foundation?


my shades

mac nc20

mufe 120

mufe mat velvet + 30

matte nars Deauville

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Hi, Cyndy89!  I suggest you use Sephora's Color IQ:  It doesn't have MAC, but it does have the MUFE and NARS colors, so you can start your search there.


I'm thinking you might be UD Naked 2.0.  That would at lease be a good place to start.

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thanks i kinda want to buy UD naked foundation since i have a lot of drugstore foundations and work nice in my oily skin wear like matched and as soon as they set I've notice set to pink/peach shade and i have yellow undertones and force me to blend all way to my neck area 


a question what kind of coverage does this offer?

i have red cheeks all the time i dont have huge skin problems just some redness and blotchy dry patches and gets solved using masks/exfoliation/moisturizer



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oh and I did own the Naked 2.0 and returned it. It clung to my dry patches around my mouth.  


The shades I wear-

MUFE 117 (120 in summer time)

MAC Mineralize Liquid Fnd NC20

MUFE Mat velvet 30

Tarte 12 hour Light sand

Revlon Nearly Naked in Vanilla (I like this product better than UD naked).




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we are very similar. You would probably be 2.0 in the Naked. the color match was great on me but I didnt like the formula (It seemed to break apart with my combo skin) and around my mouth looked dry. I think the coverage is sheer to medium.


 I personally wouldnt suggest it, but maybe you would like it. I would recommend getting a sample of the 2.0 and 3.0 at your local sephora (I found 3.0 to be a little dark).

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