"Peaches and cream complexion"?

I know that's probably a ridiculously stupid question, but I have no idea what "peaches and cream" means. I've lurked through the internet but I haven't found a very conclusive answer.


What does it mean?


<3 Thank you!

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You all are awesome! Thank you so much for your replies! You were all very helpful. Smiley Happy




@kssweetheart: That was a really great explanation. It made a lot of sense. Thank you!

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Hi Littlejoy.  It's not really a technical term, so you may not find a conclusive answer. I love Kssweetheart's well thought out answer.  I would consider it someone with fair skin and a peach undertone. I used to work for Prescriptives and we would call that a red/orange. It's not very common, but a lot coppery redheads will fall into this category.  However, like Effiek said it can refer to people with pink undertones as well.

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@keelybt - thanks for the mention. It really wasn't terribly well thought out though. It just kind of happened. Just one of those strange things. Thanks though, I appreciate it. Have a happy day.

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*****Okay Guys, Here I Go Again, I Know This Is Long, Hope You'll Read This And Let Us Know What You Think. Maybe You'll Have Some Ideas or Comments of Your Own - Hope So and Thanks For Those Who Are Brave Enough To Tackle This Smiley Happy


Hi littlejoy, for starters you know there's no such thing as a stupid question, we may feel stupid asking a question, but I think it takes some bravery to ask questions, it's much easier to just sit and blow something off rather than try to find an answer. It may seem like something silly or inconsequential, but even still, you're seeking knowledge...it doesn't have to be about something earth shattering. You know, I just had a thougt as I was writing this....how would the game Trivial Pursuit have ever been thought up or become such a huge craze if it weren't for 'silly, stupid, ridiculous questions' But I get what you mean, we all feel that way sometimes.


I often wonder about the exact, literal beginning of a variety of things, probably something impossible to trace in most cases. Like the word "Ginormous" - when the heck did that become a word? Who started it? How did it make it's way across the country and into everyday dialect? And Why The Heck Do I Use It All The Dang Time?? I don't think that could be traced.  I don't know if we'd ever find the exact origins of 'peaches & cream' either.


I kind of break it down in my head, what is 'cream' like? Smooth, perfect, even-toned, we could probably come up with a lot of words to describe it, and unless it's curdled cream, usually they are all good things. You'd want skin like that (uncurdled I mean...Imagine if someone said 'oh my, look at her skin, it's just like peaches & curdled cream' OMG, I'd just die!) It also makes me think of Gone With The Wind where they reference applying buttermilk to Scarlet's skin all winter long to keep it from freckling and make it flawless, that's part of why they used parasauls and sat under big shady trees or gorgeous covered porches or verandas, to keep the sun from affecting there skin in any way that then seemed unattractive.


Then theres 'peaches', we say' I'm feeling peachy keen' so peachy's good. Think of adjectives that you'd use to describe a peach, they're smooth and have beautiful colors, and are nice and soft. that's all I've got at this moment.(they do have a bit of fuzz on them though which is something we don't really want on our skin, but you get my point) Then there's the actual color Peach, which is a beautiful, blushing, glowing color that looks healthy and has a warmth and sometimes a romance to it. So that's also a good thing.


So, those are my thoughts on some of the possible origins of, and why we use the terminology "A Peaches & Cream Complexion" and what it means. It's wonderful to have flawless smooth skin with a blushing, glowing appearance.


I'm sure there is more history to the terminology, that's just what came to mind for me. Others might have different ideas, hope they post them, that'll be fun to read what others think. As usual, I've given the very lengthy, wordy response in total contrast to what - @effiek  was kind enough to sum up in 6 brief words in her response to this question. Sometimes things just hit me and I'm off. Sorry for such a long explanation, I hope it was entertaining and maybe a little informative. Hope others will respond too.


So please never feel like you're asking a stupid question, especially not here where you're anonymous and don't have to worry about your family and friends bringing something up years from now saying things over and over again, like, "OMG do you remember when so-and-so asked what such-and-such meant? That was so funny, how stupid could she be, what a dope, ha-ha-ha" Yeah, you're safe with us. But I do understand why you feel that way,. Hope this helped.Just some food for thought. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. As for me, my weekend has just been Smiley Happy peachy! Smiley Happy Take Care.

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@triciaann12 - Oh My Stars!!!! You are so right!!! That's one of my favorite movies of all times and I just got a special edition DVD with extras, don't remember what the extras are, and I haven't watched it yet. I Love That Movie!! How could I have not remembered that? I've seen it so many times.


Of course, since I am such a huge fan of the movie I make sure to stick to the Elf diet consisting of 'The 4 Main Food Groups For Elves'.....


1 - Candy

2 - Candy Canes

3 - Candy Corns - my fave

4 - Maple Syrup


I wonder if he came up with the word or heard it somewhere else? I think you may be right though, that may have been the mass introduction to the word  'Ginormous'. Now you've got me wanting to contact Will Ferrell....I'm so curious now...


You made me Smiley Happy ginormously thinking of this, Thanks for that, I need it. Gotta dash, more than halfway through the day & I've only gotten through 2 of the 4 food groups! I better get busy. Smiley Happy


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@triciaann12 - I'm glad I put a smile on your face, that makes me happy. I wanted to be clever and quote the "Elf" Mantra that Will Ferrell recites but I can't remember it and can't find that DVD, darn it. Well, anyhow, I'm glad we made each others days (did that make sense?) I hope that your (group #4) Maple Syrup was yummy.


As for me, I've gotta run, have to get moving, my dog Brinny has an appointment with the vet today.(she hates the vet and I hate the vet Bills!)


I can't get started. Maybe I'll go make some tea and stir it with a (group #2) Candy Cane! Hey, it's kinda the Elf version of Peppermint Tea, right?


Hope you have a great day and hope I see you around. Smiley Happy

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Essentially light complextion with pink undertones. 

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