my skin confuses me :(

i was interested in the kat von d lock it foundation, and concealer because i seen youtube videos and i love the flawless full coverage it gives. i have severe scars and acne to cover up. MY routine is to shower wash my face and moisturize, but for about 4 hours im super flaky and dry even with applying moisturizer, BUT therafter im a complete greaseball and i think i look so gross i hate it, i see flaky seperation with my foundation in my tzone. btw i use porefessional from benifet for my primer on my face.... please help,


Re: my skin confuses me :(

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I am very oily also and now only do a really good clean in the evenings and in the morning use KOH GEN DO
Cleansing Spa Water only, this has seemed to help a LOT! I just started doing this on Sunday but have seen a difference!


Re: my skin confuses me :(

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hi xobabylee,


I recommend only cleansing your skin once a day, in the evenings. When you only cleanse your skin once a day, the skin's natural oils remain and it helps balance out your skin. In the mornings, I prefer to a Cleansing Water, to prep my skin for my serum, moisturizer and foundation. My favorite cleansing water is Koh Gen Do's Cleansing Spa Water. It is infused with six essential herbs to protect and nurture skin. I like to apply the cleansing water with Shisiedo's Facial Cotton for the best results.





Re: my skin confuses me :(

If you haven't already, see a dermatologist. If you have severe acne, that is the best way to help clear up your skin. You might need an oral antibiotic and a prescription of Retin-A.


Re: my skin confuses me :(

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I agree with exactly what ladymeag said.


You're over-doing it cleansing-wise on your face. I used to have the exact same problem.


When you over-clean your skin, you're stripping too much of the natural oils from it... which makes it super dry. But, to compensate, your skin then produces an excess of oil to protect the skin again, making your skin really oily later in the day. 


You're might be using a face wash that is too strong for you, or scrubbing too hard, or both. You face shouldn't feel super tight after you wash it... that means that you've stripped too much oil off it. I use Boscia Makeup Breakup Cleansing Oil, and exfoliate once a week (no more than that for my skin, else it doesn't behave well). I know it may seem counter-intuitive to use oil on your skin, but it's actually a great way of cleaning and balancing the skin without completely stripping it.


What kind of moisturizer do you use? You also may benefit from one better suited to your skin. Make sure you use it every day!


As for foundation, I'd use a powder to set your foundation in the oily areas until it's under control. And I prefer Smashbox's primer, but I don't have much experience with ones formulated to deal with oily patches, so hopefully someone will be of better help there. 







Re: my skin confuses me :(

It sounds like you might be over-washing, over-exfoliating, or over-steaming your face before you moisturize. All of those things can lead to dry, flaky-looking skin that then over-produces oil to protect itself. I love the Kat Von D foundation (well, I did until they discontinued my shade) but it's really not the best thing if you're dealing with any additional skin issues, perhaps switch to the Kat Von D Lock-It powder while you sort things out? I did not have a good experience with Porefessional - I found it to slide a lot and be greasy mid-day, so you might try another primer as well. 

What kind of soap are you using for your face? You might try something milder than what you are currently using. If you're exfoliating to help with the flakiness, you might want to dial it back a bit - from daily to 2x a week, from 2x a week to once a week. You might want to choose a moisturizer that's good for sensitive skin until your skin calms some - FAB's 5-in-1 if you aren't sensitive to sunscreens might be good. If you have trouble with sunscreens, then perhaps their Ultra Repair. Something that's fragrance-free and paraben-free should help you narrow down what is making your skin cranky.



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