how to apply bronzing


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I agree with what lylysa said! That is if you want to contour! But also for the summer, if you dont usually tan your face or your face is much whiter than your body, you can use it around your whole face (and neck)

Re: how to apply bronzing

There are several different techniques to wear bronzer, most being in an "E" or "3" along side the face and down the sides of the nose like a "11".


This is the basic rule of thumb as bronzing or even countouring is used to warming up the complexion, slim out and streamline the overall appearance of one's face, and to enhance bone structure and carve dimension.


Take a look at this thread and diagram that I put together that shows the basic technique on bronzing, along with how to pair it with blush and even highlighting and even tips on what brushes to go for.


Another option is check out The French Riviera Bronzing Kit from Too Faced, it comes with 3 bronzer and highlighter to create a variety of looks and also comes with tutorial cards for multiple bronzing techniques!

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