foundation for very dry/sensitive/flakey/reddness/eczema prone skin!

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I am having the hardest time finding the right foundation for my skin type. Before I put on my make up, I use ole henriksen's truth serum and then their truth creme-advanced hydration. I then put on smashbox photo finish hydration primer. An assistant at sephora advised that I try bareminerals ready pressed powder foundation. I feel like it makes my dry skin worse. I also use Dr. Jart's water fuse BB cream. I would just like a foundation for times when I need more coverage.


Any suggestions?


Also, I have dark purplish bags under my eyes. what is the best product to use to get good coverage, without the cakey look?



Re: foundation for very dry/sensitive/flakey/reddness/eczema prone skin!

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Thank you so much!


Re: foundation for very dry/sensitive/flakey/reddness/eczema prone skin!

Hey, I have really dry skin too and tried the Dr. Jart's water fuse as well.  I thought it just sat on top of my dry skin by mid day and made my skin looked worse.  I have tried bb creams, tinted moisturizers, even chanel foundations and none have worked. SURPRISINGLY, the profinish dual powder worked for me.  I just pat it on and it doesnt stick to my dry spots but just covers them nicely.  I know powders seem counterintuitive for dry skin..but I"m just saying, this was my experience!


I use fab ultra repair cream first before i put the powder foundaiton. 


also used teh fresh skincare line to help with the dry skin..and I found it realyl worked for me. Good luck!

Re: foundation for very dry/sensitive/flakey/reddness/eczema prone skin!

Well i have a problem with very dry skin and i also have sensitive skin! I have some redness but nothing really to worry about.
I would first of all, STAY AWAY FROM ANY POWDERS!
especially in the forehead or around the nose and mouth (at least for me)
Powders are used to absorb any oil that is on the skin, But since we both have dry skin, all we want is oil on our face! So stay away from powders!
I would tried the MUFE face and body liquid, and up til now, that is the only makeup i have used that i feel hydrates my skin, and does not make my face react to anything. However this is light to medium coverage since it is buildable.
If you have redness, i would suggest looking into green primers. You can put it on the area where there is redness and it will cover that color and make your skin blend more. Then I would suggest looking for a normal foundation that looks like your color.
Also look for foundations that are for dry skin, for example NARS sheer glow, which can also be buildable, or MUFE HD. However sensitivity wise, the only way you will know is if you at least take these two as a sample and try them at home and see!


As for concealer, i would suggest looking into the Bobbi Brown one!


So basically this would be your routine,
1. Exfoliate (helps with flaking)
2. Moisturize (helps hydrate)
3. Green primer (helps certain areas with redness not appear so red)
4. Apply foundation
5. Apply concealer (depending on how much the foundation didn't cover) AND BLEND!

Hope this helps!!

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