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Hi guys! So, now that summer is rolling around i've been drawn towards more coral colors. I figured I should probably get a coral colored blush for those months where I'm a bit tanner and want a different look other than my baby pink blush looks. My skin tone when i'm not tan at all is around the NW13/NW15 range but now that i'm tan i'm around an NW25 to a shade darker (NW30) range. I'm 99.9% sure that an NW25 roughly translates to a MUFE 130...  sooo any suggestions?


thanks in advanced! love you guys Smiley Happy 

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thanks for all the help guys!! i ended up going with NARS orgasm and Tarte Fearless!! Smiley Happy 

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Similar shade when tan and I have actually worn all coralista from Benefit, fearless from Tarte, and Nar's Orgasm.  Orgasm is by far my favorite and stayed the longest!  It seemed the most flattering with along with a bronzer but wasn't overpowering.  Sometimes I felt that coralista was a bit bright, would make me appear just flushed, and would sometimes fade semi-quick.  (That may be just me though!)  Good luck!!

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As many of you know, I LOVE coral makeup! My current favorite coral blushes are:


Tom Ford - Flush

Tarte - Tipsy

MAC - Ocean City

Guerlain - Madam Rougit

MAC - Marine Life (I'm using my broken Mr. Seahorse compact that I repurposed into blush and with all the colors mixed it's a lovely coral shade).

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sometimes i call you coralbabe

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Benefit's Coralista Blush is the most beautiful Coral shade that really brightens your face.  The Tarte blushes are nice too-but Coralista really stood out to me for summer:

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I love coral colors!


I definitely think, that if you're trying to branch out a bit, I would use light pinks. but, because of your cheeks being naturally pink, I would recommend orange. I know. that sounds crazy! but I have actually found some really pretty light orange blushes that are not overdone and look great on pale skin. however, when youre tan, I would recommend to maybe stay away from bright colored or pigmented blushes. after all, no one ever got hurt substituting bronzer for blush. try not using blushes and maybe working with a highlighter on your cheekbones to really define the light pink of your cheeks!


I hope this helped!


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Hi Mldavidson,


I like these coral shades for your skin tone! You can also wear a coral that has a slight pink tone to it.


warm peach.jpg


Warm Peach





Fearless - coral pink

<3 Melissa

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My very favorite blush right now for corals, peach, pink-peach-coral combo's is...

(It took me forever to try this color blush!)

I LOVE it because somehow it reflects the predominant color of your lipstick or blouse/dress.

So, it's a versatile color & really looks good. I can sheer it down or build it up. 

Blush $30.00
ITEM # 248930 SIZE 0.16 oz
COLOR Orgasm - peachy pink with shimmer

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Becca's Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle in Watermelon or Guava would be two lovely coral based shades to try with a super airy, whipped texture that makes Summer-wear a delight!


Guava is a bit more light in terms of registering that coral color while Watermelon is a bit more of a red-based coral. These apply real easily with fingers or even a synthetic buffing brush and give cheeks a healthy glow of color.

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