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I was wondering what everyone preferred. The Bareminerals Complexion Rescue or the Dr. Jart Beauty Balm. I have the Complexion Rescue, but I've been wanting to try the Beauty Balm and was wondering if it is better.
Best long wearing foundation for wedding day? 
Hi, guys!   I live in the MIDDLE. OF. NOWHERE right now so I can't actually get to a department store, Sephora, Ulta, CVS....anything, which makes it impossible for me to find a matching foundation. I ordered a bunch of color samples from Choix to see if any match me, and of course, not a single one does. But I was wondering, if I swatched them (and some foundations I ownI) on me in natural sunlight and posted a picture, would anyone be able to help me out? Or just give opinions on what shades in any formula that I should look into?    It's a bit sad always looking like a floating head in photos. My face always looked either too dark or too pink! I think everyone understands the struggle to a point.
I have dark circles under my eyes & light to Medium skin tone . I think more Medium. What color would I get as a under eyes concealer. My stick doesn't have any number on it.
I currently use the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer in the shade,0.5 breeze and I was wondering which shade would be similar in the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation?
My skintone is NC35.  I use shades "Light to Medium Peach" and "Peach" in the Bobbi Brown Corrector.  I am looking for a pressed powder that I can use to set this corrector with as I use it on its own.  If anyone could suggest any drugstore and high-end suggestions, it would be extremely helpful.  Thank you.    Note: A powder that wouldn't cause any flashback.
Hi,  My skin is oily and acne prone skin please provide some best makeup products for all face makeup
Do all setting and fixing sprays work with foundation no matter how it's based. (silicone, water, etc?) 
I'm pretty sure I'm late to this boat but does anyone else use --------?  I just stumbled across it.  It crosses all different make up brand's foundations (liquid, powders, etc.).  And can give you a match to your skin tone across most brands.  I just think this is amazing!  I've done it for a few of my foundations and it was SPOT ON!  Most of us go to stores and swatch/math there, but this can be helpful to those who do not have close access to all stores/brands.  This can also be helpful to those not in the US where certain brands or stores aren't available.  Again I'm probably late on this but here ya go!    
Hi,  what is the best shade/color of NAKED SKIN  Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup for a brown-skinned. I am a brown-skinned, and I've been using the shade 8.0. Should I continue the shade 8.0 or shift to 7.5? or 8.75? thanks
If I am a 20 Light Cream in the Sephora 10hr Perfection Foundation - what shade would I be in the Sephora Teint Infusion Foundation?   Also, the 20 Light Cream in the Sephora 10hr Perfection Foundation is a tiny bit yellow on me, would there be a better option for both foundations??   Thanks!
Hi, everyone!   I received a sample a while ago of the Guerlain Lingerie De Peau foundation.  I just tried it for the first time a few days ago, and needless to say I am in LOVE.  However, I don't know what shade to buy.  This is a very expensive foundation so I do not just want to wing it.   I am going to go a couple shades darker than I am right now because I will be fake tanning soon for a vacation.  Normally when I am tan I wear shade light/medium neutral in Tarte or I've worn Medium Sand before.  I have neutral to warm undertones.  Please help!   Thank you!
What shade in the NARS concealer should I get to highlight under my eyes? I am in the shade light medium in the Born This Way foundation. 
Hi,    I bought the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation months ago and am still in love with it. I am running low now and need to buy a new one. For some reason, in Canada this item is discontinued and keeps running out of stock, and there are no more fair skinned colours left!!! This is one of the only foundations that actually comes in a shade that is light enough for my skin. Can I order from the USA sephora?? How do I switch the website so I can see american dollars?? When I browsed on my phone, I got the USA site originally and they had all the shades in stock. Please help ASAP!!!   Thank you!!   Ciara
What is an alternative to Laura Mercier's Mineral powder in the color Pure Honey since its no longer being manufactured?
I use to wear the old foundation powder in #7 whats the equivalent with the new powder? or the makeup forever pro finish? dont live by a sephora so trying to buy the best match!
What is the closest clolour of former Make Up Forever face and body #"20" to the new 'Water' product? The new product has colour names and I recall the 'old' one had only numbers. Does anyone know?
Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 9.00.31 AM.png
Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy my sister a new foundation for christmas, and I love Sephora's 10 hour wear perfection foundation and use it myself. However, I'm not sure what shade to get her. I use 22 Light Natural, but I  think my sister might be a little lighter. I've attached a photo of my sister, does anyone have any recommendations of what color to get her?    
I want to get a new Kat Von D foundation. I use to have the lock it in light 47, but im a little lighter now. WHich shade would be best? Should it be warm or cool?
including Lancôme sites Waterproof concealer in the black tube.
Have you tried Shiseido's Synchro Skin foundation?
It would be such a huge help if people would include the color or shade they used when they refer to it in the review!   When a product is available in multiple colors, it's so frustrating to read "This shade was just perfect for my medium coloring" ... or "... I love love love the way it warms up my skin" ... or "my go-to shade when my complexion needs a pick-me-up" ... etc etc etc ... but there's no reference to which color is being reviewed!   😩   This would be greatly appreciated by all of us out here in the bleachers, lol.      
hi~i'm going to buy the makeup forever foundation online, however, the color i want is not in the stock. when will the foundation be left in the stock, will they be in stock before tomorrow? thank you~~~
I like the color of BM Pumped liner can you suggest a lip stick in a very similar color that's a great staying lip color?
I have super dry and acne prone skin. I apply my foundation over moisturizer and in just an hour my makeup is cakey, sticking to dry patches and blotchy. What are the best foundations for dry skin? Any dry skin makeup tips?
I have a few foundations (Fit Me Matte, Lumi) and a few primers (Elf, Hard candy) but no matter what, I find my make up flaky and peels and doesn't seem to settle in. I use a damp beauty blender and my skin is combination and I have mild acne. Any Tips? I do my make up in the morning after I wake up.