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What is the best primer to conceal large pores and help with oily skin? 
I am looking for a cruelty-free product that doesn't give flashback. Which is better-colored setting powder or a translucent powder? and pressed or loose powder? just what is the best way to set foundation?
Hi everyone! So the past few weeks I've been really into stick foundations - both the hourglass vanish and the lancome teint idole. Both I love and find very similar except you need to swipe the lancome twice as much to get the same coverage as hourglass. That being said, the big problem is I can't get the foundation to "stick" to my nose or t-zone. I have applied with brush and beauty blender - brush application essentially wipes the foundation away, so beauty blender has been my go to.   I have tried pore minimizing primers - e.g. porefessional, tarte timeless smoothing, as well as guerlain l'or (whichcauses my foundation to stick in weird areas making it patchy...only with these foundations though, I love it otherwise), and the foundation just slides around my face and breaks up. I set with laura mercier translucent and then spray UD all-nighter. I LOVE these foundations, but I am scared to touch my face because it will remove my makeup. I have also tried no primer, just my moisturizer (see below), which is better but it still ends up sliding off my nose relatively quickly.   I consider my skin to be normal to dry. My skin routine is as follows:   Night time: Cleanse (amorepacific) w/ foreo luna 2, tone (pixi glow tonic), facial sleeping oil (kiehl's), moisturize (first aid beauty)   Day time: Same as night time but no oil. I was using a serum before moisturizing but I took that out because I thought it was causing my makeup to slide around, but I think it's the silicone primers.   My next step is to try the veil mineral primer by hourglass.   Does anyone have any advice on how to keep my foundation in place? Also, I should mention that this problem happens with most foundations, nothing seems to want to stick! But it's particularly bad with stick foundations. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!  
I've been wanting to try out the Double Wear foundation from Estee Lauder, but don't have a Sephora that carries it in-store to get matched. I decided to just purchase online and return it if need be, but now I need help finding a shade.   I've been using MUFE Ultra HD in the shade Y255 and it matches me perfectly. Can anyone recommend a double wear shade they think will work for me?   Please and thank you!        
I am currently wearing a 3.25. in Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless foundation. Once spring arrives, I'll wear a 3.5. I have cool toned skin with pink undertones. What shade would I wear in Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation? I purchased 52, but it's a little dark and will probably work fine in summer, but I'm hoping for a better match now.
I need help! I want a natural everyday foundation. I have combination skin with not a lot of texture. I am in the color IQ 2y08 if someone could give me the best color match for it.    Which of these two is best??
Hello all!   So my current best foundation color match is NARS Siberia. I've been using the Sheer Glow for the past three months and I'm still trying to "figure it out". I feel like the formula is really finicky and I have yet to find a good combination of primers and/or setting powder/spray to make it both last well & mesh well with my skin. I don't think it's a skincare problem as my skin has been relatively normal-dry these past few months (no big skin changes and my daywear moisturizer is relatively 'basic'. I save my layers of hydration for overnight).   So far things I have tried:   - Too Faced Hangover: helped hydrate dry patches that Sheer Glow emphasizes but doesn't help longevity. Sheer Glow still applies a little patchy over this - Becca Ever Matte: too matte for Sheer Glow which tends to emphasize any dry patch - Hourglass Mineral Veil: seems to be the best combo so far, but doesn't help with Sheer Glow longevity. Still totally starts breaking down/melting by hour three. - A single drop of argan oil: makes Sheer Glow apply so smooth and evenly BUT foundation is totally breaking up on my face a couple hours into wear. - RCMA No Color Powder (talc + silica): is okay, but makes Sheer Glow a little dry looking, doesn't totally help with lasting powder - CoverFx Illuminating Setting Powder: doesn't make Sheer Glow look dry, but definitely doesn't help with lasting powder - Urban Decay All Nighter spray: makes Sheer Glow tacky, maybe helps lasting power when in combo with a powder as well   For the sake of a control, all foundation application has been to dot it on with fingers and blend with beautyblender.   I've tried various combinations of one of the primers + powder + spray, primer + no powder, no primer + powder, etc. etc. It's been a long somewhat scientific process, haha.   I would just love for this foundation to work on me! I love the color and I can put up with the sheerness of it if I can just get it to work Most days in the morning I've been in too much of a rush to play this long layering game with Sheer Glow and I've been slapping a little Tarte shape tape everywhere and pretending it's foundation, lol   TLDR:  My question to those who currently use NARS Sheer Glow and it looks good on their skin. What combination of primer / powder / spray /technique do you use to make it wear nicely?
I simply cannot seem to find the answer to my question on the internet! Are you able to bake your face using HD powder or do you need to use a translucent setting powder? I know that HD powder is considered a "finishing" powder, but is translucent powder a finishing power or a setting powder? Thank you for reading!
hi, if i am a 2w1 dawn in double wear by see Lauder and nc25 , nc30 in mac which is mi color in the  rain forest of the sea foundation by tarte, and which is mi color in the custom cover drops by cover fix please help my. thanks
I'm the shade Deauville (Light 4) in the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation and "I'm Pure 4 Sure" Ivory in the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation. My skin is very dry! What are some good primers for dry skin? And what's a good under eye concealer that's good for dry skin and isn't pink? Also, are there any highlighters for pale skin that aren't just white? I want a little bit of gold or champagne in it. I also have no idea what face shape I have so I was wondering how you figure that out and how I could contour it.
I have been using yves saint laurent foundation in the colour BR30 and its now 2-3 shades too light for my skin. i have pinkish undertones. what shade do you reccomend now that i have a tan, thanks!
So I'm looking to buy the Dior Airflash foundation and am unsure which color I should grab.  I'm currently about NC25 or so in MAC, and I wear UD Naked Skin and mix #2 with #4 to make the perfect shade.  I was thinking that Linen 201 would be perfect, but not sure if maybe it'll be too light? I will probably get a bit more color this summer, but no darker than UD #4 or MAC NC30.  Thanks everyone! I'm light with olive undertones btw.
MJ Coconut Primer + KatVonD Lock-It Foundation (liquid) + bareMinerals bareSkin Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer. Yyaaahhhss!!   Wow, what a difference the damp beauty blender (just bought my first one) & the Marc Jacobs primer made! Barely used any Lock-It. Treated the blender like a cushion compact applicator & just kept patting. The Lock-It foundation applied in such a lovely thin, even layer. So natural looking (but still had coverage). I applied the bareSkin bronzer serum also with the blender (barely damp) as a true bronzer just where sun would hit. So, so pretty!! Loved it!!   I did use a pat or two of KatVD Lock-It powder foundation over 2 small patches of melasma on my chin, and Guerlain Les Violettes pressed powder to set undereyes, and to barely add a finish very sheerly in t-zone.
I'm a NW25 in MAC concealers and was recently matched to Light Warm in Urban Decay Naked Skin?  Is this correct? If not is there anything I can do with it? Like contouring or something? If its that light. I don't know. 
When do the new concealers for Too Faced come out on Sephora?  I know they just released them today on their website...but curious for sephora now. lol
Hello!  I checked out Hourglass after some suggestions here.  In short, I love it!  But my color match ended up tricky.  I did Color IQ in store and came out 1y05 or 6.  Some 06 looked slightly bit dark right now, but most everything in this range was a nice match.  Except the Hourglass Nude 1.5 Veil, which had the finish and coverage I liked the most, but when trying it at home it kept getting unnaturally peachy for me, almost orange.     I recently read that some vitamin c serums can cause color changes in foundation or BB cream.  Does anyone have an experience with that?  I'm wondering if the store makeover was so good because the serum was cleansed away before priming etc.  Or does this brand oxidize a good bit, and I should adjust for that with a lighter shade?  I know I can add a lighter powder to fix it, but I don't want to because it alters the dewy finish I love about this foundation.   I do have some alternatives in Josie M's Vibrancy and Shiseido, but I'd like to know if I could make this work.   Thanks!!
Anastacia Cream Contour on 4 Skin Tones
So we just recently did a full video review and demo of all 4 palettes in Anastasia's Cream Contour Cream Kit in Fair, Light, Medium, and Deep kit. We showcased it on 4 of us girls with different skin tones, so you can really get a sense which palette will work for your own skin tone.   This is totally a newer reformulated version Cream Contour Kit than she first launched last year. I love it because it gives the skin a very soft sculpted glowy look to your skin!   Let us know what you think or if you have any questions on the kits!  
Hi!  I'm looking for a blush that is a similar shade to Sephora's rose petal no. 08.  I believe rose petal has been discontinued so even if it is a different brand if anyone knows of a product similar I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!
Does anyone Know which collor suits better to a NC25 or Cover FX Drops G30?! I dont trust theSephora IQ foundation because everytime they say Im a different collor =/   Thanks!!!
I currently use Too Faced Born This Way in Vanilla foundation but want a more matte look.   I want to purchase the Too Faced Coca Powder Foundation but I'm not sure which color would be the equivalent of the Vanilla?   Anyone know?   Thanks!
Hi ! I cannot try this foundation at the store because my sephora store doesn't carry the brand . I need help to chose the color, My skin IQ is 3y02, I am MUFE Ultra HD 117 and UD naked skin 2 and also Hourglass Illusion Ivory.   Could you help me please?
I need a foundation just like Charlotte Tillbury ..but a bit less pricey...love the full coverage with a light weight feel...plus the shade...Please Help!!
What Bare Minerals Original color matches Bareskin Bare Shell?
Hello all,   I was wondering if someone could help me.  I am in the shade Light 45 in Kat von D's Lock It Tattoo Foundation. Can anyone tell me what Lock It Tattoo Concealer is the right shade for me? Thank you In advance!