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Hi there - I have the Urban Decay Naked Flush in the color Naked. I love this product but unfortunately I already ran out of the highlighter but have plenty of the blush and bronzer. Is there one you recommend that will go? Please let me know. Thank you. BB
Hi everyone! I've been doing a lot of research online lately to try and find the best face makeup products for someone with dry skin. I wanted some recommendations from people who know the products, so here I am! I'm looking for a good concealer, foundation, and primer for someone with dry skin. Also, are there any moisturizers that you guys would recommend? I want something that doesn't leave an oily look. Thank you very much!   xoxo Gracie   **addition: i normally have dry skin, but it is even drier now because i am on a cream for acne. i find that sometimes when i put on my foundation using a sponge it pulls up dry skin on my face and ends up looking very cakey and flaky. wanted to add that just in case it's important!
Hi, so I own the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit: Light to Medium; and I need help figuring out what color/color mix fits my skin for contouring!   My skin color: 3Y06
Hi. I have heard so much positive about the Kat Von D Lock it Foundation, and i really ant to buy it.But i have a problem. I don`t live anywhere near a store where i can buy it, and i don't know which colour that fits my skin tone I use Mac studio sculpt foundation spf 15 in shade NC20. Maybe by knowing this, you guys can find the right colour for me from Kat Von D? <3
Hello everyone!   I saw the snapchat of Kylie Jenner where she mixed the MUFE ultra HD foundation with the Naked skin one and done and I wanted to know if anybody tried it yet? How is it? How it looks like? Do you recommand it? Also, I wanted to try but maybe with the Born this way foundation from Too Faced! What do you guys think?
Hello, I normally only wear concealer for my under eyes and no foundation, leaving me with a white cast in flash photography. I am currently using urban decays naked eye concealer. I have tried many other concealers and even tried bringing the concealer to my temples to help it blend into my skin better but the white cast still shows in flash. What should i do?
With the colder months around the corner, I was wondering which of these 2 foundations have worked for you: Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Cushion vs. Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hr.   FYI, my skins gets really dry/flakey in the winter (with eczema patches) but becomes combo (oily T zone, normal on cheeks) in the summer.    Thanks!
If i have light to medium skin tone and have pink and yellow undertones, love natural looking skin, have combination skin, don't want it cakey looking, and is known not to cause too bad or no breakouts, which foundation would be good for me?
I'm using SEPHORA COLLECTION 10HR Wear Perfection Foundation.  While I'm loving the long-wearing, easily-blendable, "second skin" benefits of it, I'm not liking how long it takes to clean my foundation brushes after using this foundation.   I use Sephora Collection Pro Foundation #47 brush to apply this foundation (personal preference).  I clean these brushes (I have seven of them) with baby shampoo once a week (hence having seven of them).   Cleaning this foundation from these brushes takes much too long!  I spent a lot of money for these foundation brushes!! I'm scared that one day I won't be able to fully clean my brushes of this foundation and they'll be permanently stained!   I started soaking the used foundation brushes in a baby shampoo/water combination for about 20 minutes (just the bristles) to loosen up the foundation a bit.  It only slightly helps with cleaning.   Any tips or tricks or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
I have just been informed that Skin Tint by Cover FX has been discontinued! I am devastated. Does anyone know a product that is similar. Help! - Kelsey
I currently use Amazing Cosmetics concealer and I love it but now that it's summer and I have more stubborn cheek freckles I notice it doesn't totally cover them. What would be a good alternative? MUF full cover? (I have dry skin so prefer a cream)
I really loved stila's illuminating liquid foundation but I see that it's not available right now - anyone have ideas about foundations or bb's that are similar?
so i have a combination skin and i live in a very very  hot n sunny area...  what liquid foundation would you recommend that wont make my skin shiny or oily especially in the t zone ??
What is everything I need to do a full face and where does everything get applied to?
Just had a question on which one to use for this , i have an olive skin color and dark brown hair and eyes. 
Does anybody know what is a dupe for Dior Nude foundation? I use shade ivory 010 and love it.. but the you don't get your moneys worth with the bottle design and it isn't god for skin with the ingredients..  I am looking for a foundation with no oil, fragrance, or parabens.      Thanks!!!!!!!!  
I have extremely sensitive oily acne prone skin. I also have dark spots from acne and I'm looking for a foundation that covers and controls my oily skin and that wont make me break out more. Ive research and narrow it down to Kat Von D lock it Foundation and Becca Ever Matte shine foundation. Which one is better for my skin problem and concerns? Please and thank you<3 Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
I am trying to find a replacement for Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Bronzing Beauty Balm. Any recommendations?
I want to buy laura mercier smooth finish,but I just don't know which should I choose.I am a chinese;maybe a liitle whiter than just yellow,just a naturall one.and I don't want a light cover
Is Stila's Stay all day foundation reformulated or just repackaged?
I've worn medium-full coverage foundation ever since I can remember, and I'm looking to switch to something a little more lightweight (for summer, at least.) My skin is fairly oily, very sensitive, and acne prone. I also have some hyperpigmention and red marks from past acne. I'm looking for a tinted moisturizer that is long wear and has decent coverage, while still feeling light. Any suggestions from those that use tinted moisturizers would be great!
I recently purchased the Becca Highlighter in Rose Gold and while browsing around, I swatched the Glow Kit in Sundipped and I love it! I have a deep/dark skin tone so the highlights look great. I'm thinking about returning the Becca highlighter for the Glow Kit due to more varitey. Is it worth it? Thanks!
I wear Fairly light in the bareMinerals matte foundation, what color would I wear in the cream foundation?