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Hi everyone! I'm looking for my correct shade for the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation. I know my color IQ is 1Y11. I previously purchased it in the color tan honey but it was too light for my skin. Before I waste money on another wrong shade, I wanted to ask you guys for advice on the right color. Thank you so much for all your input!
I would like to buy the Diorskin airflash spray foundation, but I don't know what shade I should get. I live in Europe and they don't sell the foundation here so I can't test it. My mac shade is NC25 / NC30   xx
Hello! What color is equivalent to Nars Santa Fe Powder Foundation in Diorskin Nude Air Serum SPF20? Thank you!
I received a sample of Luminous Silk and just love it. My color id in this foundation is 5. However, I'm intrigued by Maestro Fusion (id is 5.5) and Designer Lift also, but neither of these are available in stores within 100 miles.   My questions are these: 1. how do I compare these 3? how do I know which one I should choose? 2. what color should I get in Designer Lift should I choose to purchase this one?        
Anyone on here familiar with this product?  I saw this on Nordtrom's site and I kinda want to try but I've never heard of this particular foundation and I can't find many reviews on it.  Any help would be appreciated  
Hello, so my color iq is 3Y03 which is my current shade of 120 for Makeup Forever powder. But, I would like to try the Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder and am a bit confused on which shade to get. Thanks for the help!
hi i need help finding my perfect shade on estee lauder double wear i am an nc35 on mac studio fix fluid... i have been searching and think that i could be between tawny and cashew .. whic one would you recomend
So I have tried so many different foundation over the past 2 weeks in hopes of finding my new Holy Grail one.  I guess MUFE HD in 120 is my best match.  Most people have a lighter face and darker neck/body, but due to my hyper pigmentation my face is darker, so the 120 evens everything out.  I have been on an acne treatment which has dried my face out, so the HD is clinging to my dry patches regardless of what moisturizer, serum, primer I use.  So then comes LM Moisturizing foundation in Bamboo Beige (which is nearly a perfect match to 120) i like the feel (or lack there of) my problem is, is that it says medium to full coverage and I am only getting the results of a tinted moisturizer.  I use my beauty blender, which was suggested and the new primer that was suggested was MUFE equalizer 4.( i think it's the hydrating one) I have tried building, and am not getting any better results.  I refuse to return this one, even though I feel like for $48 it's expensive and i don't think you get much product. So I would like to make this work, just need a suggestion for better coverage.  I have been setting it lightly with the LM translucent loose powder. Thanks everyone
I went into my local store just to browse the Surratt line. While I was there I decided to look at the Becca Complexion Creme. I already knew which color to select (Olive) when an associate came over and asked if I'd like to be color matched. I agreed.   Boy, oh boy she said I had have red undertone. RED?! I didn't say anything, but when she said my match in Becca would be "mink", I did what "Miranda" did in Devil Wears Prada , and pursed my lips.   Why such a big dispariety ? I am "Olive" in the particular formula. Lesson learned "don't always trust the color IQ", 
So while browsing  here in BT I have noticed a lot of us having issues and horror stories about finding the correct foundation match, have love hate relationships with certain brands/colors. I remember going through so many sample/purchases of hoping this will be something I like or will be my HG foundation, but would wind up in disappointment . The frustrations of trying to find not only the right shade, but also the tone/coverage and ingredients that make us feel comfortable and look good on the skin.   Ohh how many counters I visited and tried so many brands in order to find the one. I mean it is sometimes so exhausting - because sometimes MUA's not listening your preferences (ex: I am on a warmer side and with slightly yellowish undertone and I am given a sample of cool/pink /neutral foundation) or also the lighting the stores sometimes is no help.   Other times when we ask for samples so we can try it at home and in natural lighting to see if it is the perfect color match and coverage MUA's/SA's give us a tiny sample - which barely covers our whole face/enough for one try and other times they are very generous about it or the look we get "oh she is just wants a sample and not buying anything!!!"   On top of that we always have to worry about the seasons changing and us trying to find a shade lighter or darker.   So let's share the stories and your ways of finding the right shade/tone of the foundation.    
Oh god.  Today, I tried out Benefit Hello Flawless foundation sample I've got weeks ago. Recently, I was actively searching for a foundation that suits me better than Nars Sheer glow and was considering between Chanel and TF. When I applied this HF foundation, I thought I found my HG foundation. It was really the best foundation I've ever worn...so smooth, right coverage, my skin looked flawless! and...   After washing my face, I found some red bumpy breakouts (whitehead-ish, something you can easily pop up, not a big inflammatory one) on my face...and when was the last time this happened to me? It was when I used Bare Minerals mineral powder foundation. Wait, is this Bismuth Oxychloride? I did my research, and yes, there you are!    I'm just so sad. I immediately ordered this foundation from Sephora since I just knew! it's the perfect foundation..but didn't know that it's that plus Bismuth Oxychloride. I was just a step away, and now I know I have to return it. SO SAD! 
Hi! I was wanting to try a  Mercier tinted moisturizer but since I am a fair redhead and I know I'm tough to match I'm not sure which shade to order. I use Make Up Forever HD in 110 in winter and 115 in summer if that helps. Have any ideas?
I wear Nars sheer glow foundation in Stromboli, what would be a perfect match for Dior skin serum
Should I buy powder foundation and concealer in the same shade?
I have been using Clinique Stay Matte Foundation and 05 is perfect color for my face.  I would like to try a Clinique foundation that contains sunscreen but not sure which color in the other foundations would be close to 05.  Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
I use Benefit oxygen wow foundation in "petal" and was looking to step up a shade for summer. Is the  "honey" a bit darker or a just a different hue? Trying to decide between "honey" and "champagne". I am mostly Irish...pretty fair with red tones but I do tan in summer. I can't make it out to a store to try it out in person. Any advice appreciated
Hello all !  I am looking to get some recommendations for Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Smoothing Firming Foundation SPF 20. I am not sure which color I choose buy. IMy skin color is light beight .I have used Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation SPF 15  Number 123 and 143. I would like to try something new. Could anyone recommend which color should I get? Thank you.
I am trying to figure out which one is better. I would like something lightweight and that lasts all day. Any brand recommendations would be appreciated.
if my color in the Kat Van D lock-it tattoo foundation is medium 53 what color would I use in her lock-it  Concealer? 
I use Cover Fx Cream Foundation N80; I am considering switching from their Bronzer to Shiseido Oil-Free Bronzer. Which shade would you recommend for me; does it have a shimmer? Thanks!
First off, I got a sample of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal (the liquid one) and absolutely fell in love with it. But I think for the summer, when my skin becomes a bit more oily, I would prefer a pressed powder.   So now I'm deciding between the Becca and the Kevyn Aucoin. They both have such great reviews. I don't want over the top glitter, just the nice glow I got from the liquid. No sparkles please! Looking just to highlight the tops of my cheeks and maybe lightly brush across my forehead or chin - just a subtle glow.   Does anyone own one or both or these items? I'm hoping to purchase during Chic week. I figure I'd get the Becca powder in Opal since I loved the liquid form in Opal. They both sound so lovely I just can't make up my mind, so I thought I'd ask if any of you have a favorite (well, of course you do...) Thanks in advance!
I'm trying to decide between the Hourglass Veil or Cover FX illuminating primers.  My skin is sensitive (very easily breaks out), dry in the winter and oily in the summer.  I have also developed these lovely eczema patches on my eyelids this past winter.  Please help!
I'm 16. My dress is (most-likely going to be) mint and long, my hair will probably be up/curled.   My skin is very, very pale but a couple days before I'll be using Tarte's Brazilliance self-tanner, so I'll still be fair but slightly bronzed. I have dark brown hair, freckles, and green eyes.   I want some kind of contour, not really sure how extreme. Not sure what eyeshadow colors to use--I have Naked 2 and 3 but I still have a while to purchase others if necessary. Also not sure what my lip color should be (in coordination to my eyeshadow). Another concern is if I should go for natural looking falsies+eyeliner or skip both.   Thank you!
I am extremely pale with cool undertones/pinkish undertones and I have brown freckles. My hair is very dark brown and my eyes are a dark green. I'm completely lost on what color prom dress to get. Half of the people tell me a light color will wash me out and half tell me a dark color will wash me out!   I will be self-tanning a few days before prom (not orange! Don't worry, I'm using a green-based tanner. Did my research) so I'll still be fair but slightly tanner if that affects anything.   So what's a makeup look that doesn't really depend on the dress color but good for SLIGHTLY tanned fair skin, dark hair, green eyes?
I would appreciate a recommendation for a replacement product for a discontinued one:  Guerlain's Terracotta Blush & Sun Sheer Bronzing Blush in "Sunlight 01."     I live  50 miles from the nearest Sephora, so don't have ability to make color comparisons in person.
Just thought I'd post this for anyone who may be curious to try her foundation.. I've wanted to try it since it came out, but I have absolutely no idea what shade I'm in. She's now offering free samples to order from her site! Each set (light, medium, dark) comes with 4 shades each, so I'm sure there will be no trouble finding a shade, I just hope the formula is nice
Hello beauties,   I want to buy Armani Designer Lift foundation. My hair is a blonde with reddish highlights and I have blue eyes. I am in the tone of spring colors.. can you suggest a color I can order
   A few days ago i decided to buy georgio armani luminous silk and i got shade matched to 4.5 and i liked it but than i was looking at myself in the car and my face looked slightly pinker and different from neck and body and i just got paranoid and was taking photos over and over again outside but i kept seeing my face a different shade than my neck    so i decided to get rematched and i got matched to 5 and i was with my friend and we go outside and she says it looks fine and im looking at it and it looks good so im like okay its 5 but im doing my makeup at home and my foundation looks lighter than my neck i start comparing it to my other foundations which is fiji in sheer glow and on the website they are under the same iq number and they are both light on me but ive used fiji out in daylight and it looks good i match my neck and everything.    today while testing i did my makeup at night and used flash to take the photos and non flash and in the flash photos i look much lighter and i sorta look lighter when looking in the mirror but not so much.   should i be getting a darker shade for nars sheer glow i know i cant be punjab because ive seen punjab on others and its a tan shade but idk if maybe i should try 5.25 in GA(i dont want to try peachy or cool foundation shades)
I have concealer and setting powder for my undereye area (NARS Creamy Concealer and Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana Powder) but I need to purchase a brush for the setting powder. Any recommendations?? Thanks in advance!