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Becca Cosmetics posted a picture of a palette in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill on their instagram! They're not revealing what it is until 5 pm EST, but of course its already leaked. Its a palette of three highlighters. They look like pearl, champagne pop, and topaz. Of course I could be wrong! What do you guys think about this?
I tend to perspire on my Nose and above my lips which makes the make’s my foundation cover-up move no matter what I use, I have used most of them from Sephora, Mac, Maybelline, EsteeLauder, and other brands, and even with a primer, tinted lotions, powders it does not help, has anyone else had this problem and what works for you??
So at some point, for some unknown reason, a few clumps of my eyelashes disappeared smack in the middle of my lash line (which is really depressing, since they were already pretty sparse). I've stopped curling them and am being extra thorough about making sure all my mascara is cleaned off at the end of the day, but does anyone have any idea how long they'll take to grow back? And is there anything else I can do to help the process along?
I have normal to oily skin and somewhat acne prone skin but my acne is slowly getting better. I was wondering if Cover Fx custom drops is good for me if I want it to stay a good proportion of the day, cover of problems on my skin, and look amazing and flawless in pictures. Also if it is good for me what is best to mix it with for my skin type? Thank you in advance.
Ok, I know that some of you don't like these types of questions on the board, but I would so much appreciate if anyone could chime in and let me know what they think about either of these foundations! My problem is that I don't have a Sephora anywhere near where I live, and so I need all the input that I can get before I order (and I don't trust the reviews so much). I definitely keep in mind that everyone's skin is different and works best with different products, but I am trying to decide between Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk and Marc Jacobs Genius Gel. I have combination skin (oily t-zone and normal everywhere else) and mostly clear skin, just a bit of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. My problems in the past have been lasting power, staying matte/fresh looking and sinking into pores. Please, if you can give your personal opinion on either one of these I would be more than grateful!
I'm 22, almost 23, but constantly get told I look anywhere from 15-18. Nobody believes I've graduated high school, let alone undergrad and am now in a graduate program. If I don't wear makeup, the age range drops down to about 13. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me "you'll appreciate it when you're older" I'd have A LOT of dollar, but ultimately I'm just sick of not being taken seriously at school/in the workplace/by people who are distinctly younger than me.   Are there any tips for utilising makeup to make myself look more my age without also looking like a teenager who raided her mom's makeup bag? I'm extremely pale, with normal to dry skin, and a lot of redness. 
Wondering what new palettes Kat Von D will have, as well as what's to come from Tarte and UD!!! Who else is with me and what are you excited for? Can we expect these the end of this month?
I am looking for a new foundation. I have oily/combination skin and currently use Benfit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow liquid foundation and pressed power. Want a foundation with a velvety or matte finish and need recommendations!
I am looking for a foundation with high coverage. I have combination skin that is a bit dehydrated and thus overproduced oil particularly in my t zone. I have been using the tarte amazonian clay foundation and I really liked it at first but lately i've noticed that it separates a lot when my face gets oily and it fades a lot by the end of the day so the staying powder isn't so great. I am fair but have a very pinky undertone which is part of what I want to conceal (as well as some acne scars). Suggestions?
Hello ~ I'm an asian female with quite fair skin, right now I am a little more tan, I believe I am a C13, laniege cushion bb cream. I want to pick up one of the shimmer bricks but I'm not sure which shade would be good for my skin tone now and when I get lighter during the winter. 
IM NEW TO WEARING BLUSH AND I NEED HELP. I have medium skin with yellow undertones, what blush would look best on me.   
I've been captivated by a few of the looks I've seen coming out of NYFW for SS16, and wanted to create a place where we could all share.   I have a few from NARS, this extra natural one is from Thakoon.   And this NARS look that Libellules found from Tanya Taylor (how gorgeous is that highlight???)     I am OBSESSED with this lip seen at Cushnie et Ochs (photo credit Intothegloss)   And also this lip with those freckles and eyes from Jason Wu (photo also from Intothegloss)   What looks have you seen that are striking your fancy?
if my color IQ is 3Y05 and I want to purchase the caudalie tinted moisturizer? which one should I get light or medium?
Hello, I have just recently became a VIB. YAY! Well I got a card for a complementary makeover. I rarely wear makeup and I was just wondering if it is more like a teaching thing on how I could use apply my makeup. Or is it like a thing where you go in and they just go all out on your face?    Thanks yall. Kari  
I use Nars creamy concealer in custard. What color would you recommend for the all day liquid foundation?
I am currently using the NARS creamy concealer in amande, what shade would I be in the all day luminous foundation?
SO. I just called my local SiJCP to find out what colors and items they had left in clearance of the KVD markdowns.............. I was told nothing. I said nothing?!!? He said that they got word they cannot sell them and they had to yank them off the shelves. And yes. They will be destroyed. I am very upset by this. Not only the desruction of makeup that isn't out of date, that isn't bad in any way, but is being destroyed. As well as the fact that they had them on sale over the weekend. They didn't sell out of stock so they are going to just smash them up ( or whatever they do ) That is my rant. Sorry ya'll!
I live in Texas, and it gets extremely hot. Many days I don't even bother with makeup because I know it will not look as good by the time I get to my next class. Suggestions? I have naturally dry skin. 
So I am seriously considering a soft blush brush. My preferred makeup style is very natural, no makeup looks. If I'm going to splurge, I think I'm going to do so on a makeup brush that doesn't move my foundation and is soft on my very sensitive/rosacea skin.   Two seemingly highly recommended brushes are the Suqqu Cheek Brush (looks super versatile and I see Lisa Eldrige use it ALL THE TIME) and the Wayne Goss #14. Has anyone tried these, or both, and if so, which would you recommend?   Thanks so much!   Sherry
what shade should I buy in:   Nars Cover fx MUFE   thanks!
I'm going to post a picture of me without makeup. Because hey, I love makeup, but I'm also working on embracing my face au naturel, too.   None of this "I'm not wearing makeup" when you're wearing a tinted moisturizer, brown mascara, and have a slight flush to your cheeks and lips. I'm talking no makeup AT ALL (No, not even clear lip balm).   This is me, about 10 minutes out of the shower.   Anyone else brave enough?    
what kind of brush/applicator do you use? thank you!😀
Hello everyone! I need some contouring/ blending help! Currently I am using Cover FX cream contour kit and a beauty blender to make my contour. But after I 'blend' it I can't really see my contour and highlights. It kind of just 'mixes' together on my skin and it just looks like regular foundation. I've tried going back over it with a powder but then I feel it looks too streaky. Any suggestions on products and techniques would be much appreciated. 
Can we talk about primers? I keep using .5oz of the Hourglass Veil mineral, and i like it, but i haven't really reached out and tried anything else.  So I believe the 1oz is $53, while the Smashbox and Benefit Hangover primers seem more affordable.     What about the Marc Jacobs and the MUFE?  Which one will I love the best? I'm so very confused.    FYI, I don't like the benefit porefessional. It feels too tacky to me.      I've even heard that ELF makes and awesome one that they sell at target...but that can't be true, right?      help help help. 
Best long wearing foundation for somewhat sensitive skin? Make up for ever mat velvet plus is too drying for me, and Estée Lauder double wear and double wear light give me a rash on my cheeks. I have pretty normal skin, with dry cheeks. My days are long - about 12 hours - and I need the foundation to hold up! 
The other day I noticed there was a small pin hole on the bottom of both the full size and mini size compacts that looked very similar to the Guerlain Meteorites Voyage compact with refillable pans. I stuck an earring into it and realized that the MUFE compacts were magnetic and the pans popped out easily. However after searching online I have only seen a few instances of MUFE HD Pressed Powder refill pans that have questionable authenticity.    Does anyone know of if MUFE actually sells refills? I would gladly just buy refill pans for my compact even if it was similar to the price of the full compact just for environmentally friendly reasons! It just makes me sad that I'm throwing out totally usable magnetic mirrored compacts so often  
what color would I wear in Georgio Armani?  I currently wear makeup forever in 120.  I have light to light-med skin, olive undertone and red overtone.
I'm 53, much sundamage, deep chin wrinkles and around my mouth and 11 lines, after my makeup is on for about an hour, I have a line of caked up makeup in my deep wrinkles that looks terrible, I have used Primers and they just get right in there with the makeup and make it worse.  I use Clinique Superpowder and obviously need to switch.  Is there a makeup that will work for me?  I don't need advice on what to do for the wrinkles, I am on a skin care routine, I just want a makeup to cover and hide without the settling.  Thanks in advance!