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i'm looking for a more matte foundation with a medium-full coverage as i have a really oily t zone with acne/scars that i would want to cover. i've had my eye on a few, so please tell me if you've tried them and have a similar skin type!   Nars Sheer Matte Foundation Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation    and if you had any other suggestions that would be really great!   (also open to primer suggestions)
I'm going to post a picture of me without makeup. Because hey, I love makeup, but I'm also working on embracing my face au naturel, too.   None of this "I'm not wearing makeup" when you're wearing a tinted moisturizer, brown mascara, and have a slight flush to your cheeks and lips. I'm talking no makeup AT ALL (No, not even clear lip balm).   This is me, about 10 minutes out of the shower.   Anyone else brave enough?    
So I recently purchased the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation in Buff N (210).  I initially thought it was going to be too light for me (in color), but surprisingly, it blended really well.  I need advice on the best way to apply this foundation.  The first time, I didn't use a primer at all since I don't have super oily skin, but more combination, and I know some of these full coverage foundations can really stick to dry patches.  I applied it with a damp Beauty Blender.  Kept me pretty matte, but the coverage wasn't great at all.     The next time I used the Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Treatment primer, my holy grail primer (again applying with a damp Beauty Blender), and I was OILY about 5 hours into the day, which is unusual for me...usually my T-zone gets oily, but not my whole face...it's like my makeup slid right off.   I'm thinking of trying it with the Hourglass Mineral Veil primer and a buffing brush rather than the Beauty Blender.  If I want GOOD coverage and to STAY matte...would this be a better combo?  Or should I forego primer altogether with this particular foundation (again, keeping in mind I have combination skin, so I have propensity for dry patches in the winter)?   Oy, the trials and tribulations of full coverage foundation application lol....
My only problem while doing makeup is dark circles, i dont have any marks on face, but my dark circles, i look like panda i am currently using Nars liquid concealer, i like it, but i'm eyeing on this palette, for my dark circles and contouring, i need fellow BTers review. should i pick it? Plz suggest. I am looking for dark palette 4.   http://www.sephora.com/5-camouflage-cream-palette- P12630?skuId=873471
My friends in different locations of Sephora have gotten color-matched for different foundations and were given samples with the help of a worker.    *This is going to be a rant, sorry I shouldn't feel any anger but yet I do   So I went to my closest Sephora with a friend and I wanted to get find the right shade for 3 foundations (Urban Decay, Lancome, Laura Mercier for combo/oily skin) and get samples of them to try to see if they last on my face instead of buying full sized and returning them...   When I got colored IQ it didn't work well because it said my shade is ebony and I'm a pale to medium yellowed toned Asian...so I couldn't really use the number to find shades on my own...    I'm not confident in finding the right shade by myself, which was why I wanted to get help ...   They could have  just told me straight up in the first place that they were not allowed to check my color for 3 different things instead of walking away immediately after giving me 1 sample of the first foundation (I said wanted to check for all 3) and when I came back an hour later because I just assumed they were so busy they forgot to help me look for the next 2 brands) asked again.  A worker who went to look for help found the same person who gave me my first sample and they stared at me and were possibly talking behind my back.  They told me to wait again and I was said okay, I don't really mind. So, I awkwardly browsed and pretended I didn't notice the  weird looks from those  workers. There were other workers there not attending to other peoples' needs.  I wondered if they wanted me to wait so long that I would give up and leave.  Later someone else asks if I needed anyone and I told her I was just waiting, so I don't need anymore assistance ... and she was like I'm going to find you someone now and then I followed her and got stuck through people (the location is pretty small so it gets crowed easily with strollers and kids)  and she was with the same person who gave me my first sample ( who possibly talked behind my back while occasionally glancing at me)... When I got my 2nd sample after she found the right shade and i asked if could get a shade from Laura Mercier's Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer she told me couldn't serve me again and I would have to guess myself but anyone could get me a sample of it...Of course I apologized but I wished she told me before so I didn't have to wait like an idiot.   I never got a full makeover, the worker just put some of the foundation on my cheek to check the shade and never offered me the stuff to remove it again...I just quickly put hand sanitzer on my face (I kept finding alcohol instead of remover ahhh)  because I just wanted to make a quick purchase and get out...     I was going to buy some stuff from Marc Jacobs and Bosica but after feeling like an Idiot, I just bought the cheapest thing I could buy to compensate them giving me service so it wasn't a total waste of their time....    Sorry if I was being an Idiot, I thought it would be silly for me to  make myself drive to the mall 3 days in a row just to find the right shades but with the service I received I don't think I won't spend my money there for awhile...     Thanks for reading long post...rant over... cooling off... 
What would be a match for this, if i wear mufe hd in 117 and UD in 2.0? I am wavering between a 1 & 2'   My coworker showed me her 1.0 and it seemed like a good match. I am looking to go and get samples later
Hello! I am looking to match the MUFE full cover concealer to my MUFE HD foundation in #117. Any suggestions?
Hello!   I am a beginner who would like to learn how to highlight and contour. I typically don't wear a lot of make-up just mascara and eyeliner, but would like to add definition to my face. For a beginner what are the basic or main items that I would need to highlight and contour my face (such as brushes, foundation, primer, etc.)? Any particular items that anyone would recommend for a beginner that is a reasonable price since I am just starting out? In addition, my face is normal but because of winter it tends to be on the dry side if that helps.    Thanks!
So my brother just asked me what i wanted for the holidays and I can't decide which one is worth the money.  While i love the colors of the blushes i already have so many that spending the money on this is a little hard. However i don't really highlight because i have a natural highlight on my cheek bones. Also, i honestly have liquid highlighters.  Thoughts? help?
Hello beauties!   So I need a new foundation.  I'm looking for something with either a satin or dewy finish and won't clog pores or cause breakouts.   I have combo skin, during the winter I get dryer around my mouth and chin and my nose.  I'm prone to breakouts.  I have warm to neutral undertones.  I prefer medium to full coverage because I have redness and uneven skin tone.    I really liked the Naked foundation by Urban Decay but it made me breakout like crazy.  So I want something similar to it.  The foundations I've tried are: Kat Von D foundation, Tarte Amazonian Clay, Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation, and Dolce & Gabanna foundation (which was ok but only had sample).  All of these were the liquid/cream type.  I've tried powder foundations but they accentuate my dryness during winter so I'm hesitant to try again but any suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks!
I was wondering if there are any foundations similar to Benefit Hello Flawless powder? Thanks
 My face is darker and oily then the rest of my body should I go lighter on foundation to match the rest of me?
I'm a little a lot peeved.   Sephora carries 17 of the 20 NARS foundation shades online, they have all of the light shades, all of the medium shades, but are missing three of the darker shades: New Guina (which is actually a medium-dark shade), New Orleans, and Benares. Is there any particular reason Sephora doesn't carry these shades? I think what bothers me is the fact that I fall into that darker range that they're missing, and online they only have two of the four dark options even available to buy and in store (or at least every store near me - and that's eight stores) there's only one.    So why Sephora, why? Finding foundation is already one heck of a task because I am on the darker side of the scale, and it doesn't help when all of a brands colors aren't made available and literally half the options for my skin tone, which weren't many to begin with, are gone.    Can anyone shine some light on this? 
i don't wear any foundation, but i do like wearing bronzer, blush, and highlight but it NEVER stays on my face! after 15 minutes of applying it the products just disappear off my face, I'm having trouble finding a good primer to use does anyone have any suggestions?
Ok so where I live the weather is officially cold. My skin gets dry and flakey BUT I still have oily skin. The foundation I'm currently using helps to control oil, but clings to my dry flakes. Would I be better off with a foundation for people with dry skin? But my skin still gets oily throughout the day confusing situation, but desperately need help. Thanks !!!
Hello everyone,   Recently I made a Makeup base purchase at the Chanel Counter in the Bay for my Chanel Mat Lumier Foundation. I was suggested by the SA to use LE BLANC DE CHANEL  -MULTI-USE ILLUMINATING BASE. I use Beige 60 in their foundation or  color coded 3Y09 in Sephora Yesterday I did a make over and the MA told that the LE Blanc is not for me, as it makes me look too pale and the base is not for medium skin. I did try the base as a layer over my moisturiser and didn't see the paleness she mentioned.   Now I am so confused if I should use this Chanel Base or try any other primer. Can you please recommend a primer from Sephora for my oily skin tone that acts as a good primer for my chanel foundation.   Thanks so much
I was hoping you all could give me some advice.  I have been using Bare Minerals Matte Powder foundation and Mineral Veil.  I used to love it but it doesn't seem to be providing the coverage that it once did.  I want to try some new makeup but don't know where to start.  I have acne prone skin- I always have.  I also have large pores- passed down from my mother.    I use Simple foaming soap at night to remove my makeup and a washcloth with warm water in the morning to clean any overnight oil off before applying my makeup.  If my face leans towards the drier side I will use Simple gel moisturizer, but even that tends to cause breakouts.    Any suggestions would be really appreciated!!! 
I need a foundation that is full coverage but i don't want the white cast from flash photography. Any help??
So I'm interested in learning how to contour, but every time I try to go at it it just seems to look like a line drawn down my face? I wonder if it's just because of the colour? In the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation I'm Gobi, paired with rosacea which results in me being ever so lightly (or heavily) rosy in my cheeks. Is there a certain type of brown I should be using for contouring? Or should I be leaning towards more of a suntanned type colour?   Ahh this contouring thing is so hard. 
Hello ladies!   I am currently looking to purchase some contouring products (highlighter, bronzer, brush, etc.) and would like to know what you recommend! I'm still learning when it comes to contouring, so I need products that I can learn with.
What is good to wear on a oliy skin under makeup?
If I were to get the wrong color foundation from here is there any chance that I could send it in or like take it to the store to swap it? 
Hi! I want to try the Nars concealer that everyone raves about next year (trying to wait to build rouge points). In the store the lightest shade they had is the one that matched the inside of my arm. Is that possible? It says fair skin but I have medium skin color. Thoughts? 
Looking for a starter kit for highlighting and contouring. If it has a blush that's included, that would be icing on the cake. I have very pale skin, very dark hair, and blue eyes. Any recommendations??
I use Urban Decay Naked Foundation and blend shades 2.0 and 3.5 together. Any recommendations for what shade of UD 24/7 concealer pencil would suit me?
Hey all,   I'm currently debating between the benefit cheeky sweet palette, the tarte pin-up girl palette, the NARS virtual definition palette, and the hourglass ambient lighting blush palette.   I already have one of the hourglass blushes and I have hoola from the benefit palette.   Does anyone have any thoughts about these palettes?  What's good, what's crappy etc?  I'd love to hear any thoughts about any of these.
so i figured this would be the easiest way to list suggestions instead of hunting down threads where you have spoken about it i actually had an idea and i am not sure if you have tried it yet... i emailed koh gen do a while back and received a ton of foundation samples from them, some of them were a pearl white makeup base... i was wondering if maybe you could mix something like that with a foundation that is really close to working for you? it could be like a science experiment haha. not sure if it would really work, or if it would even be worth it, but it might be fun
I have combination/oily olive-toned skin and am currently using MAC studio fix pressed powder. I've always loved it, but I'm finding it smudges off my face pretty easily and isn't as helpful for hiding little imperfections. I'd like to try a liquid foundation that will give me a good amount of coverage so I can avoid a concealer. I'd also like one that has a matte finish and is long-lasting and will NOT rub off easily. Any ideas? Thanks guys!
That's a long title. I'm looking for a Tinted Moisturizer/BB Creme with SPF for a cruise I'm going on in May.....I like to start the hunt early and I still haven't used the $25 off 50.   The 0.5 Naked Skin Foundation is the perfect color match and the Sephora Color IQ says that is a 2Y02.....but it's matching me to a near middle shade in the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and that really  doesn't seem right. I figured I'd need the absolute lightest shade, but I've never used that product.    I also wondered if anyone used/liked/disliked that product. I have pretty good skin so I don't need much coverage, some is nice. I have normal skin but was looking at the Oil Free version. Any other product recommendations welcome!   Sorry girls, I know color questions can be annoying. But the color IQ seems....shifty.
I was one of the Lucky BeautyTalker's who was gifted the New line on makeup by Perricone MD from Sephora. And i wanted to share my thought on it. For starters i am a Medium-Tan skintone, and i do have fairly dry skin. I have worn the products for 3 days now and i have a pretty good idea of how they are.   Here is a picture of what i received. I was sent an extra No Foundation Foundation instead of the No Foundation Foundation Serum. So i kept the extra in the box. I won't be able to review the serum but i'm sure there will be others posting their reviews.   No Foundation Foundation - I received both shades, And the second one is a good match for my skin, The first shade i can work with, I add a drop of the Bronzer and it's also a good color match. This is a runny liquid texture, and it is a sheer coverage. One layer definitely evens out my skin, covers redness, and is not detectable on my skin at all! Unfortunately i have a little hyper pigmentation right now, so i do need 2 layers. And with that second layer it bumps the coverage to medium, and still looks very natural on my skin. I think the 2 big things i don't like is the smell, But it's a personal preference, And it's a little sticky on the skin. I have been setting with a light powder but my nose got a little oily at the end of the day. So today i am trying it the MUFE setting powder.But i do overall like this. If you have relatively good skin with nothing major to cover up, this is a great product. It's so lightweight, and undetectable on the skin!  Here is a picture of both foundations swatched, taken outside. (The one on top of Shade 2, Bottom is Shade 1)   No Blush Blush - I'm in LOVE with this. It is a beautiful color. I apply this by dotting it on the back of my hand, and take a blush brush to carefully applying it to my cheeks. I can't use my fingers for cream/liquid blushed because i tend to go all over the place. But using a brush works for me. It blends like a dream!   No Bronzer Bronzer - As i said already i mix this with the lighter foundation, and i also use this after foundation like i use my regular bronzer. Which is to contour lightly around the face. Like the blush, it blends so beautifully. And i can build it up with a second layer to get more color, and it's still such a natural look!   No Concealer Concealer - I LOVE this. It's the perfect shade to really brighten up my eye area. I'm not a huge concealer Guru, I haven't used many for my Under eye area because i don't have dark circles. But i don't think i can go back to not using it! I see myself purchasing this when i run out! I feel like it is a very sheer coverage, so if you need a full coverage concealer, this might not be the one for you.    No Lipstick Lipstick - Again, I LOVE this. I feel like i would purchase this when i'm out! I love the color, and it's very hydrating! I use a lot of sheer lipsticks/balms instead on lipstick lately, and i'm just in love. I've also tried patting a little of the blush on my lips and then applying this, and it's GORGEOUS.    Here is a picture of all of them, taken outside.  Left to Right- Lipstick, Bronzer, Blush, Concealer    No Mascara Mascara - I think the wand it pretty neat, but i'm still very unsure how i like this. I think the problem is there is too much product on the wand, I think i need to wipe it off. I need to play around like it more. So if you have any tips on that please share!    I don't know if this is going to help anyone, but hopefully the swatches might! Overall i really like the makeup. I think the main problem is the lack of shades. Hopefully Perricone will expand it, but if the color works for you, i think these are great products to try! My top recommendation is for the lipstick, and blush! They are gorgeous!