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Just purchased this product tonight. I've heard great thing about the Hourglass line. Would love to hear from anyone who has tried this
Hello! I have a question I am sure is asked a lot. I am having trouble finding a foundation, well kind of. I was matched in store for MUFE Mat Velvet+ in No. 20 Ivory. I do really like this foundation but since its summer I went back in to find something a bit lighter looking and a more natural finish. (I have Combo Skin that gets oily through the day on the forehead). I was matched with the tool they have now and was told I was 2Y04. Well now I am really lost, how do I know what color I am and how do I go about finding a shade for me with out having to go and try them all on and not get pushed into one I don't really like. When I go to find my color matches through the foundation I already have it comes up with 1R03 and a totally different set of colors. Now I have also gotten my hands on MUFE HD in 115 Ivory and it also looks good on me. So If you can help me out I would much appreciate it. 
I want to get into contouring and I have light skin with pink undertones. I've heard good things about Anastasia's Contour Kit and Smashbox's as well but I'm at a loss here.   What are your recommendations? Am I better off buying a highlighter and bronzer (I don't want orange!) or going for a kit. Do the kits work well for light skin? From reviews I've read I think kits tend to lean more towards medium complexions?   Let me know what you recommend as far as products go. I prefer matte powders.Thanks!
Hello makeup lovers!   I'm looking for a new blush, but I have some requirements: 1) must come with a brush, for touchups on the go 2) powder, since I use powder foundation 3) nice natural tone, prefer pink or peach, I have fair skin (I wear MUFE Mat Duo in shade 200, can't remember what I am in MAC, maybe NC20?)   I recently tried Clinique - while changing nothing else in my routine - and after 2 days had two large blemishes. I tend to be sensitive/break out on my upper cheeks just below the orbital bone (redness, small blemishes, clogged pores). I'm very careful about washing my brushes and with my skincare routine, so going to chalk this up to either blush (or maybe my Nars undereye concealer?).   Here's what I'm considering - what do you recommend? Any other brands? Lancome Blush Subtil (regular or shimmer) Shiseido Luminzing Satin Face Color Givenchy Le Prisme Blush ($30 is usually my limit, but willing to try this)   Thanks in advance!
I have pale skin with yellow and red tones that are pretty much hidden when I wear foundation, what is the best color of blush to wear when wearing red lipstick? I have dark hair and eyes.
Hey everyone, I need a good concealer to cover up my hyperpigmentation/dark spots and I heard this one was full coverage. I just wanted to see if people on here thought it would be a good concealer for my problem areas? 
I recently ran out of luminizer/ highlighter and was wondering if meteoirtes would work as a good replacement? If not what is a good suggestion? If so what color, I have very fair skin and freckles.
Algae brightening mask.jpg
What are your recommendations for a product (not foundation) that will give me a glow-ey sheen (but NOT GLITTERY/COLORFUL)?  
I used to use LORAC PERFECTLY LIT OIL-FREE LUMINIZING POWDER in Spotlight - it's sold out everywhere - and I've heard rumors it is being discontinued.  I realize Sephora no longer carries the line and Kohls now does, but again, I can't find my fav luminizer anywhere.  Ugh!!!!  I need some Sephora help!  Pretty please!  I have a medium colored skin tone (yellow undertones) so gold tones tend to look more natural than pink ones - need recommendations on what other options to try to replace my old fav product.  I have tried a bunch of things thus far and haven't had a lot of luck.  I don't want anything too glittery.... help... And thanks in advance!
Hello All!   So a little about me.. I am 25, am more Oily-skinned than not, very very fair and never tan. usually have at least one or two blemishes - I dont think i can ever remember a time when i had clear skin.   I usually used Revlon colorstay on a day to day basis, and something like MUFE or MAC for special occasions.    I am headed to the wonderful Disney World in humid, muggy, HOT Orlando soon, and need some makeup help. I want something that provides some coverage for my uneven skin + blemishes, but nothing too heavy. I would prefer something I didnt have to touch up as often etc. can anybody offer a suggestion?   On a side-note... I would love to eventually phase out foundation all together. what would you recommend for doing that? I have horrible self esteem when it comes to my face and I feel like that is my main setback...   I look forward to reading your suggestions!
Help! For years the only foundation that has worked for me is Bare Minerals matte and either my skin is getting used to it or my pregnancy hormones are in overdrive since it's starting to make my pores look larger now and starting to cake after a few years of use.   I have red sensitive skin with acne scars and large pores. My skin tends to soak up my makeup throughout the day if it's NOT Bare Minerals and then I break out. I can usually use any powder on top. I always moisturize and use a primer beforehand.   What is a good foundation and primer that I can use for my skin? I've tried Nars, Urban Decay Naked, and MAC foundations but I always come back to Bare Minerals Matte. Any suggestions on primer, too?   Currently using: Bare Minerals Primer, Bare Minerals Matte Finish Foundation, Nars Powder Foudation for powder or Halo Hydrating Powder.
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Im wondering what products I should use to get a dewy look like Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2??         Thank you 
I have pretty good, mature skin.  Not too many blemishes or marks, and I'm quite fair with blue eyes.  I am having trouble finding a good summer face makeup that will cover my little bit of redness, and stay on my face!  With the humidity in New York everything is just melting off.  Even powder isn't really working.....I've been trying a tinted sunscreen with Bare Minerals over it, but the coverage isn't very good...Any ideas??
Hi BT Buddies!! Here is my dilemma--I have used Jane Iredales pressed and loose minerals, I like both, but the pressed just doesnt give me enough covereage. I want a pressed foundation that gives medium/buildable coverage. I haven't tried BM Ready yet, but I did use the loose in Fairly Light. I recently tried the IT Cosmetics one and like it but it was too yellow so back it went. I need a fair with COOL undertones--no yellow. I have combination skin, tends to get oily T zone... I  welcome any suggestions! Thanks in advance!
The Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation changed the names of the shades.  Does anyone know what the name of SP40 is now?
My skin is very oily and I am trying to find a foundation that works really well for my skin and I recently purchased BECCA foundation from Sephora but now I just want to find a drugstore makeup for now and I don't know what to get. Any recommendations?
I want to share my Clarisonic mia with hubby, by using different brush, what brush would be good for his skin?
I dont wear foundation at all but hâve to for my job. I would like oné that doesnt make my face feel heavy . I also hâve oily skin and wouldnt like oné That builds up the oil on my skin , and where i could still look good wearing my eye-liner and mascara.
I'm looking for a product to replace my Marc Jacobs Close-Up (302) Lightshow Luminizing Powder. I bought one near the end of last year and have been trying so hard to make it last but I'd rather just find something else to use when this is over that I can always find. Multiple products that are similar in each shade would be fine, but I prefer palettes. Or if you have any suggestions for different colour highlighters, etc! I have fair skin, hazel eyes and dark brown hair. Hope someone can help me, thanks!
Need advice on picking a full coverage foundation that won't look cakey...i do have some skin imperfections but for the most part it's pretty clear, combination skin oily/dry...Don't want to look like I layered it on...I've used MUFE Matte Velvet and I've  tried MAC products... 
Can anyone help me choosing a shade, please?  I am an nc 20 light skin with yellow undertone.  In dior nude I use 021 linen,  Thank you!
Hi there, I need suggestions on liquid & powder foundations that have a matte finish, that are best for oily skin and don't cause breakouts.   More about my skin: I have yellow undertones, dark circles underneath my eyes (not extremely dark), I also have a few blemishes on my skin, & throughout the day I mainly get oily on my tzone.   So far I have tried Tarte (not a fan of the powder) and Kat Von Ds Lock it liquid foundations, which so far I like but I like to try new things. I don't use primer, I have tried the Benefit flawless, and the smashbox primer which I didn't like. I felt like it made my skin more oily. So if you have suggestions on primers or concealer for my dark circles that'd be great !!
My sister is looking for a BB cream and is trying to keep it drug store since she is in high school and doesn't want to splurge. What BB creams do you guys like? She has somewhat dry skin. 
The website says refills will be available soon, will these be available at Sephora? I'm scared to use this amazing palette too much
If my make up forever HD foundation shade is 128 what shade concealer should I purchase ?
I was wondering when the new contour kit by Anastasia was going to hit Sephora stores and if I could get on a waiting list in store now?
Would you please recommend waterproof (beach, pool, swimming) makeup from foundation or cc cream to eyebrow makeup. I have acne-prone skin, so I want to be careful with what I put on. My skin is oily and tone is medium. I am currently using Clinique's CC cream and Smashbox foundation. Thanks  
I am being seduced by the cheek and bronzer brushes by Tom Ford, but each is so bleepin' expensive I'm not sure I could justify the price.   Then again, I'm looking for the dreamiest, softest blush brush and all-over face powder brush. Are these what I'm looking for? If not, which one(s) do you prefer?