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Hi, I have very oily skin and a lot of breakouts, I am looking into either the Too Faced coco face powder or the Lock-it face powder by Kat Von D, but not sure which one would cover up and help with my oily skin Help!  
I visited Sephora for the first time today, and I am hoping to go back tomorrow to pick up the Tarte liquid foundation. I have seen good reviews on it on Instagram and im curious as to what Sephora shoppers opinion's are on it before i purchase it. I also have a hard time finding the correct color for my skin. Please help!!
Hey guys.. I am looking at trying some tarte products.. What would you recommend.  I have heard great things about Tarte's foundation. I wear Laura Mercier - Rose Ivory foundation, and her Nude TM, I also wear Smashbox 1.2   What shade should I try in Tarte?   
I know lots of you guys use face primers and some wonder if the primer you are using actually clogs your pores and breaks you out! Well, in case you haven't noticed most all primers contain "Dimethicone" or "Mineral Oils", including foundations. STAY away from those ingredients if you have sensistive skin that clogs easily.    Products to try- Koress face primer free of silicones   If anyone has primers to suggest please comment below! 
I have rosacea and my dermatologist recommended using a green based foundation to calm down the redness. I currently use Bare Minerals is this a green based foundation? What do you recommend? I like using a powder.
Does anyone have experience with Make Up For Ever Super Matte Setting Powder and/or CoverFX Matte Setting Powder? I'm trying to find a product for a person who lives in a humid area of the South. Early 20's, acne-prone skin, med-dark skin tone. Has anyone found either of these powders to be too flat? Any other comments on them?
Hi everyone,   I could use some major help in trying to find a foundation match.  My skin has a definite yellow undertone.  When I get matched at Sephora, my result is 3Y05 which matches me with what I currently use, MUFE HD in #120.  However, when I went to MAC, I was matched with the Pro Longwear Foundation in NW15.  The MUFE foundation clearly has yellow undertones to match, but to me it makes my face look even more yellow. I understand that the NW at MAC means it has pink undertones and is meant for cooler skin, but it seemed to work for me?  I don't quite understand which type of undertones I should be looking for and I would like to find a better match for my skin in the MUFE HD foundation.  Should I try one that has more of a pink undertone or stay with the yellow that my natural skin tone is?  I appreciate any advice!!! Thank you!
Has anyone tried, or know anyone who has tried, both? They both have great reviews, but one is more than double the price of the other. I'm wondering other than cost what the biggest difference between the two is. Thanks!
does anyone want anastasia brow powder?  I have in ebony or brunette.  I hardly used them  I also have illamasqua brow powder in vehement.  They are free...I will ship them to strings attached!  I just don't want them to be a waste since I found my go to brow gel now.
I have been trying to get myself out of a minor depression since KVD discontinued her primer. I wondered if anyone tried the new Tarte primer or the the new too faced primer with it?  
I recently bought the KVD Lock it tattoo foundation, I have the UD good karma optical blurring brush but my makeup ends up looking somewhat "cakey". I use the smash box photo ready primer before foundation, mufe hd micro finish powder and UD all nighter setting spray after foundation.. I use about 1 pump of foundation for my whole face if that helps. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. 
I bought it in April and left it at my mum's house. I recently went to my mums a month ago and found it. Now it's too light for my skin tone. I still have the receipt but I bought it in April. Is it too late to return?
Hey lovelies, So i know a lot of you own the original contour palette and love it... personally for me, it was too warm and not true "contour" colors other than fawn. I own shadowy from mac and its definitely too deep for every day use, and i was going to purchase sculpt... but do any of you suggest any of her new colors from the customizable palette? (She released a ton on her site!)   you can drag and drop shades to create your own so it would be awesome if you could suggest the shades that are true contour colors... and if there are none, i will go for my sculpting powder   Thanks for any feedback on this palette! 
So I am 42 with oily/dull /acne prone skin with hyper pigmentation. (Sound fun) I use my Clairosonic followed by Ole Henricksen products.  I have used BM oil control primer (nice) pore fessional (not too big of a fan) and smashboxs light ( verdict still out on this one) oh also LM mineral primer (nice)  So first looking for a suggestion for a primer for oily skin, again currently just bought smashbox light. Foundation I wear BM matte (nice) and or MUFE duo compact, and I could go on with the foundations I have but those are the most used right now.  i am always jealous when I see a woman with that supple skin, not too dewy nor matte, but looks nicely moisturized.  I only have been able to achieve a matte look or oily look.  Looking for a suggestion on a foundation.  I have tried Tarte amazonian clay, and surprisingly looked extremely   oily with that too.  So if you say powder is the best way, I guess I will have to stick with that and use my Benefit high beam to  try to make it look not so matte.  I was curious how the Bobbi Brown stick is for oily skin.  It's listed under options on their site for oily skin, yet not good with the reviews.  Shade I am currently Sephora collection 8hr matte D33 (see, the list of foundations go on) 
I've been reading about how natural Bare Minerals makeup is.....I'm a bit nervous about using just a powder.....What do you think??
Hi there, I got invited to a wedding (night time) and I'm considering buying the laura mercier tinted moisturizer. This product has SPF 20, does anyone know if this product has flashback?
Hi BT Buddies!! Here is my dilemma--I have used Jane Iredales pressed and loose minerals, I like both, but the pressed just doesnt give me enough covereage. I want a pressed foundation that gives medium/buildable coverage. I haven't tried BM Ready yet, but I did use the loose in Fairly Light. I recently tried the IT Cosmetics one and like it but it was too yellow so back it went. I need a fair with COOL undertones--no yellow. I have combination skin, tends to get oily T zone... I  welcome any suggestions! Thanks in advance!
Riders!   I am looking at getting riding lessons, but I have never even put on a racing helmet, only ones for go carting with a head sock on. So my question is, will wearing a helmet rub makeup off? If I decide to not drive and ride everywhere instead, will I have to give up makeup?      
  So I am always on the hunt for that "Miracle in a Bottle" I went into Sephora to try a new foundation that I have not worn yet. (Which I have worn a lot) I am 42 with acne/oily skin. I find a powder foundation works best, but love the way liquid looks instead. I was matched to #33 in the 8hr mattifying compact in the Sephora line. It looked good when she applied my makeup. Just wondering why there is not much talk about this one. I have the MUFE Duo and I would compare it to that. (or when wearing it I won't?) I have yet to wear it, just curious if anyone that has used this likes or dislikes it. Also wear MUFE HD (stinks for oily skin, and yes I cleanse with my Clarisonic, use the Ole henriksen line and always use a primer, currently the oily free one from Smashbox) also use MUFE Duo compact. Never tried the mat velvet, don't know why. Aveda, and BM (matte formula) Also SA applied with brush, I have been using my BM Kabuki brush, shall I apply differently??
Just purchased sephora's 10 hr foundation and mattifying compact in light 23. Which color do i need to purchase the sephora 10hr fix and correct concealer?
So I've always used their matte loose foundation and while I love it I'm looking for something less "cakey" now with more of a beautiful sheer finish for my daily look.   I've tried their new Skin Brightening Liquid Foundation and it just makes me look old since it settles into my lines and pores. I wish that one worked out because the brightening concept was pretty awesome  : (   I see they have this "Ready" foundation? What are your thoughts on this foundation? Seems like it has good reviews but how does it compare to their loose foundations? Would you use the loose mineral veil with it or the matching Ready Veil?
Urban Decay's Naked foundation in 4.0 is an almost perfect match to my skin. I chose the concealer pencil in FBI for my dark circles. The concealer covers the circles but I look like I'm wearing red eyeliner all around my water line like I just spent the night crying my eyes out. Am I going too light with my color choice or do I need a color corrector instead?
I have pale skin with yellow and red tones that are pretty much hidden when I wear foundation, what is the best color of blush to wear when wearing red lipstick? I have dark hair and eyes.
The lightest Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation is still too dark for me and I was wondering if there were any good dupes for this foundation and the wonderful formula it offers. I heard the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr was good, any thoughts?
i was wondering what concealer would be good to put over the bobbi brown corrector, without spending a lot and that would be a dupe for the bobbi brown concealer that you're supposed to put over the corrector and would last all day?
I have pretty good, mature skin.  Not too many blemishes or marks, and I'm quite fair with blue eyes.  I am having trouble finding a good summer face makeup that will cover my little bit of redness, and stay on my face!  With the humidity in New York everything is just melting off.  Even powder isn't really working.....I've been trying a tinted sunscreen with Bare Minerals over it, but the coverage isn't very good...Any ideas??
My skin is very oily and I am trying to find a foundation that works really well for my skin and I recently purchased BECCA foundation from Sephora but now I just want to find a drugstore makeup for now and I don't know what to get. Any recommendations?
I noticed there's one in 3 different shades for $60 and one for $70 with a pouf.  What's the difference and which one does a super fair girl like me need?