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I have pale skin with cool undertone (Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation 42). I need something that won't glitter like crazy but give me a nice shine. I was thinking about getting the Shiseido Medusa Highlighter (which I'd have to order in Canada since it was discontinued). Thanks.
I've always tended toward lighter coverage foundations, but lately I've been making my way through my sample stash and I realize I also really like the more flawless look that full coverage gives.  But the ones I've tried so far are incredibly matte and seem to dry my already dry and sensitive skin out further, even when I use a hydrating primer and more hydrating products on top.   Are there any fuller coverage concealers that have more of a dewy look and that don't feel as drying?
Hey all....does anyone have a product recommendation that is like Mineral Veil (gives healthy "glow", not sparkle and shine) that DOES NOT contain bismuth oxychloride? Loved the look of Veil, but I cannot tolerate bismuth. Thanks in advance.
So i went to get some new poweder over the weekend. I have never been matched, other than at the other makeup place. I am an NW20. So i go to my local sephora and the SA pulled out a Medium light cool in the UD Naked Skin, which was what i wanted. I get out of the store and decide to try it and i look like a pumpkin!! So i go back on Sunday to return, and a different SA tells me oh no that color is all wrong! and gets me Becca in the color Buttercup. I didn't really try it yesterday because i already had on all my makeup and didn't need it. I get up this morning and get ready for work, and again I look like a pumpkin! What do i need to do?? I wanted the UD, but every time i go into this Sephora he always manages to upsale me on something else lol He is a great salesman, but the fact that i am walking around work today looking like i have a dirty face is no good!
I have been using the Luminous silk foundation for a while now and I love it so much. I have really dry and sensitive skin and I have found it works well for me. I was looking at the maestro though and am wondering some opinions on it... is it ok for dryer skin types? I like the idea that it is a dropper/serum/lightweight formulas but I don't want to purchase if it isn't good for me. I also don't live near a sephora that carries Georgio Armani in store.    Thanks!
Im kinda excited about this. Out now on nars, and will be available at sephora Feb 1, $48 comes with a pump   I hope to find a shade in this, gobi in the original sheer glow was too light and i think the next shade up was a touch dark   "This new formula creates instant polished perfection with full coverage in a single, weightless drop. Its uniquely fluid, oil-free formula defies the expectations of long-wear foundation, delivering full, natural-looking coverage with unexpectedly weightless, 16-hour wear. Ideal for all skin types and tones in 20 global shades that leave skin at its most beautiful. Yet this formula is also, dermatologist tested. fragrance, paraben, alcohol free. The innovative new formula features a unique Weightless Long-wear Technology that moves with skin, delivering up to 16 hours of wear while always feeling light-as-air and an Even Tone Technology that immediately neutralizes redness, dullness and discoloration to improve skin’s appearance over time."
Hi!   I'm a NC13 in MAC.. Would this be light 42 for the KvD?   Thanks!
I've been on the market for a contour kit for a while now, its practically the only item i do not own. I was excited for the ABH contour kit to come out, since they have two shade options, but i've only heard mixed reviews. Maybe my mind is just intimidated by the apparent darkness of some of the darker shades in some of these kits, but has anyone else had any luck?
I went to Sephora today to grab a replacement Silk Creme foundation, and there were two different looking tubes mixed on the display. There were a few colors only available in the original looking tube, and a few with a newer looking design. My color was only there in the new tube, so I decided to get it. The only difference I can see is that this is called Oil Free Photo Edition, and the color is a little warmer and more yellow than my standard Cream Ivory shade. On the box, this one says it is meant for normal to oily skin types...sounds different to me? Has anyone seen this too? Thoughts?
Hello, I currently wear Lancome Bisque 5C liquid makeup. I am looking to add a powder to my bag. Would you recomend the Lancome dual finish powder for touchups and on the go? And if so, which color would I choose...Bisque 2? Thank you!
What's the best pore minimizer primer? I just have tried the benefit porefessional and its ok. Is there anything better than that?  Thanks 😘
I need a powder match to Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 2C1  
I'm the shade Fiji in the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation and I was wondering what shade I should buy in the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. 
Hey guys, I hope you can help me out with this! The scenario: I have extremely extremely pale skin. I have tried Sephora's Aerosol Foundation in Cream, Make Up for Ever Velvet Matte in Alabaster, Tarte's Amazonian Clay Foundation in Fair-Light Honey and Josie Maran's Powder Compact in 01- Fair/Light but everything has been too dark for me and it's getting quite frustrating to not have found a perfect match yet! I have even tested out some of suggestions listed under the ColourIQ, and low and behold, they are still too dark and/or orangey For all those with a similar issue, what foundation do you guys use and why? 
I currently have the Mac mineralized foundation and a prep and prime pen for highlighting. I find that my makeup does not last for me as it is mineralized and it wipes off my face very easily. Should I switch to maybe a foundation that isnt mineralized? However, I do like the fact that it is less harmfull on my skin. How is the Tarte line? Also looking for a under eye consealer and primer that may help my situation. Please help! What do you guys recomend? Thanks, Stefanie
Hey guys! So I was in the market for a good double sided brush seeing as they are the rage & literally everyone swears by how good they are. Confused between the Kat von d, Tarte, Urban decay one? any other brands that have the double sided face brush? And which is your experience is the best for like maybe contour as well as blending foundation? Any suggestions will be welcome
I'm so excited my first KA product has finally arrived. I tested it out last night, it is SO pigmented and feels a little bit dry. My question is, what tool do you usually use to apply it? Do you mix it with any other moisturizer or serum? If you do, please let me know which moisturizer works well this foundation? Thank you!
 I am: low maintenance, quite busy, and looking for the perfect match. No luck with makeup counter matchmakers, who insisted the had found the one for me, only to discover in natural light that they were far too pink or neutral for my yellow-toned skin. You are: easy to apply, oil free and non-irritating w spf. and although size doesn't matter(much), longish lasting most definitely does. Since my makeup regimen is composed entirely of powder+mascara, it's important that you're 'the one'.  Any advice on who to consult, where to go or what to buy would be fabulous since (despite the Clinique ladyinsisting that "all Asian girls want to look more white!") I haven't given up hope you're out there
Which is the best corrector, Bobbi Brown Peach or Giorgio Armani Orange ??? I have dry skin, very minimal darkness but deep hollows. I use a full coverage concealer but need a corrector as well. 
I am trying to find a sheer coverage foundation, with a natural finish. I want the foundation to just even out my skin tone.  I do not like tinted moisturizer,  I tried the Nars Sheer Glow, but it look like a medium to full, so i did not like it. 
What's the best foundation and/or primer to minimize/hide pores? I've used smashbox pore minimizing primer, but no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks!
I'd like to try it but I don't know which shade (and unfortunately I don't have access to a store that carries KA).  Any suggestions?  My color IQ is 3Y07.  Thanks
Just curious on what everyone's favorite tool for foundation application is.    I swear by my beauty blender, but I've never used a brush, other than for powder foundations like bare minerals.   
"'As painters always start with a smooth, perfectly prepped canvas to ensure a perfect end result, makeup artists need unified, flawless even-textured skin as a the starting point for perfect makeup results every time. ' -Dany’s words.   Discover the first step of your complexion routine for a perfect result: STEP1 Skin EQUALIZER . Like a makeup booster, the new primers prepare the skin for a perfect complexion just like a painter prepares his canvas with a basecoat. STEP1 Skin EQUALIZER is an equalizer that can balance out every skin to provide perfect texture and the best possible base to apply foundation.   The new generation primer improves the skin texture with a lighting or transparency effect, without changing the carnation; it acts like a brightness modulator. The 6 formulas answer to 6 issues: shining, dehydration, dryness, redness, dilated pores and fine line, lack of radiance.   STEP1 Skin EQUALIZER is an entire range which allows tailor-made primers for each woman."     Has anyone tried these yet?  Looks like there's something for everyone.  I recently switched from my old Smashbox primer to Too Faced Primed and Poreless, and I feel like it just emphasizes my pores.  (Strange, because it gets such great reviews, but I swear they weren't this big when I used my old stuff.) I'm interested in the Smoothing Primer.  I'm sure by the time my No Buy is over, there will be plenty of reviews, but I'm curious now!
What is a good face primer and foundation for oily skin and uneven texture (acne pitted scars) I am tired of foundations making my scars appear larger and more noticeable. I am using several products from the Nude Skincare line and that has helped a lot but now I just need to find the right primer and foundation to pair with it. I know that nothing I put on is going to make me appear flawless but there has to be some makeup out there that helps minimize the appearance of my scars. My current routine in the am is: nude skincare serum, Sephora matte moisturizer w/spf, Clinique super primer (I just received a sample of this), Lancôme pore minimizer (I recently purchased this to use just for filling in the pitted scars that are mainly on my cheeks) and MAC pro-long wear foundation.
how to use facial primer? i just got some and have no idea how to use it. Thanks, Sarah
Hi! In the Nars concealer, I'm the shade Honey. It's a bit too pink for me and I want to try out the MUFE concealer, mostly because it has a WAY better shade selection. I'm normally light-medium and have constantly rosy cheeks, so the concealer needs to be around neutral-warm for it to be natural-looking at all!  Any help? -Katie
i want to buy the new urban decay concealer online and im not sure which shade should i buy, in the urban decay foundation i use the color 4.0
Is matte or dewy / glow make up in for 2015?   Right now i use do not use foundation, but use some bronzer / blush with a little face powder over it to set.  Its more of a matte look.  If a dewy look is in, how would i get that?  Do i need to drop the face powder? I feel like it does keep the blush bronzer better throughout the day. Thanks
You no longer carry Hourglass Oxygen Foundation Mineral Powder No. 3 0.46 oz  , is there another product you recommend with color matching?  I don't have time to get to a store any time soon and I'm quickly running out!  Thank you.