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I recently purchased 'Dior skin Forever Compact Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup SPF 25' from Sephora store.  I realized the box had a sticker on its product name, and when I pulled the sticker out[out of curiosity], I see that SPF 25 is erased on the sticker.  What does this mean? Does it mean that Dior Forever Compact Flawless perfection powder is NOT SPF 25?  
So I recently purchased the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation in Buff N (210).  I initially thought it was going to be too light for me (in color), but surprisingly, it blended really well.  I need advice on the best way to apply this foundation.  The first time, I didn't use a primer at all since I don't have super oily skin, but more combination, and I know some of these full coverage foundations can really stick to dry patches.  I applied it with a damp Beauty Blender.  Kept me pretty matte, but the coverage wasn't great at all.     The next time I used the Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Treatment primer, my holy grail primer (again applying with a damp Beauty Blender), and I was OILY about 5 hours into the day, which is unusual for me...usually my T-zone gets oily, but not my whole face...it's like my makeup slid right off.   I'm thinking of trying it with the Hourglass Mineral Veil primer and a buffing brush rather than the Beauty Blender.  If I want GOOD coverage and to STAY matte...would this be a better combo?  Or should I forego primer altogether with this particular foundation (again, keeping in mind I have combination skin, so I have propensity for dry patches in the winter)?   Oy, the trials and tribulations of full coverage foundation application lol....
My friends in different locations of Sephora have gotten color-matched for different foundations and were given samples with the help of a worker.    *This is going to be a rant, sorry I shouldn't feel any anger but yet I do   So I went to my closest Sephora with a friend and I wanted to get find the right shade for 3 foundations (Urban Decay, Lancome, Laura Mercier for combo/oily skin) and get samples of them to try to see if they last on my face instead of buying full sized and returning them...   When I got colored IQ it didn't work well because it said my shade is ebony and I'm a pale to medium yellowed toned Asian...so I couldn't really use the number to find shades on my own...    I'm not confident in finding the right shade by myself, which was why I wanted to get help ...   They could have  just told me straight up in the first place that they were not allowed to check my color for 3 different things instead of walking away immediately after giving me 1 sample of the first foundation (I said wanted to check for all 3) and when I came back an hour later because I just assumed they were so busy they forgot to help me look for the next 2 brands) asked again.  A worker who went to look for help found the same person who gave me my first sample and they stared at me and were possibly talking behind my back.  They told me to wait again and I was said okay, I don't really mind. So, I awkwardly browsed and pretended I didn't notice the  weird looks from those  workers. There were other workers there not attending to other peoples' needs.  I wondered if they wanted me to wait so long that I would give up and leave.  Later someone else asks if I needed anyone and I told her I was just waiting, so I don't need anymore assistance ... and she was like I'm going to find you someone now and then I followed her and got stuck through people (the location is pretty small so it gets crowed easily with strollers and kids)  and she was with the same person who gave me my first sample ( who possibly talked behind my back while occasionally glancing at me)... When I got my 2nd sample after she found the right shade and i asked if could get a shade from Laura Mercier's Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer she told me couldn't serve me again and I would have to guess myself but anyone could get me a sample of it...Of course I apologized but I wished she told me before so I didn't have to wait like an idiot.   I never got a full makeover, the worker just put some of the foundation on my cheek to check the shade and never offered me the stuff to remove it again...I just quickly put hand sanitzer on my face (I kept finding alcohol instead of remover ahhh)  because I just wanted to make a quick purchase and get out...     I was going to buy some stuff from Marc Jacobs and Bosica but after feeling like an Idiot, I just bought the cheapest thing I could buy to compensate them giving me service so it wasn't a total waste of their time....    Sorry if I was being an Idiot, I thought it would be silly for me to  make myself drive to the mall 3 days in a row just to find the right shades but with the service I received I don't think I won't spend my money there for awhile...     Thanks for reading long post...rant over... cooling off... 
What would be a match for this, if i wear mufe hd in 117 and UD in 2.0? I am wavering between a 1 & 2'   My coworker showed me her 1.0 and it seemed like a good match. I am looking to go and get samples later
Hello! I am looking to match the MUFE full cover concealer to my MUFE HD foundation in #117. Any suggestions?
My only problem while doing makeup is dark circles, i dont have any marks on face, but my dark circles, i look like panda i am currently using Nars liquid concealer, i like it, but i'm eyeing on this palette, for my dark circles and contouring, i need fellow BTers review. should i pick it? Plz suggest. I am looking for dark palette 4.   http://www.sephora.com/5-camouflage-cream-palette- P12630?skuId=873471
 My face is darker and oily then the rest of my body should I go lighter on foundation to match the rest of me?
Hello!   I am a beginner who would like to learn how to highlight and contour. I typically don't wear a lot of make-up just mascara and eyeliner, but would like to add definition to my face. For a beginner what are the basic or main items that I would need to highlight and contour my face (such as brushes, foundation, primer, etc.)? Any particular items that anyone would recommend for a beginner that is a reasonable price since I am just starting out? In addition, my face is normal but because of winter it tends to be on the dry side if that helps.    Thanks!
A little over a month ago I stocked up during the sale and bought an extra Urban Decay Naked Liquid Foundation, and a Smashbox Concealer. I am finally ready to open the boxes and start using them (my old product lasted much longer than expected!!). I am just curious - how long is it okay to have them unopened before throwing them out?    I've read a lot about how long to keep them when they are opened, but was curious if unopened makes any differences in time or if it gives it an extension as to when it expires. Sorry if this is a stupid question... just curious!
I was wondering if there are any foundations similar to Benefit Hello Flawless powder? Thanks
i don't wear any foundation, but i do like wearing bronzer, blush, and highlight but it NEVER stays on my face! after 15 minutes of applying it the products just disappear off my face, I'm having trouble finding a good primer to use does anyone have any suggestions?
I need a foundation that is full coverage but i don't want the white cast from flash photography. Any help??
Hi, all. I am, once again, having foundation issues. My skin has changed recently--lighter as winter has descended, and battling acne while a new medication takes effect. I've found that t he lightest shades in Estee Lauder DW and Lancome 24Hr are too dark for me. Revlon Colorstay in 110 Ivory is too pink. The foundation closest to my skin shade that I have Urban Decay in 0.5, but it’s not enough coverage--plus it's been awhile since I've worn it, and I haven't had the chance to see how it looks in a natural light source.  I've had Color IQ done at least six times, all with a different, too-dark result. It's fairly useless for my skin. I want to try Kat Von D’s line, but I'm not sure about shades. Light 42 or Light 44? I don't live near a Sephora store, so I can't really get samples--plus 42 isn't carried in stores anyway. Any advice or opinions?
To make a long story short, the only BB Creme I have found that matches my skin wonderfully is the Diorskin Nude BB Creme in 001 (Light). I'm currently looking for a great foundation for days when I need more coverage, and I wanted to find out if the Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear foundation in their lightest shade, 010, is a similar shade to the BB Creme in 001. I have quite pale skin with slight pink undertones, and I have trouble finding a foundation that doesn't appear too orange on my skin. I'm currently using the Make Up Forever HD foundation in 110 and while the color is great, I find that it's too powdery (it just sits on the skin and is too noticeable) unless I mix it with a moisturizer; and no matter what, it rubs off the skin too easily. If the world were a perfect place, there would be a foundation that is just like the Dior Nude BB Creme (which is not only a perfect color match but also seems to just sink right into the skin flawlessly) but which provides some more coverage. Hence, my question about the Flawless Perfection Wear that I have posed to all you wonderful ladies and men. I must add that the only Sephora that carries this foundation the "closest" to me is in Portland, and I cannot travel all the way there for this, unfortunately. I don't live there, or even remotely near there, anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hello everyone,   Recently I made a Makeup base purchase at the Chanel Counter in the Bay for my Chanel Mat Lumier Foundation. I was suggested by the SA to use LE BLANC DE CHANEL  -MULTI-USE ILLUMINATING BASE. I use Beige 60 in their foundation or  color coded 3Y09 in Sephora Yesterday I did a make over and the MA told that the LE Blanc is not for me, as it makes me look too pale and the base is not for medium skin. I did try the base as a layer over my moisturiser and didn't see the paleness she mentioned.   Now I am so confused if I should use this Chanel Base or try any other primer. Can you please recommend a primer from Sephora for my oily skin tone that acts as a good primer for my chanel foundation.   Thanks so much
I have medium-tan skin with yellow undertones. Recommendations for bronzers that give warmth to the face, I am envisioning more of a "golden goddess" kind of look. At this point I am considering Bobbi brown's bronzer in medium or nars laguna, but I am open to other suggestions! I have already tried toofaced chocolate soleil and hoola, and I am not a huge fan of either. Thanks!
I use Urban Decay Naked Foundation and blend shades 2.0 and 3.5 together. Any recommendations for what shade of UD 24/7 concealer pencil would suit me?
Has anyone tried this yet?  Does anyone have any application suggestions for fuller coverage?  I like natural looking foundation but I do have some acne scarring I need to hide.  I read a review that said to apply with a beauty blender but idk how i feel about using my beauty blender to apply powder foundation.  Have any of you guys tried this before?  I tried applying the NARS foundation with my Tarte airbrush finish foundation brush and I got an okay coverage.    
So my brother just asked me what i wanted for the holidays and I can't decide which one is worth the money.  While i love the colors of the blushes i already have so many that spending the money on this is a little hard. However i don't really highlight because i have a natural highlight on my cheek bones. Also, i honestly have liquid highlighters.  Thoughts? help?
Hi! I want to try the Nars concealer that everyone raves about next year (trying to wait to build rouge points). In the store the lightest shade they had is the one that matched the inside of my arm. Is that possible? It says fair skin but I have medium skin color. Thoughts? 
If I were to get the wrong color foundation from here is there any chance that I could send it in or like take it to the store to swap it? 
Ok so where I live the weather is officially cold. My skin gets dry and flakey BUT I still have oily skin. The foundation I'm currently using helps to control oil, but clings to my dry flakes. Would I be better off with a foundation for people with dry skin? But my skin still gets oily throughout the day confusing situation, but desperately need help. Thanks !!!
I heard about both of these foundations from Temptalia but I am just unsure which one is better of the two. It seems like they both have light-medium coverage, do you agree with this? If anyone tried either, is it worth me spending me the holiday gift card on?
That's a long title. I'm looking for a Tinted Moisturizer/BB Creme with SPF for a cruise I'm going on in May.....I like to start the hunt early and I still haven't used the $25 off 50.   The 0.5 Naked Skin Foundation is the perfect color match and the Sephora Color IQ says that is a 2Y02.....but it's matching me to a near middle shade in the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and that really  doesn't seem right. I figured I'd need the absolute lightest shade, but I've never used that product.    I also wondered if anyone used/liked/disliked that product. I have pretty good skin so I don't need much coverage, some is nice. I have normal skin but was looking at the Oil Free version. Any other product recommendations welcome!   Sorry girls, I know color questions can be annoying. But the color IQ seems....shifty.
What is good to wear on a oliy skin under makeup?
Hello,   I recently visited with my dermatologist and was prescribed differin to use on my acne spots. In the precautions, it worns to not mix this ointment with harsh chemicals. Using toner is part of my everyday regimin, but I am afraid my current toner is too harsh because my skin irritated and red. What toner would you reccomend to clean and brighten my face, yet be gentle enough to not cause irritation when combined with my acne treatment prescription?   Also, I am in the market for new bronzer. What would you reccomend for sensitive, acne prone skin?
highlighters part 1.jpg
hi i want hightihter for cheeks can any one tell me which is best and that actually make my gace glow
I currently wear Urban Decay Naked Skin in shade 3.5 and want to try the NARS Sheer Matte foundation. I tried to use the foundation matrix but the Sheer Matte didn't show up as a match at all. Any suggestions on what color to try? I'm not near a Sephora and will definitely have to order online. I believe my MAC Studio Sculpt is NC30 but I'm going to double check just for more reference.
what is a great sheer foundation I just want a little color any suggestions? I have combo skin