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Does anyone have any primer, foundation, concealer, and powder suggestions for dry skin? I also have red spots/acne and large pores I'm looking for a primer that'll smooth and hydrate my skin as well as make my makeup last all day. I'm looking for a foundation that is full coverage and won't cake on, or extenuate my dry skin.
looking for a good foundation, whether creamy or powder, that offers complete coverage for brown spots, and would last all day....
Looking for a good setting powder that wont dry out my undereyes. I didn't like the laura mercier translucent power or the RCMA
what is the best foundation for covering up roscea
Is it worth the $20 to buy the Real beauty blender (Pink one) or is the Real Techniques one just as good?
I have dry skin and I was wondering if this will make it look dewier and maybe more natural but not sure if it does the same thing.
What foundation does the best job not sticking to dry patches?
I recently went to a contouring class through Sephora and, since I have dry skin, I was advised to use the Anastasia cream contour pallet.  I absolutely loved it, the product was easy to use and looked great.  However, a couple hours after application, my face started itching.     My skin type is dry and sensitive and I use dermatologist approved moisturizers and cleansers but normal Tarte or Bare Minerals for my face.  I figured the Anastsia would be fine but maybe not?  Is there any advice on another good cream contour kit for sensitive skin?  Or should I put something in-between my foundation and the contour kit to help?   Thanks! Amanda
Hello I need some major help, lol My skin tone is pale, but yellowish and with lots of redness. I use the sephora primer, MUFE HD foundation and the Becca Concealer and Laura Mercier translucent setting powder. In selfies I look fine, but as soon as I take a pic with flash i look horrible, like a ghost, like I am wearing too much makeup, makeup that isn't the right color for me. is it just because the Flash pictures are HD+flash=horrible makeup? I looked up a few youtube videos, but they didnt really help. so I am posting my question here and will upload pictures... please help. what am I doing wrong? should i just wear darker foundation and concealer? but then it will be too dark in daylight...ugh I dont know   i have attached a few pictures so you guys can hopefully see what I am talking about . thanks in advance  
i love the look of contour but cant seem to conture properly, what are the best ways to learn and products to use
Hi, guys!   I live in the MIDDLE. OF. NOWHERE right now so I can't actually get to a department store, Sephora, Ulta, CVS....anything, which makes it impossible for me to find a matching foundation. I ordered a bunch of color samples from Choix to see if any match me, and of course, not a single one does. But I was wondering, if I swatched them (and some foundations I ownI) on me in natural sunlight and posted a picture, would anyone be able to help me out? Or just give opinions on what shades in any formula that I should look into?    It's a bit sad always looking like a floating head in photos. My face always looked either too dark or too pink! I think everyone understands the struggle to a point.
I have dark circles under my eyes & light to Medium skin tone . I think more Medium. What color would I get as a under eyes concealer. My stick doesn't have any number on it.
Hello ladies, so face powders have always been my issue. They are too expensive because I go through them really fast. A high end powder lasts me a month, two at the most. So even though I prefer to use high end makeup and don't remember last time being at drugstore, powders is the thing I only buy at Ulta and buy it super cheap. Right now I use Maybelline FIT ME powder. So my question is:   1) Do high end powders also last you that little? Is it just me? How do you save on powders? Because I never see them in sephora favorites sets, or gwps, or samples, or anywhere where we get goodies for free!   2) Any drugstore face powders you would recommend?   Thanks
Hi I currently use Merle Norman Lasting foundation. That stuff stays on! I live in a humid environment and am I outside a lot. I don't have time to stop and look at my face to see how oily it is or not. But I'm in a mood for a change. What foundation out there will stay matte, stay on, but not look or feel like I have a layer of foundation on? Thank you.
What is the best foundation for dry skin? I need moderate to full coverage. Thank you for your suggestions!
Do you male up for free at the stores? If not, how much does it cost
Hi everyone, I use "almost powder make-up, no 3-light" from clinique. I couldn't find it here and I can't go to any store (very soon mom-to-be) to check for an alternative. Could you advice me something comparable (similar price, easiness etc)? Also I would be grateful if you could also let me know which colour I should buy. As said, I can't go to a store and check for myself
I wear clinique cream whip #14 foundation what color would I wear in Tarte foundation  
Who wants to feel like they're wearing 10 pound of makeup on your face? Light as air and powdery soft, our Tinted Face Stick gives you that flawless, radiant finish - without clogging up your pores and feeling heavy!
What can I use to cover age spots and Rosacea?
I love Lancome's Teint Miracle foundation and the last time I purchased it, I used Buff 7(W).   Today, there were only six shades in the store, no 7W - I'm worried it's going to be discontinued... Although now that I've tried it at home, I realize it also smells different! I'm guessing it's also been reformulated and I don't like the scent...   I'm open to returning this and buying something new. Could anyone suggest similar foundations that are in the same price point? What I loved about TM is that it never felt or looked like I was wearing foundation - it's light and blends so well - but the formula was buildable and offered decent coverage. Any help would be much appreciated
If I am shade 117 in MUF foundation what would I be in the hourglass vanish stick?
I have been on the quest for the right foundation and I keep coming up empty... I'm looking for a build able medium coverage.   I have normal/dry skin and I feel like the products I've tried with a matte finish leave my face looking cakey and dusty. Has anyone with moderately dry skin have any hydrating recommendations that also won't leave me looking oily?   Thank you!
If I wore a #2 Porcelain in Make Up Forever Face and Body liquid foundation, what shade would I be in their new Water Blend line?
What shade would I be in Nars sheer foundation?! (Currently my perfect shade in Nars tinted moisturizer is Finland) I don't have a store near me so I order online.  My skin tone is definitely more yellow than pink.