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Looking for a drugstore powder to set my concealer under my eyes. I'm trying to get a bit more advanced in my makeup routine and love the highlighted eye area. Any ideas???
Any advice on makeup that won't leave me looking like a hot mess after labor? I looked like death after having my son and I hate my pics😞 any tips or favorite products that I'll help my makeup/look stay put?
I can't seem to find UD loose finishing powder on Sephora's website. Aren't you carrying it any more or it will be available anytime soon?
I would appreciate a recommendation for a replacement product for a discontinued one:  Guerlain's Terracotta Blush & Sun Sheer Bronzing Blush in "Sunlight 01."     I live  50 miles from the nearest Sephora, so don't have ability to make color comparisons in person.
So I like Studio Fix. Alot. BUT i don't like the chick at works the ONLY MAC counter where i live. Is there anything else that ya'll know of that may be comparable?
 I'm mac nc 20 for reference. I have normal/ combo skin but more on normal side, just a bit of shine in T-zone, we don't have sephora store in my country so I am getting it online. Hope it will match my shade and go well with my skin type.   Also for NARS creamy radiant concealer, should I go for Vanilla or Custard?   And last question, what primer should I use for my normal/combo skin under this foundation?   Thanks in advance!
I've used bare minerals powder makeup for 4 or 5 years now with no issues. Unfortunately I recently had some issues with a new skin care routine that caused breakouts so I had to get a topical treatment from my dermatologist that makes my skin dryer than usual. Now I have a problem whenever I apply bare minerals, my whole face looks even dryer and pieces of skin flake off. I use a primer, I always have, and I make sure to let my moisturizer set and my primer set before applying my makeup.   Is there any other way to reduce dryness when using mineral makeup? Is there a better brush to use? Otherwise I'm probably going to switch to a liquid foundation until my skin issues have been dealt with. I'd love suggestions on a liquid foundation/brush combo that won't make my acne prone, sensitive, dry skin worse as well.
I really love the highlighter that comes in the Urban Decay Flushed palette and I'm starting to run low. I'm hoping someone knows of another highlighter that is a dupe (doesn't matter if it's drugstore, mid, or high end) to that highlighter so I don't have to buy the whole palette when I run out. Help me
Just thought I'd post this for anyone who may be curious to try her foundation.. I've wanted to try it since it came out, but I have absolutely no idea what shade I'm in. She's now offering free samples to order from her site! Each set (light, medium, dark) comes with 4 shades each, so I'm sure there will be no trouble finding a shade, I just hope the formula is nice
Hi Everyone,     I want to buy a luminizer to blend in with my moisturizer or foundation and I've been looking at Clinique, Make Up For Ever, or NARS. Which one do you guys recommend? Thanks
Recently I've discovered the joy that is powder foundation. My main question is which you prefer: Bare Minerals Original or Matte? Or if you don't like either, what's your favorite powder foundation?   I've tried the BM Original and I like it but I'm not really a fan of it's sheen, however subtle it may be. I was considering the matte formulation instead to avoid this, but it doesn't have a single ingredient in common with the original. Also, I find my skin gets oily after just a few hours of wear of the original, which isn't really my favorite.
I am in search of a good BB cream suitable for medium complexion with slightly yellow undertone. Anyone of you has an experience of Burberry BB cream. How you like it and what is the undertone pink,yellow or neutral. Thanks
Hello beauties,   I want to buy Armani Designer Lift foundation. My hair is a blonde with reddish highlights and I have blue eyes. I am in the tone of spring colors.. can you suggest a color I can order
Hello Beauties - here is my question. I use Porefessional from Benefit to try and hide my pores. I find it helps but not 100%. Today I tried to use Hourglass Veil Primer and then the Benefit and then applied my YSL foundation with a Beauty Blender for the first time. It looks much better. Is it redundant to use the Benefit and the primer? Should I be skipping something or changing something to fill in the pores a bit better? Thank you all.
Hi Everyone!   Has anyone had an issues with breakouts after using the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel foundation? I've been using this foundation for roughly three weeks, and I've noticed I'm breaking out on my cheeks and t-zone. This is the only makeup I've changed lately and have kept the same skin care routine. I'm sad if it is this foundation as I really like the look and feel, but the breakouts are really starting to make me self conscious.   One another note, can anyone recommend a similar foundation in texture, coverage, etc? Thank you!
Hey, y'all. Very first post!   So here's the deal - I usually set my foundation (NARS Sheer Glow in Tahoe) in order to set it and avoid shine throughout the day. I ran out of my pressed powder recently (bought before my Sephora obsession days!) and I was wondering what pressed powders y'all recommended, and in what color?   Thank you!
I have dark under eye circles and also some acne scarring/dark pigmentation. I was looking for a full coverage concealer and foundation. I have normal/combination skin with a medium/light brown skin tone. I'm a beginner in makeup so any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.
I am a dancer and will be performing in a huge production this upcoming spring. I need a good water-based foundation that will cover my skin and stay in place. I was thinking about the Makeup Forever HD foundation but I'm not sure if it is water-based or enough coverage? Do you have any suggestions? (my skin is already a little dry)
All skin types!   So I've made the decision that I would like to start freelancing (ordered my business cards and everything!) and am in the process of putting a kit together. The things that are stumping me though are primers, moisturizers, and toners. So I figured I could look to you lovely ladies and gents for help and recommendations!   I need to know:   Skin Type: Favorite Toner(s) Favorite Moisturizer(s) Favorite Primer(s)   And of course, if there's something that you don't use, leave the space blank or replace it with something else (like a cleanser maybe?).   Thanks guys! <3 <3
I'm trialing a dry touch sunscreen from Neutrogena that a friend recommended, this morning was the first time I put it  on. I went straight from it to my foundation for some reason. I completely forgot about primer.  I usually put on a few drops of face oil, then primer, then foundation. I figured the sunscreen will replace the face oil, I'm not anticipating any problems from putting on the primer. I just forgot this morning.  It will work okay, right?
soo i have been seeing the hype all over youtube on these new mufe skin equalizers....im leaning towards smoothing,nourishing,yellow,and orange( to correct my under eye a bit) what do you guys think...any thoughts...have you tried any of these?
Hi All, did anyone of you saw Tamanna's contour class on Sephora Instagram  yesterday? What Brand's sticks she used to contour and highlight in that tutorial? Here is a shoot of that vid.   Thanks.
I hate wearing foundation but I want to contour and highlight using a powder c/h kit.  Can you still use this kit without foundation?  I tried and I couldn't blend it out at all but maybe there is some trick using a primer or concealer??
Hi, I am currently using the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation but I am considering changing it up. I dont like the fact that when I apply it even though I do not apply a lot it looks cakey and it makes my face look a little dry. I have acne scars and I also suffer with New Acne from time to time so I need something that is good for oily skin and has enough coverage. Any suggestions? 
I am trying to decide between the beige25 and nude. It is fairly hard to find a color for me. I am using the Chanel double perfection lumier in beige 30, but even that is a tad dark and oxidizes to a little bit of pink. I have neutral undertones I was told,  Clinique tends to turn my skin pink and mac orange. I don't know if that will help.
Help!! I have oily/combination skin, I'm in need for a medium/full coverage foundation that doesn't over dry the skin..and that can cover my acne scars on my cheeks?
Hi   I have a wedding out in Palm Spring and it's supposed to get 100 degrees! It's also partially outside. I usually wash my face, followed by my moisturizer(clinique), primer (smash box) then concealer(bars)/foundation(makeup forever) then loose powder, bronzer/blush and i finish with urban decay setting spray   I recently bought a tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 (laura mercier matte finish).   What's the best order so it stays the longest   1)tinted moisturizer  2)primer 3)foundation , etc   or should i do  1)primer 2)tinted moisturizer 3)foundation,etc
I recently finished my tarte loose face powder and decided to get Laura Mercier's mineral face powder which I'm not too sure about how I feel yet.    I saw that cover fx, makeup forever and smashbox make some loose ones as well.    which one have you tried and what did you like/ dislike about it?
   A few days ago i decided to buy georgio armani luminous silk and i got shade matched to 4.5 and i liked it but than i was looking at myself in the car and my face looked slightly pinker and different from neck and body and i just got paranoid and was taking photos over and over again outside but i kept seeing my face a different shade than my neck    so i decided to get rematched and i got matched to 5 and i was with my friend and we go outside and she says it looks fine and im looking at it and it looks good so im like okay its 5 but im doing my makeup at home and my foundation looks lighter than my neck i start comparing it to my other foundations which is fiji in sheer glow and on the website they are under the same iq number and they are both light on me but ive used fiji out in daylight and it looks good i match my neck and everything.    today while testing i did my makeup at night and used flash to take the photos and non flash and in the flash photos i look much lighter and i sorta look lighter when looking in the mirror but not so much.   should i be getting a darker shade for nars sheer glow i know i cant be punjab because ive seen punjab on others and its a tan shade but idk if maybe i should try 5.25 in GA(i dont want to try peachy or cool foundation shades)