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What is the new equivalent of MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation #N115? I noticed the labels/numbering is different. Thanks!
Like most girls I've been wearing makeup since jr. highish age and have always struggled finding the correct shade. I'm also very low maintenance and prefer super simple, easy to do makeup, but I've been dealing with severe adult acne and have started using makeup more and more to help cover up and draw attention away from my problem areas. I went to a Sephora store and was color matched as 1R05. I bought the bareMinerals matte foundation in fair and correcting concealer in light 1, which both match my skin wonderfully. I'm wanting to find blush and/or bronzer to do some simple contouring, but am totally lost as to how to choose the correct shade. Please help! Thank you.
 I posted about this on another board a moment ago, forgetting that the Customer Service board doesn't appear in the "feed."  I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen:   Okay, this is strange. I just received my order for the MUFE HD powder (full-size.) All my samples were there. My point perk was there. My promo code sample bag was there. The MUFE HD powder box was there. I picked up the MUFE box and immediately could tell it was way too light - sure enough it was empty! My item was not included. I just called the Rouge line and explained to a staff member. She is re-sending the powder, which I appreciate! And I still have my travel size in my purse to use while I wait. But I made a suggestion; I asked if she could report to this to the company. As awful as it is to suggest, I don't see how you could pick up the powder box to add it to an order and not KNOW it was empty. Could someone be stealing products? I'm wondering if I sounded horrible for suggesting it. :-( Good old human error is certainly a possibility. But if there is a pattern of products not reaching customers from a specific warehouse or whatever, that is worth an investigation.
Hi I recently purchased champagne pop and it didn't catch my interest like I thought it would. I feel like its not much of a glow. I'm light/fair skin tone color. I'm looking for something that will make my face pop and people can see the glow from a distance away. I like the josie maren illuminating wand stick its creamy texture gives my dry skin such a nice glow, I just feel the brightness doesn't stand out as much, Can anyone suggest any nice popping highlighters for decent price either creamy texture form or liquid, or any powder that will stand out. Thanks
I need advice! I want to get everything I need for face makeup. What are your suggestions?
With so many users looking for the right product to use on their fair/pale/alabaster skin, I thought it would be great to start a thread specifically for this.   Some of the main questions I see have to do with the following: - Foundation/concealer shades - Contouring - Highlighting   I'll be posting comparison reviews and photos of everything I can get my hands on with these categories, as well as any others that people would like to inquire about. If you'd like to give input as well, please list the following:   - Skin IQ/MAC ID/describe skin tone and undertones - Skin type - Foundation matches (make it clear what is a perfect match if you have one, and what is slightly off) - (optional, but highly helpful) Photos of your skin with and without makeup, swatch comparisons, etc. Please ensure there is proper lighting, with little colour overcast (like fluorescent lighting).     ME: Skin IQ: 1y02 (closest neutral "match") MAC: NC8-10 Skintone is very pale, neutral to cool toned, translucent, prone to burning and freckles. Some surface redness. Cannot tan whatsoever. Type: Currently normal/combo. Slightly sensitive. Prone to dryness/patches and oilier nose.   Foundation Matches: - Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer sx01 (99% match; more neutral toned, which evens out my redness perfectly) - CoverFX Custom Drops N10 (same tone as KA SS) - Dolce & Gabbana 60 Classic (perfect match) - MUFE HD Foundation Y205 (ever so slightly too light, but looks super natural with contour or blended with a drop of coverfx n10) - Giorgio Armani Luminessence (slightly cooler toned, great match though) - NARS Chantilly Concealer - DiorSkin Nude BB Cream 001 (slightly darker and too pink, but wearable, especially if wearing contour or bronzer) - KVD 42    Common recommendations that are too dark for me: Urban Decay Naked Foundation 0.5 (too dark for me, but would for for a tone darker than I) YSL (Touche Eclat concealer in 1.5 works though) GA  Hourglass  Tarte  EL  Too Faced Smashbox (fair is slightly too dark; would work for some a tone darker than I) Dior Foundations/serums (other than the one BB cream)   Too light: MJ Genius Gel cream 010     Foundation comparison swatches in natural light:   L-R:    Spoiler (Highlight to read) NARS Chantilly Concealer MUFE Y205 D&G Classic 60 KA SSE sx01 GA Luminessence CoverfX Custom Drops N10 DiorSkin Nude BB Cream 001 UD Naked 0.5   NARS Chantilly ConcealerMUFE Y205D&G Classic 60KA SSE sx01GA LuminessenceCoverfX Custom Drops N10DiorSkin Nude BB Cream 001UD Naked 0.5      Contour: WIP     Highlighting: WIP     Let me know if you'd like any other categories, would like more info, or have any questions!    
I'm looking for opinions from persons who have tried both Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous base in nude v. Laura Mercier Radiance Primer. Specifically the sparkle factor, longevity, and "feel". I like the subtle sparkle factor of the Burberry, it makes it through a 12 hr stretch well, and it doesn't leave me with a "tacky" feel. I haven't tried the Laura Mercier, it interests me more due to it's availability (why is Burberry Always out of stock Sephora?) and the lower price point. The biggest turn off for me would be if it was a glitter bomb. So whats the verdict BT, is the LM a reasonable dupe for the Burberry when taking these preferences into consideration?     
Hello, I really want to purchase a contouring and highlighting pallet. I want to know which would be best for me and how to apply it correctly since i've never done it before. Please help.
Any good concealer that will hide under eye dark circles. Any suggestions?  
The brushes I've tried just seem to separate or the bristles clump together. Any suggestions?
So when I put on my foundation is makes my skin look very unnatural and like I'm wearing a ton when in reality I'm not putting a lot on.(appears cakey and pores can be very visible) I am currently using Nars Sheer Glow Foundation.. just curious if anyone can help me out with my problem.
I'm having a hard time getting color matched my color iq is 4y09 and I purchased the new Marc Jacobs foundation they gave me shade 36 I feel it's too light my mac foundation color is nc37. Any recommendations on what Marc Jacobs color I should get
I am looking for a new blush. What is your favorite brand of blush from sephora? Also, any specific color suggestions? I do not like anything too pink. I like more of the plum/ginger colors. A hint of pink is okay.
I am currently using two different foundations (not two different shades, two brands) because my skin can be so different depending on which part of my face we're talking about.  Do you think you could help me?  Here's what I need (and I'm not worried about shade - I'm quite fair, so I tend to choose light and just use a light bronzer to add some colour).   Chin - Prone to breakouts, blackheads (oily)   Nose - Prone to occasional breakouts, but corners are dry and flaky   Cheeks and Forehead - Normal   Under Eyes - Fine lines, puffiness      Also, my skintone is super uneven. Between freckles, redness around my jawline, and fair skin, I am all over the map! Because of this I like full coverage.   Although I have to be careful of moisture in foundation, due to the breakouts, I find a dewey or "radiant" look looks much better than a matte look for me (I'm 35 by the way).   So, do you think of a product that can take care of all that?   Thanks! Sonia    
I tried the MUFE HD foundation for the first time in the store and loved the coverage and how it looked on me. HOWEVER, after like 15 mins, it started looking dark on me . In store it looked like the shade was perfect for me, but do you think I should go a shade lighter? Should I try for some other brand. P.S: The sephora associate did not apply any primer/moisturizer beneath the foundation. TIA.  
I can never find the right shade of foundation for myself I need help and what is the best brand of foundation for dry skin?
How do I know what my undertones are?
Hi there! I have just purchased the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer & Tarte BB Tinted Moisturizer during the sale and I am struggling to find the right brush to apply the TM's with.   I know using my fingers are the best option but I am one of those people who hate the feeling of anything messy on my fingers! I have tried the Sephora PRO Domed Stippling brush but it seems to soak up a bunch of the product, and a normal stippling brush sheered out both TM way a ton.   I do like a light-sheer coverage, which is why I love tinted moisturizers, but I am just struggling to find the right brush to apply the products!   Thank you for any help you can suggest!
I'm looking for a new foundation. I have really oily skin. I don't really have acne but I do get pimples every once in a while. I just need a good medium to full coverage foundation that has a matte finish.
Hi im extremely new to make up and i recently turned 31 so i wanted to try and change up my appearance and try something new i have always been ashamed or scared to wear makeup for fear of what others might think or say i just started wearing Nars concealer and kat von d tattoo concealer and i really like but i am not sure how to apply or wear foundation and eyeshadow or any other things if anybody could give me tips on what are good products and how to use i would be so happy and appreciative of everything you can tell me show anything helps thank you so much !!!!
My skin is acne prone so I am looking for something that is good for sensitive, more oily skin and has a matte finish. Any help would be great!
My make-up fades by noon. I need a make-up that stays on.
Looking for a concealer like Smashbox 24 hour concealer, that fills in acne scars (I like the Smashbox one, but the product gets everywhere!!!). Any suggestions?
Is it true that you are supposed to wear orange/coral blush to help disguise the redness of Rosacea?  I doubt anything will help, but just thought I'd ask.
I need a good foundation for dry skin over 50   Please help!
i previously purchased Diorskin nude 70, is that color still available?