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If I use Bare Minerals original foundation and the shade I use is fairly light if I wanted to switch to the Complexion Rescue (also Bare Minerals) what shade should I get? the Birch1.5 or Vanilla?
I need help finding a powder/bb cream/foundation for school!   I'm fair with combo-oily skin (oily in t-zone, normal/dry with KP on cheeks). I want something that feels lightweight but lasts all day with my crazy skin. I also want something that will be natural looking---I stick to light neutral looks for everyday occasions, and my school allows only modest makeup (no neon yellow eyeshadow or black lipstick). As far as acne, I have very minor blemishes/blackheads, but redness is somewhat of a concern for me, mostly on my cheeks.   I'd appreciate recommendations on face products (foundations, primers, concealers, powders, etc.) from Sephora, the drugstore, MAC, or even other stores! I just want something comfortable and nice-looking  
I have oily skin and I tried the urban decay oily skin setting spray and it didn't work for me! What else do you recommend for oily skin?
I have two tones in my face. The more prominent one is that pale olive colour on my cheeks. Everything looks too orange or pink on me. What would be best for me. Shade 1 or 1.5? I'm not ghostly white btw. But pretty pale.   For reference, NC15 is my shade in Mac Prolongwear concealer and I consider it a little light for my skin. But I rather light than too dark. Which NC20 is.
I recently went to Sephora and bought NARS foundation, Becca color corrector and too faced born this way concealer along with Dr Brandt primer. I was looking for coverage to hide hyperpigmentation and rosacea I am not happy with the coverage or products. Is there another color corrector and foundation/concealed that can be recommended? what should I do? make another appointment.
I want to buy laura mercier smooth finish,but I just don't know which should I choose.I am a chinese;maybe a liitle whiter than just yellow,just a naturall one.and I don't want a light cover
I have combination skin: dry on my cheeks and very oily on my t-zone, especially because it is really humid where I live. My foundation stays put all day everywhere on my face, but on my nose, especially on the creases on the sides of my nostrils.   I have been using Estee Lauder Double Wear lately and it controls my oil the best, and I have even tried mattifying primers with UD's Deslick setting spray. This all helps with the oiliness, but my foundation still breaks up/creases on the sides of my nose. I also set my foundation with the Laura Mercier setting powder, could I be using too much? How can I stop this from happening? :/   Also, any tricks for preventing your eyeglasses from rubbing off your foundation?
Around my nose, and chin is where it gets dry and flaky. After applying foundation I can see my foundation being sinked into my pores on my nose. My chin has a couple pimples and I can see dry outlined circles. I tried using a moisturizer along with a face primer and that didn't help, but with a light concealer over my blemishes it looks cakey . Any ideas or tips?  
Is Stila's Stay all day foundation reformulated or just repackaged?
Looking for a non irratating foundation that photographs well I broke out from the old MUFE
I've worn medium-full coverage foundation ever since I can remember, and I'm looking to switch to something a little more lightweight (for summer, at least.) My skin is fairly oily, very sensitive, and acne prone. I also have some hyperpigmention and red marks from past acne. I'm looking for a tinted moisturizer that is long wear and has decent coverage, while still feeling light. Any suggestions from those that use tinted moisturizers would be great!
  Hello! I just got the Josie Maran foundation and It has a very glowy finish. I have dry skin so I love this foundation-- its so hydrating, but I would like to get a powder to set it. I have very dry skin, so I've never found a powder that's worked for me, it always ends up looking cakey or dry. I've tried to Laura Mercier loose setting powder because everyone seems to love that one, but that one is too dry as well. Any suggestions??? let me know!! thanks guys
I recently purchased the Becca Highlighter in Rose Gold and while browsing around, I swatched the Glow Kit in Sundipped and I love it! I have a deep/dark skin tone so the highlights look great. I'm thinking about returning the Becca highlighter for the Glow Kit due to more varitey. Is it worth it? Thanks!
I wear Fairly light in the bareMinerals matte foundation, what color would I wear in the cream foundation?
What is the best primer to use for oily and combination skin? I am at a loss between the nars pro-prime light optimizing primer or the Too faced primed & ready. Any suggestions would be great!!!!
I am currently using Guerlain Lingerie foundation. I have combo with oily t-zone. Problem I have noticed is the Guerlain just does not wear well in the heat. I use the Urban Decay pore primer on my t-zone and too faced hangover primer on my cheeks. The foundation seems to break up on my t-zone quite badly. Even with setting with Laura Mercier translucent setting powder.    Any suggestions for a new foundation during the summer months? I am wanting medium to slight full coverage. And long lasting.   Or suggestions for different primer(s) to use? 
I simply cannot seem to find the answer to my question on the internet! Are you able to bake your face using HD powder or do you need to use a translucent setting powder? I know that HD powder is considered a "finishing" powder, but is translucent powder a finishing power or a setting powder? Thank you for reading!
Would you normally use the "baking method" when trying to achieve a dewy look?
Hi!   The other day a girl helped me out a lot by advicing to use color IQ. Wel.. Now I stil don't get it. Could someone help me? Now let me explain what I don't get and tell you the shade I am looking for.   I am looking for a fair shade with yellow undertones, Warmer tones are just more flattering on me because I have a lot of freckles that are warm toned.   I have tried a few foundations :   Clinique beond perfecting shade alabaster : color IQ : 2R05. Light enough for my skin tone, but misses a bit of yellow. Dior forever skin shade 020 light beige : color IQ : 1Y06. A bit to dark for me and misses a bit of yellow.   Now... I was looking at the marc jacobs color IQ of some shades :   nr 12 : COLOR IQ 3Y03 ivory nr 14 : COLOR IQ  1R05 ivory medium (very fair, peach undertones) nr 22 :  COLOR IQ 2Y04 bisque light (fair with pink undertones) nr 26 : COLOR IQ 1Y05 bisque medium (fair with neutral undertones) nr 27 : COLOR IQ 3Y06 bisque neutral (fair with yellow undertones) nr 28 : COLOR IQ 2Y07 bisque taupe (fair/light with yellow undertones) nr 29 : COLOR IQ 1Y06 bisque gold (fair/light with peach undertones)   This is very confusing to me!   They explained to me :   The letters Y=yellow and R=red. The number before the letter how red or how yellow you are (so 5Y would be very yellow). The number after the letter is 1 very fair to 15 dark.        So I would think Y because I want yellow. The beyond perfecting was light enough to Y05... I don't want it to be to yellow so maybe a 2? so 2Y05? Then I would think nr 22 bisque light would be good but that shade explained is fair with pink undertones... I don't get it...   Can someone help? Maybe I am just inbetween shades... And I am afraid that I'm going to spend so much money on something that isn't even going to match me.  
I have dry and quite sensitive skin and wanted to know the best primer for my face before applying foundation? 
I have olive skin with yellow undertones that apparently doesn't take too kindly to contouring. My cheeks look okay, but the color turns out orange and even more so when I try (and fail) to contour my nose. I've used Benefits Hoola, Too Faced's Chocolate & now NYX's medium matte bronzer.   Any help would be greatly appreciated! I assume that I need a cooler contour?
so my sister's birthday is coming up and she's all about make-up and I want to buy her some, but I don't know ANYTHING about make-up at all and my sister says that depends on the face shape and the skin colour and I honestly don't know what to do.