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I have oily, acne prone skin that is super light. I have tried Bobbi Brown's foundation, Kat Von D, & Benefit foundations, all were in the lightest shade and still seemed too dark for my skin. I am looking for a full coverage, matte foundation that has enough shades that the lightest one would be able to work for a very fair person.  Does any one have any suggestions? Also what is a good foundation brush to use that packs a lot of coverage? 
I currently use the Body Shop's Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream. It does a great job controlling my oil throughout the day and making my face nice and matte before I put on my foundation. A couple of times I decided to skip the primer and just applied my foundation after moisturizing. Honestly the only thing I noticed was that my nose got really oily but the rest of my face was perfectly fine. Do you think I can do without? Or should I just apply primer to my nose only? Not sure which direction I should go.
I've used Lancomes 24hr foundation for a long time and it has worked out pretty well but sometimes it just doesn't. In the morning I use Benefits primer for oily skin and a silicone based primer from Sephora on certain acne spots and use my beauty blender to apply my foundation. It has worked all summer but never during school. Any suggestions? I used to use a brush to apply my make up or fingers but I tend to switch it up. I use Urban Decay's setting spray but they don't help much either. I'm also the lightest shade possible with a neutral tone.    help
Hi!  I tried an Hourglass sample but the Nude color was way too red for me.  Mac NC25 is my foundation color and for many years thats all I've ever used.  I liked the way Hourglass felt going on and it seemed a lot less cakey to me even though it was the wrong color.  What would be the best Hourglass match to NC25?  Thank you! Let me know if you think I'd like something else besides Hourglass.  
I've tried it over a BB cream (Dr. Jart+ Dis-a-pore), over Clarins Instant Smooth, and over the new Smashbox pore-reducing primer, and it tends to travel all over my face after about 3-4 hours. Has anyone had good luck with a better primer (ie- does Hourglass primer help?)? I also tried adding Urban Decay All Nighter after my powder today, and I'm still touching up like crazy.    I'm not typically oily, so this is kind of a new experience. I wouldn't even try to make this work if I didn't like the color and initial finish so much. (But if anyone has a suggestion for a foundation with a similar finish but better staying power, I would happily take it.)
Hi Everyone!   I wanted to post to look for some advice on foundation/powder for my day to day work wear. I work in a professional setting (attorney) and I don't like putting on my usual liquid foundation (NARS) everyday, especially as I am at the office for 10+ hours on some days. I have combo skin that is fairly sensitive. I want some coverage (but it doesn't have to be full as I will still wear my concealer where necessary).   I was thinking maybe a powder foundation, potentially Josie Maran?   Any help, tips, and/ or advice will be greatly appreciated.   
I always laugh when I read these articles online that say "10 ways to waterproof your makeup" because they inevitably mention humidity and I just sit there and think "you don't even know humidity." I've tried 90% of these "tips" and they don't really help either.   I live in Louisiana where humidity is 100% most of the summer and temperatures exceed 100 degrees. For some reason, my face sweats horrendously bad. I was at the farmer's market this morning for about an hour and when I got back to my car, I felt like I had taken a nice oil shower because my face was so oily and sweaty.   Football season starts in two weeks which means I will be outside tailgating and in a stadium for about 10 hours a day in this disgusting weather and I need something that will withstand the heat/humidity/sweat.   My face is super oily. Like disgustingly oily right now. The only foundation that I have been able to find that keeps my face matte for more than three hours is Kat Von D and that foundation does NOT hold up to sweat. It breaks up and basically falls apart in no time.   So, my question is...any foundations that possibly WILL work for 10+ hours. I usually prefer full coverage, but I'm willing to sacrifice coverage for a foundation that doesn't have my face melting off.   I have tried: MAC Prolongwear, MAC Full Coverage (with powder), Kat Von D Lock-It, Smashbox BB Cream, Bare Minerals, various drugstore foundations...   I'm currently looking into: Hourglass Immaculate Powder, MAC Face & Body, MUF Mat Velvet, MUF Face and Body, Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation, Airbrush foundation, Stage Makeup...literally anything that will prevent a melt down. I'm down on my hands and knees begging somebody to help me (ok, not really, but I totally feel like I'm that desperate.)   Also, any tips/tricks for combatting a sweaty face. I use a primer, setting powder and setting spray. It helps a bit, but not much.
becca champagne gold
I was looking on the Ulta website and saw a new BECCA pressed powder shimmering skin perfector in champagne gold. I wondered if anyone has seen swatches of this. I already have Moonstone, Opal and Rose Gold so the question is do I need it?? LOL...of course. But I was really wondering how different it is from Moonstone. I'm not sure how to link a picture but you can find it on Ulta or the BECCA website. It says it's limited edition (ha ha, so was rose gold) and it has the same stamping on it as the holiday rose gold had on it.                                    
I know many of you have ILLAMASQUA blushes, these are on sale @ the Bay. I can't go there personally and swatch them so I'm relying on your opinion. Which shades are the best in both powder and cream blushes given that I have medium complexion. And what do you say about ILLAMASQUA gleam
I use Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in Fresco 2C3.  How does Sephora 10 hr wear perfection compare?  What would be the appropriate shade?
having a hard time matching the color I purchased a while ago....on bottom it has the numbers N118 and TD14A  I reordered the 118 and is not the same color it is too light any suggestions?
hi... i want to try out the sephora airbrush foundation...but im not so sure about my an asian n currently using NC41...any suggestions?
What brush is best to pply Mac Studio Fix?  
Anybody have any experience with wearing this all day? Does it last? I'm assuming that this foundation needs to be set with powder since it is so fluid. I don't have a habit of setting my foundation since I have very normal (not dry not oily not combo) skin.    Thanks for the input everybody =)
can i use a brush with foundation that is thick like TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15   if yes what brush would you suggest?   or if not suitable for brush (which sucks cus i love it and have a spare bottle) what would u recommend with same coverage?   do you clean foundation brush everyday? i am always in such a rush.   thank you
I am hoping someone can help me.... So, for my entire life I have had oily skin. So, naturally, all of my foundations are geared toward that. Well, all of the sudden, those foundations now look TERRIBLE on my face - my skin has decided it is no longer oily, but is at best, normal, and more often, dry. When I try to use my old go to foundation (Nars Sheer Glow), you can see so much flakiness on my face. I am way to scared to even TRY my MUFE Mat Velvet+. What can I do to make these foundations work for me until they run out? I hate wasting product and am trying REALLY hard to use things up before buying more. I have been using Too Faced Primed and Poreless with my foundation - is there a different primer that would work better? That primer is almost gone anyway so I wouldn't feel bad picking up a new primer. The only thing I have found that works at all is to mix foundation in with my moisturizer, but the coverage is so sheer then. I know someone on here will have a good solution for me!
What is it? What is it used for and is it worth it? I have always been curious. Lol 
MAC's studio fix fluid in NW10 is so far the only foundation I've found that matches me. Although I like the foundation I don't want to be glued to it with no other options if I ever want/need to change things up. Does anyone know any good dupes? Preferably shades a tinsy bit lighter as NW10 is a touch too dark, not enough to bug me, but something I did notice (but I'm probably the only one picky enough about my appearance to notice). I'm interested in all finishes and coverage amounts, as part of my goal in asking is finding different foundations for different occasions. 
I have very fair skin/pink undertone. Few fine lines, pores, acne, and deal with oiliness. Honestly they all sound good, I just want what would be the most flattering for my face. I've seen you guys rave about it and I'm thinking it should maybe make my christmas list this year!
I'm an 18 year old and am currently using Clinique's Even Better Foundation which I love, but I sometimes feel like it applies a little too much coverage for me. I'm almost out of it and I've been looking at either rebuying the Even Better, but I've also been looking at Bare Minerals BareSkin along with Clinique's Stay Matte Foundation. I do have slightly oily skin and am looking for something that will last but will also not be too heavy on my face.
So I am guerlain fanatic like many of you BTers. Recently I have become more adventurous by trying to find hard to find items (items only sold overseas). Only problem I am having is to find Authentic so I usually buy from mainstream department stores. I recently purchased the Pearls Blanc from Harrods (UK). But searching for the Aqualillies I could only find one shop - Izzys beauty supply and was wondering if anyone has purchased anything from there and if it was in fact Authentic.
What is a good foundation for dry skin? I am looking for something that is medium to full coverage. Thanks. 
I love Benefit and its tints (for my cheeks, that is).  They're not all created equally though.  Yes, they are a beautiful collection of red, pink, orange and purple.  While you can dot, dab or draw a line of Benetint, Cha Cha Tint and Posie tint and take a few seconds to rub them in, you must rub Lolli in very fast to prevent streaks.  I suggest applying it one handed with the other hand up there right away to blend.  You can also apply the tint to your finger and quickly rub it into your face.  Forget brushes.  With Lolli, there is no time.   A customer asked my Benefit brow specialist about the tints today.  When she did not know the answer, I filled the customer in.  She told me I just sold her on the product and proceeded to buy it.  Then, my Brow Specialist started asking me how to work the tints today.  I thought if I can help a Benefit rep, others may have questions.  She had only tried Lolli and had no clue the other three were easier to work with.  Hopefully, other people who start with Lolli are not afraid to try the other three.   Anyway, if you have questions about the tints, post them here.  Someone will fill you in.  If anyone is interested, I can provide swatches as well. 
Has anyone tried it? And are the colors the same as double wear?
Any pros & cons you guys can share with me before I dive into yet another purchase?
Okay so my mom is using Avon's cream to powder compact right now and shes almost out of it so I want to make an order from Dillards so I can also gift her the GWP they have going on right now. Does anyone have any suggestions?
I'm 16 and want to buy a nice foundation and primer so my skin will look good at school all throughout the day! My T-zone gets very oily and my makeup wears off very fast! Need a good primer and foundation but cannot be too pricey! Was thinking of getting MAC studio fix fluid but still browsing my options! HELP (: