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I'm tight on cash, so I was wondering if there is a good concealer that can multitask for covering/highlighting under eyes while masking pimples as well? 
I was a perfect match in the old Make Up For Ever Face & Body with 2 Porcelain. Is there a shade in the new Water Blend that would be the same?   Also, is there much difference between the new and old formula? From the description I'd expect the new version to be dewier, would that make it a bad choice for oily/combination skin?
I have big pores and my face gets oily throughout the day, but I have tried many different primers, foundations, and setting powder and my makeup still oxidizes and my pores become extremely visible in a few hours. What am i doing wrong? What do I try next to keep my makeup lasting longer and my pores not visible as the day goes on?
Which concealer looks best under the eyes and for highlighting the face? Ive tried the UD Naked Skin and I love it, any suggestions for a good concealer?  
I recently purchased the new UD foundation, i love it, the coverage the texture everything about it. But, I noticed on me it oxdizes i was just wondering if anyone else had that problem too. 
So I recently started using UD's All-Nighter Foundation. It's the most perfect match to my skin tone I've ever found and I love that it takes so little to get really good coverage. It is definitely NOT an all-day makeup right now though. I think it might be my primer. I love Becca's Backlighting Primer and it worked great with my old foundation, but it's water-based and the foundation is silicone-based. I have a feeling it is making my foundation slip and run (it's supposed to be waterproof, but the slightest amount of moisture and you can see it run off). Any suggestions for a similar primer that's more compatible? 
Has anyone especially women of color tried the ABH Stick Foundation? It's reasonably priced so I was considering giving it a try but was interested in some reviews of how it holds up, blends, color matches, etc.
I need a match for  3Y05 in Marc Jacobs Remarcable??!  I tired the Beige 33 already but it is too orange. 
Whats a good concealer that doesn't cause acne or clog pores? I use bareminerals powder foundation because it doesn't cause acne or clog pores. Does anyone have a good recommendation for concealers?
I went to sephora in calgary and got my foundation id number and she went 2 shades darker that i bought if the shade number is 34 (dior) how can I find out my actual id number?
Did Kat Von D Discontinue Lock it foundation D66, i see D65 & D67 but theres no D66. Is D67 suppose to replace D66?
Hey everyone, I have a really in-depth question. I'm open to all suggestions but I'll warn you - I feel like I've tried just about everything, so please read it all before replying if you so choose to   I have combination skin. My face is dry on the upper part of my forehead, my jawline, and some parts of my cheeks. It is oily in my T zone extending out to my temples. Though I grew up with really bad breakouts, I figured out they were due to dairy, so since I've cut that out, I no longer have acne. What I do have: -very, very large pores -occasional clusters of semi-noticeable blackheads -redness/uneven skin tone   Here is my issue: I cannot figure out a primer and foundation combination that does not ball up or separate within a few hours. In fact, every single time I use a primer - no matter what kind it is - under a foundation - no matter what kind it is - my foundation begins to lift off my skin, and should I touch my face, even lightly, my foundation moves. It is so liquidy and separated that it looks bad - even from a distance. So you might be thinking "well then just don't use a primer, duh." And I tried that, but my makeup didn't last but a couple of hours when just sitting on my skin. Another thing worth mentioning is that when I moisturize before using a primer - no matter whether I let it dry completely or allow it to be tacky when applying the primer on top - the problem was got way worse.   Here are the primers I've tried: -MAC Prep and Prime -NYX Angel Veil -Benefit Porefessional -Too Faced Rx Hangover Primer -NARS Light Optimizing Primer -Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (the clear one) -Becca Backlight Primer -Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer   Foundations I've tried: -Too Faced Born This Way -MAC Studio Fix Fluid -Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done -Bare Minerals Original Foundation (using the primer that is supposed to go with it) -Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation -L'Oreal Paris Pro Matte and Pro Glo Foundation   As I said, no matter what combination of primer and foundation I tried, the result was always the same: balling up and separating. I am also using setting powders (RCMA no color, Laura Mercier translucent powder, ABH banana setting powder (from contour palette), NYX loose setting powder, etc etc.   I simply want a primer to work because I want that pore-blurring effect that they can give. I of course get this result when I'm first applying the primer, but then after an hour or two of having applied foundation, it looks a hot mess.   What I currently do: I saw a tip on YouTube from Wayne Goss saying to mix a drop of oil or serum in with your foundation, so I began doing that - on my cleansed, toned, but not moisturized face - and my foundation goes on really nice. It looks the best it's looked so far, and actually lasts a LONG time (which I know is surprising, especially to me, since my face carries so much oil in certain areas), but it does not blur the pores like a primer does.   If you have any suggestions at all, seriously ANY, I would greatly appreciate them.   <3
I have normal sensitive skin that is covered in acne and I'd like to know what is the BEST foundation? One that wouldn't clog pores, doesn't look cakey and last all day. Any advice?
Hi, I have the makeup for ever ultra hd invisible cover foundation but I've heard that the naked skin weightless ultra definition foundation is really good !! I have combination skin. Which one is better? If the Naked one is better can you tell me which color to get? I am a R230 for the makeup for ever foundation. Thank you!!! -Theodora
Hi, Looking for foundation that is not too cakey, blends well, doesn`t appear cakey and is great for olive tones . Most foundations look orange-ish on me despite being similar to my shade before it dries. I do put primer but I find some foundations wear off a lot faster despite this, so something that lasts all day as well. I normally use beauty blenders to apply. Must be: Vegan + Cruelty Free Thanks!
What is your favorite or ride-or-die bronzer and highlighter? I have been shopping around lately and I really have the urge for a new bronzer and highlighter but I wanted other people's opinions first
I've been having trouble with my foundation breaking up and looking powdery and dry on my skin, and recently learned it could be because some silicon primers don't work well with water-based foundations. Can anyone look at the ingredients of Primed and Poreless and tell me if it will work with the It Cosmetics CC cream? Thanks!
I need a good primer.  I have tried a ton, but none that really help keep the shine away.  Smashbox, urban decay, becca.  My makeup looks like its sliding off my face during the day.  
My breakouts the past few months have been getting worse and worse, and I have a big feeling its attributed to the primers and foundations I use. If anyone has any recommendations that would be much appreciated Looking for products which are: cruelty free vegan (preferred but not necessary) Looking for products which aren't: the coverfx primer, I've read too many reviews about it aggravating breakouts kat von d (this is what I currently use) I've been using the arbonne primer and it hasn't been aggravating my breakouts which is good, but I'd just prefer something from Sephora since it is so much more convenient.   THANK YOU!
I have tried so many primers and every one that is silicone based like smashbox, hourglass, porefessional, for examples makes my skin actually more oily. I get oily in my t-zone and area next to my nose where my pores are larger. Then I have dry areas around my mouth, went a little too heavy on AHA's so I am correcting that. While I get oily I feel my skin needs hydration and have changed to a more hydrating skincare regimen which has helped.    In the morning I use in order  the REN hydro boost, Skin Inc B3 serum, Sisley Hydra Global mouisturizer and then a primer. I do like the Too Faced Hangover but still get oily and the plain Laura Mercier primer.    Any other oily/large pores sufferers out there like me that can not do silicone primers? I just want something to help my foundation stay on longer as the oils can break down foundation on my chin and cheeks. I was told the only way to fill in pores is with silicone so gave up on that as they make my foundation slide right off and my skin more oily. Would love some suggestions of what works for others like me stuck in silicone free land.
Hey all I am super new to makeup, especially higher end make up and needed some help. I am unsure on which to get or if they are even all the same. I just want something easy and natural looking since I'm very light toned.
Hello I have a question   I am deeply allergic to titanium oxide and mica, i get breakouts from them, and i was wondering if i use a primer without those ingredients and a foundation WITH those ingredients, will it affect my face?   Thanks    
I am in need of a new makeup routine. I need something that is going to last 12+ hours and won't cake up, won't separate and won't look shiny. I have combination skin. I want something that looks very natural. I need recommendations for primers, foundations, concealers and a setting powder. Im currently using the hourglass mineral veil primer, revlon color stay foundation, mac setting powder and urban decay setting spray. I find that a couple hours after I apply my makeup it starts separating and it doesn't look good. 
So i have been using a BB cream as my base and I am interested in a good setting powder that will prevent my bb cream from moving around. I have extremely oily skin so something that may help with that as well would be great!!! 
What's a good color correcting palette? Ideally something with green, red/orange, and purple. Maybe tan concealer a as well. I can never find any with every color. Thanks!
I want to know what kind of concealer I can use ,that can cover my dark circles? I used before (PARFAIT 05 from Sephora