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MJ Coconut Primer + KatVonD Lock-It Foundation (liquid) + bareMinerals bareSkin Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer. Yyaaahhhss!!   Wow, what a difference the damp beauty blender (just bought my first one) & the Marc Jacobs primer made! Barely used any Lock-It. Treated the blender like a cushion compact applicator & just kept patting. The Lock-It foundation applied in such a lovely thin, even layer. So natural looking (but still had coverage). I applied the bareSkin bronzer serum also with the blender (barely damp) as a true bronzer just where sun would hit. So, so pretty!! Loved it!!   I did use a pat or two of KatVD Lock-It powder foundation over 2 small patches of melasma on my chin, and Guerlain Les Violettes pressed powder to set undereyes, and to barely add a finish very sheerly in t-zone.
Hi people!   I wanted to know some suggestions for  a light foundation for dry skin over the summer? I am into very  glowy, radiant skin.  Oh, and I want to make sure it looks good in flash photography ! Thank you!
It doesn't matter what foundation or primer I use, my foundation ALWAYS starts to separate on my face after a short few hours, starting on my nose area and spreading to my mouth,chin & forehead. I don't know what I am doing wrong. PLEASE HELP ME
if i use Nars All day luminous weightless foundation in Stromboli, what shade of Nars radiant creamy concealer should i use?
I have been using Cover FX N40. I was using translucent powder until I went into this public bathroom one day and my face looked like I had white dots all over it from the powder settling in my pores. Then I switched to a pressed powder. I live in a remote part of Alaska and cannot go into a store for help. Someone help me please....
anyone knows how does Too Faced | Born This Way Foundation  works on combination/dehydrated skin? I really like how it covers blemishes without looking heavy! I have oily skin and but dry patches on my cheekbones, in between my brows and chin. Also, i live in a country with tropical rainforest climate. How does this foundation performs in heat and high humidity?   Please feel free to recommend any products (primer, foundation, setting sprays) suitable for me!
I would like to know what kind of Sunscreen you recommend for underneath the makeup? I'm looking for an affordable one right now. Thank you, ladies! (I have oily skin)
I have dark spots\acne scars. Whats the best foundation\Concealer for full, long lasting coverage? Preferably non greasy, considering I have combination skin.
Hello Everyone! I live super far away in the Yukon, no Sephoras in miles! Last time I was in a big city I bought a Make up Forever Face & Body foundation that matched my face absolutely perfectly. I placed an order online since I almost ran out, and there is nothing in the container that says the name of the shade, just a #12 etched in the glass on the bottom. So I chose shade #12 from the website, but what arrived is about 4 shades too dark, although it does say #12 on it! The worst part is that it takes forever to arrive here on the mail, and I am virtually out of makeup, and no idea what my true color match is yet. My skin is somewhat fair but not completely pale, more on the yellowish undertone category than rosey, but I am most definitely not a caramel shade! HELP!!
Please help me find a new full coverage foundation and compact powder. I have been using Cover FIX, New shade and a translucent loose powder. My pores are on the larger side and I noticed that it seems to sit in my pores. I want a full cover look, that evens my skin tone and also diminishes my pores. I am oily in the T zone and live in a humid climate in southeast Alaska.
I have very oily skin and I have issue with my makeup. I have been through countless different brands of foundation and haven't been able to find one that can withstand the oil my face is producing. By the end of the day my face has become so oily that my makeup has basically either fallen off my face or caked up so bad that it looks awful. On top of all these people ask me whether I'm in my 50's. I'm 44 years old and because of my work pressure, my face looks tired and there are wrinkles under my eyes and forehead. I have heard botox treatment helps to regain the lost youthfulness so I'm thinking of undergoing the procedure from a cosmetic dermatology centre in Richmond Hill ( http://www.thecentrefordermatology.com/procedures/ anti-aging/botox-cosmetic/ ). Can I get botox in oily skin? Can anyone recommend a good makeup for oily skin? Thanks!! 
  Hi, I have a question regarding my skin. What do you guys recommend as primer, moisturizer, etc to apply before I do my my make up. The biggest problem is the area in my nose where my make up literally gets really patchy and it removes within an hour of finishing my make up. I have try several primers and setting sprays so what is your best advice? Thanks a lot!
I'm a NW25 in MAC concealers and was recently matched to Light Warm in Urban Decay Naked Skin?  Is this correct? If not is there anything I can do with it? Like contouring or something? If its that light. I don't know. 
What highlighter and contour do you suggest and also what brushes to use? I really want to start highlighting and contouring my face but am so overwhelmed by all the different options! I'm a beginner at highlighting/contouring and have just recently started using brushes!
I've been using MAC's mineralized skin finish powder in medium deep for years now to set my foundation. I love the sheen it leaves on my face as well as the little bit of coverage it adds. I would like to switch up my routine a little so I am look for similar powders carried at Sephora.   Thanks! Xx
Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 10.53.49 PM.png
Does anyone know perfect foundation matches for the Chanel vitamin Aqua foundation in beige 20? Looking for medium or full coverage foundations! Thank you and have a lovely day.
My skin behaves badly with any product containing silicones. I've benn using loose mineral powders with good result, but I find them messy and time consuming. I've been researching, and the cover fx pressed mineral powder fits what I need, but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions of other pressed powders to try? Drugstore works too.
I want to buy Born This Way, but I don't know exactly which colour I match with.I think Vanilla or Warm Nude, my undertone is more yellow than pink. I'm now wearing Dior Forever in 020- light beige and Chanel Perfection lumiere Velvet in 20 beige. 
Spoiler (Highlight to read)     I am looking for a powder foundation that isn't cakey or flat, something medium-full coverage with possibly some tiny bit of illumination. I have tried cover x and bare minerals, but it all looks so /cakeyfake in natural light. I don't even know if its possible for a powder foundation to look natural and dewy, but that would be my dream!
I went to sephora and I was checked for my colour tone. My skin colour is 4yoa. Now I want to know which shade should I choose for foundation?
Hello!   I'm looking for help finding two separate products! First, I'm searching for a foundation that's sheer to medium coverage for oily, fair skin. I'm currently using Lancome Teint Idole 24 hr wear foundation, and by noon it's sliding off my face. It's also way too heavy and full coverage for me. I'm looking for something that feels light and can help even out my skin tone and tone down some redness in my cheeks. And that has some staying power without getting cakey. I currently don't use a primer after I moisturize, just because I haven't had much success with them. I've tried ones by smashbox and hourglass and they just seem to make me oilier.    Second, I'm also looking for a great all-in-one kind of product. I do lots of outdoor trips in the summer and would love to just take one skincare product with me. Something with spf, preferably some anti-acne benefits (I'm prone to mild breakouts), lightly moisturizing, with sheer to medium coverage.    I don't live close to a sephora, otherwise I'd just go in and ask for samples. Thanks so much for any suggestions!!  
My routine now: Wash face and pat dry with a towel Apply moisturizer Apply foundation for dry skin  During the day it starts with some moisture but after a couple ours my skin feels dry and flaky.  What can i do to avoid this?  
I'm looking at the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation. Which concealer will match the shade 117= Y225 Marble?
I've been using Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation for a few years now. It gives me great coverage to conceal some redness, particularly in my cheeks and chin. I also love that it's long-lasting ....   Except lately it seems to be separating on my face thru the day, particularly on my cheeks. I'm not sure how to describe it, but after about 6 hours my foundation ends up looking like a mosaic on my cheeks: it has this crackly, dotted appearance to it..   I thought it was my primer reacting to my foundation, so I stopped using the Smashbox Photofinish Light primer, also something I've been using for years. I switched to Too Faced Hangover Primer instead, which is decent but does nothing to control the oil slicks I get on my nose and chin.   Does anyone have any advice on what products to try? I'm not opposed to trying a new foundation.    Wants Long lasting, medium/full coverage foundation Primer or foundation to control oil, preferably silicone free   About Me Combination skin: dry on my cheeks, oily on my chin and nose Fair skinned: foundation can be hard to find   If it helps, my colour number for the Estee Lauder foundation is Cool Bone (1C1)
When do the new concealers for Too Faced come out on Sephora?  I know they just released them today on their website...but curious for sephora now. lol
Hello! Since it is now summer time I feel that my foundation is making me look gray after it sets. I currently use Clinque foundation and concealer in one. I am wondering if using a tinted moisturizer in place of the foundation is the best bet or perhaps mixing a liquid bronzer with my current foundation? Or could you mix the TM with your foundation? Thanks so much!
So I'm turning 18 in October and for my birthday present I would like permission from my parents to wear makeup (I don't even want makeup for my birthday I just want PERMISSION.) My parents are the stereotypical strict Asian parents. They are very controlling over everything I do including what I wear, how my hair needs to be done, etc. So basically how they want me to look like. Makeup is strictly forbidden so far but I have an obsession with it. I've been sneaking my makeup in school and wearing it there then take it off when I come home. By doing this for years I am now pretty experienced with it and have done every technique possible on my face.   Now you're probably thinking that I'm 18 and I'll be an adult and they have to give me leeway. However in the Asian culture, it is VERY different because you get to do what you want when you move out and/or married. The number 18 means nothing and they still see me as a 12 year old. I just went to prom recently and even my mom didn't allow me to wear any makeup besides a little lipstick. I am mature though, I do my chores around the house, I do my homework, I definitely do not party or drink or smoke. It's just they are very controlling (way more than American parents) and yell at me for everything. I understand they care but sometimes there are limits. Anyways besides my rambling...   So how should I talk to them about wanting to wear makeup when I'm 18? Obviously I'm still going to be under their roof and when I wear makeup I am not going to cakeface (never did). I'll just do natural bb cream, tightlining, neutral shadows, and a lip tint...just to accentuate my features and look cute and confident. Please help and thank you!