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Hi there, I just bought the Kat von d liquid foundation...what pressed powder would be a good choice?:-)
I have been having the worst of luck with my face you guys. I CANNOT figure out why my foundation AND concealer cake up on my RIGHT AWAY. I moisturize, exfoliate, prime, I use a damp beauty blender to apply both my foundation and blend out my concealer, and set with Kat Von D shade light palette. I have used a wide variety of foundations for both dry skin and for oily skin (I am dry to normal) and just cant figure it out. Some one please help!!
I'm currently using Josie Moran coconut gelee blush for daywear, but want to but Makeup Forever HD cream blush to wear to a wedding because of its staying power.  Can anyone recommend the Makeup Forever color that is closest to Josie Maran's "Berry Bliss"?   Have narrowed it to number 310 (Rosewood) and 510 (Raspberry).  
Hi All!     I was looking at getting some new brushes and was looking between Morphe and Sigma for a new foundation brush and I came across that liveglam is starting a Morphe Brush subscription box service that is just for brushes. What do you guys think about it? I don't know if it's really worth it as I don't know too much about Morphe (I was leaning toward Sigma) and if it's worth $20 a month. But I need a overhaul on my brushes as they are getting a little ...shabby and I "want" some new pretties     (any rec. for brushes though for dry skin, using MUFE HD in 120, YSL touche eclat primer, Diorsnow fresh creme global transparency and Besame brightening (for reddness that seems to always peek through)    Cheers      
Hiya  Does anyone know what has happened to the new Kat von d blushes I can seem to find them? Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) 😢 😢
Just bought KAT VON D liquid foundation...can I apply the powder foundation over it to finish me off?
i'm looking for a new foundation that won't make me break out, has full coverage, and doesn't look cakey... any suggestions?
1. I was told recently that if you are using a matte foundation you should use a moisturizing primer. Is this true? 2. I have oily aging skin (I'm 37) and recently all my foundations sink into the fine lines & wrinkles on my forehead and cake around my nose. Any suggestions? 3. Concealer under my eyes has a cakey dry look lately which REALLY accentuates my fine lines & wrinkles there. Any suggestions?   HELP!!!!! Lol!
I have combination sensitive skin and I've tried several foundations. I'm having a hard time finding one that won't oxidize on me. Right now I'm using NARS All Day Luminous. For the first couple of hours it looks fine, but then it becomes darker and more orange toned. Is there any foundation that won't oxidize on my skin? 
I wear bareMinerals Original foundation in the "light" color, but am interested in switching to the bareMinerals Blemish Remedy Foundation to help with my acne.  Which color is closest to what I'm currently using?  Many of the colors look very similar on the screen.   Thank you for your help.
Hi! I was told by my dermatologist that mineral makeup is the way to go to avoid breakouts. I've heard bare minerals is good but I'm just wondering what other kind of mineral makeups are out there. I'm looking for a full regime too with powder, foundation, concealer etc. to finally get some good quality makeup! Let me know what you guys recommend, thanks!
Hello everyone! I currently am using Bare Minerals Powder Foundation and I noticed that when I touch my face with a shirt or even hug someone my foundation will cling onto the fabric! I use Rimmel Stay Matte Powder which I heard was wonderful and I know it does work for me because when I forget to put on powder I can tell. My face is naturally oily and if I don't put on powder my face feels gross even before I walk out the door- that's how I know if I forgot to put powder on because if I don't I don't get that feeling.   So my question is, is this a common thing even if I wear powder or my powder isn't working? Also wondering if anyone would suggest I switch to the matte formula of the bare minerals foundation or I should just upgrade to a high end powder first?   thanks!
I bought the Mac Prolonged Wear Concealer in the shade NC30, I was fine with it at first, but I noticed that throughout the day the concealer oxidizes on me. I have really oily skin and dark circles, so does anyone have any recommendations for concealers for people with oily skin. If it helps I'm a 9 in Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder.
I loved this makeup when I tried it in the store, and I like how it looks when I put it on. But after a matter of minutes, it looks terrible! It doesn't stay on very well, so the initial coverage (which is great) fades or somehow makes me look like I am 10 years older and sickly. It emphasizes every patch of dry or flaky skin. I switched from Lancome's Teint Idole to this foundation - and was definitely encouraged to do so by the significant price difference between the two - and the reason I switched from Lancome is because they stopped making it in my skin color. I tried getting someone at Sephora to do a color-match or color ID test thingy for me, but the result was essentially inconclusive--like I was in between colors or something I don't know. I don't know what to do or try. I pick at my face terribly, so I tend to avoid powders bcs they only make any texture on my face look worse. I also tend to avoid oil-based makeup because they tend to clog my pores, giving me the sort of blemishes I then pick at relentlessly.  Any suggestions in terms of make-up foundations/concealers = much appreciated!   by the way, I have been using Clinique's Even Better foundation in "Linen" - I am naturally pale (and a red-head) but I go tanning every now and then to avoid looking like a corpse (yes, tanning is bad, but I definitely don't get enough sunlight, and I go once or twice every 2-3 months) anyway, I tend to find that makeup is either way too dark, or like, white. Helppp!
.Hi  I purchased the Besame Cosmetics Vanilla face powder recently and I need some advice on it. I don't wear foundation, but the reason I bought it is because I thought it'd be nice to put on after my moisturizer- and I do notice that it seems to soak up any extra oils on my T-zone. And I also wanted to use it for brightening the under eye area after concealer, and I also LOVE anything vintage and retro. SO, with that said and done, I have tried it as an under eye brightener and I don't notice a huge difference. Which is kind of disappointing. I'm not sure if I should keep it, but are there any other ideas or ways I could use this face powder? I don't see a big difference on my face either except my T-zone.  I know this post is all over the place, but I don't know what to do with it. The packaging and retro look got me intrigued to buy it. LOL. If there is any other way or a certain way of how to apply(which I have tried the puff it comes with, and my own brushes)- anything would be appreciated. Thanks
Excuse the cheesy title, I'm trying, guys.    I I know there's another thread where blushes and highlighters and such were being discussed, but it's a bit of a mess in there, and I have a few different things I want to discuss.    I currently use a pretty cheap, drug store setting powder. I've never thought a high end powder is necessary, but the more I browse the boards, the more I think  maybe it is.  (Bunch of enablers, you all.)   The same thing is true of blushes and highlighters and bronzers. I love my high end foundation, lipstick, and eye make up, so I don't know why I haven't dove into other high end products.    So, my question is really, do they make a difference? Can I get some side by side comparison of drugstore vs "designer"?
I've had it with Sephora, guys. Some of you might have seen my posts last month when it took me three visits to the store to buy a bb cream and a bronzer (the MUAs basically kept telling me I'm out of luck with my skin tone and kept suggesting products that didn't suit my skin tone at all).   Anyway, yesterday, I went to Sephora to look at Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder and pick a new blush. They didn't have all the testers for Hourglass, so I didn't get to buy one. I picked up NARS in Orgasm because I ran out of it and wanted to get one more blush. The person helping me convinced me to get NARS in Torrid. It looked like a lovely shade and since the light at the store is crappy, I trusted her advice and bought it.   This morning I took a look at Torrid and it's SO not a match for me. I have a light/fair skin with cool undertones and I think Torrid would be more suitable for someone with medium skin tone. It looks orange on me, even pulling some red. Ew.   So, I decided to drive to another Sephora location, since the one by my house proved to be useless time and time again. I went during the day, so that I could see the products on my skin in natural light. I want to use the Hourglass powder all over my face.  The MUA showed me Radiant. It's obviously way too orange for me but she just said: "Well, I use it as a highlighter, it should work for you". Um, are you serious? The girl has medium with yellow undertones... I asked her to try Dim Light or Diffused Light on me. She applied the Dim Light and it looked fine, I think. I asked her about Diffused Light and she applied it OVER Dim Light, so while my skin looked nice, I have no idea which shade I should get.    I also asked for advice on blush. I told her that I re-purchased NARS in Orgasm and that I got Torrid but didn't like the colour. I asked about Tarte and Too Faced blushes because I've heard good things about them. She said that her favourite blush is TF in Captivating. I said that I don't think it'll work for me because it looks really warm. She proceeded to apply it to my face anyway. It looked horrible. She kept saying it's her favourite shade but, again, she has a very different skin tone from mine.  When she asked me what I think, I told her that it's definitely not a match for me. To this she responded "Maybe you should just stick to Orgasm then". WTF?    So yeah... This was not a pleasant experience and I'm pretty sure I'll just stick to online shopping.     I am a brunette with brown eyes, fair/light skin with some pink (I use Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer in Light and Nars concealer in Custard). Help me make a decision: 1) Hourglass - which shade? After looking at more swatches, I'm leaning towards Diffused Light.  2) Blush. I love NARS Orgasm but would like to try something new.    TIA!  
I am looking for a setting powder that will blur pores and imperfections. Any suggestions?
swatch 2.jpg
Ive always been a 46 in the KVD foundation. I was due for a new bottle so naturally I ordered the awesome deal with the beauty blender. However this bottle of 46 is SO pink and SO reddish undertoned I cant even wear it. Anyone else have this issue lately? Crazy, this is ny 3rd or 4th bottle of this stuff and the shade difference is mind boggling!
Hey guys, so I don't know why it happens but every time I put on my makeup it looks cakey and flaky and my skin looks dry in places. After make up I end up with new pimples/acne. I usually use my Chanel Ultra light skin perfecting foundation followed by the makeup forever hd concealer (340) and bronzer, highlighter stick from smashbox . Is it because I don't use a primer that I get the cakey look? I also have a combination skin (oily tzone).    If if someone can help me, I am willing to change the foundation etc. any advice in changing this regime would be appreciated. 
I have extremely red skin, I have lots a troubles covering it, colour correcting primers and "full" coverage foundations I've used aren't working. Does anyone one have any recommendations? Any kind of product or brand. I really need help!!
So...contour. I have yet to find a shade that will work as an everyday contour on my very fair skin. Aside from being fair, many products turn orange on me, and, to quote Jaclyn Hill, it's "not cute". some of my internet research have turned up the following options: Burberry earthy blush, Kevin Acuoin Medium powder and the DG blush in Tan. Any other suggestions? which one do you think I should go with? I don't know my foundation Color IQ, but my Mac face and body is in the shade N1 (I think) Thanks in advance!
Hey what order do you recommend putting face makeup on in?
Hi! Im asian with light and fair skin tone, which is a good bronzer shade for my skin tone and a good brand that isn't too expensive?
Okay. So I have combination Acne prone skin. I was looking at taste as a brand not for coverage because I like the light to medium coverage but has it helped with your acne? Do you use the BB 12 hour primer and the foundation and the powder? what else do you use? Any advice would be helpful. 
I am 40-ish with combo skin (oily tzone), some hyperpigmentation, and some fine lines. I am looking for a makeup routine (primer-foundation-etc....) that will not tend to settle into those fine lines that I am getting. I am embarrassed to say that I have never really put much effort into my makeup routine....a little moisturizer, some Bare Minerals, a little something on my eyes and out the door, and that was about it. I am just noticing that I don't really like the way the BM is looking on my skin any more and I want a fresh start. I'm just looking for suggestions on which products to maybe start with.....there are so many, it's a little overwhelming! Thanks!!!
I am in high school and wanted to hear some tips of how to apply your foundation to make it appear less cakey and streaky. By noon, my foundation has creased all over my face and it looks like a mess. I use the Nars All Day Luminous Foundation and a basic foundation bush. What am i doing wrong?
I've looked at so many contour videos, but I can never get it right! I have a round, bubbly face... how do I contour and highlight?