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My skin has a tendency to be very oily, while at the same time being extremely dry and flakey. What product would you recommend that I use? I have very pink undertones, and my foundation tends to look extremely flakey, and almost like I have fish scales by the end of the day. HELP PLEASE
Hey everyone! My bestie is looking for a facial mist that is good quality but cheap. They've had some life changes lately, and money is tight.  She has asked me if any of my friends here have any suggestions? Preferably drugstore prices? But I'm willing to listen to whatever you recommend. I don't use a mist myself.  Thanks!! 
Hello, I am 23 years old and right now I am currently dealing with sensitive skin and acne issues at the moment. While I am currently getting treatment for my acne through a doctor I still have trouble finding a good face makeup for me. It seems that all the face makeup products I have used ALWAYS cause me to break out the next day. I have tried everything from maybeline, rimmel, physicians formula, and mineral wear. NOTHING works. I end up breaking out the next day. I like wearing face makeup because it makes me look nice and hey who doesn't want to look nice. Any help or advice you can give me in terms of choosing a good face makeup product? Also what would be a good conturing kit for me to use too? Please help!
What is a good substitute for Korres' Antiageing Face Primer ?   S ephora says it's no longer a SKU.  In fact, it was taken off my "loves" list.  Gah!  
I have very dark red acne scars all over my cheeks from cystic acne.  Whenever I put blush on, no matter how careful I am, my acne scars peek through because the foundation gets rubbed off.  Same goes with bronzer. Anyone have any tips on how to work around this? Or should I just go without blush/bronzer (eek)?    (Left cheek for reference, right cheek is not as severe)
I want to buy the hourglass liquid to powder foundation but they don't sell it at the only sephora close to me. I've been trying to figure out a good match to order online. I wear light sand in the tarte clay 12 hr foundation if that helps at all. I have what I would say is light skin with yellow undertones.    Any suggestions help ya'll. thanks so much! 
If I wear MUFE mat velvet in No. 53 Golden sand, what shade would I be in MUFE HD?
I need help! I am a natural redhead which I callled dirty red until I turned white. My skin is light with ruddy cheeks. I currently use Este Lauder double wear pure beige but red still shows through. Thinking about Kat Von D Lock It foundation but don't know what shade to pick. Help please.
I've been dying to get this kit but I can't find it anywhere on sephora or in stores? HELP.
Hey all! I am looking for a good concealer to cover up ache without looking too dark.  I am currently using bare minerals powder matte in fairly medium (C20). It's a good match but I have red spots and ache that stand out underneath. The sephora smoothing and brightening concealer in medium (06) is a perfect match when I blend it in but I am looking for something more substantial. Can someone recommend a good product to use? 
I'm going to post a picture of me without makeup. Because hey, I love makeup, but I'm also working on embracing my face au naturel, too.   None of this "I'm not wearing makeup" when you're wearing a tinted moisturizer, brown mascara, and have a slight flush to your cheeks and lips. I'm talking no makeup AT ALL (No, not even clear lip balm).   This is me, about 10 minutes out of the shower.   Anyone else brave enough?    
I've recently noticed that my foundation refuses to last all day. I'll put on a moisturizer, then primer, then let it sit then apply my foundation with a beauty blender, AND top with powder. Five hours later, I find that on my chin, the makeup looks spacey, flakey, and almost nonexistent, then on my nose and the area around my nose, the foundation is SO oily. It clumps and cakes and I literally can use my nail lightly to trace over my nose and a ton of make up not only comes off, but its evident that my makeup is cakey and I just drew a line through the oily mess.  I'm currently using NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, and using NARS Light Optimizing Primer with drugstore powder. I definitely don't think it's my powder, because my foundation stays all over the rest of my cheeks and forehead.  As for my skin, I don't have acne or anything. I have a very oily nose, and the rest of my skin is normal. Not oily or dry. Please please help me fix this issue, I'm tired of looking like an oily cake face!
Ok, so I've already tried two matches that obviously were way too orange and dark for my skin. I have used 2W2 and 2W1 but since my neck is way lighter than my super combination facial skin, you can always tell there's a huge difference. I'm almost a perfect MUFE #30 in their Matt Velvet...... which is a perfect shade but I don't think it compares to the EL. If someone could please help me out I would totally appreciate it! (I have yellow undertones!)
whats the best way to select the right Tarte Amazon clay foundation color over the internet?
anyone know what color the oil free" bisque " spf 20 is laura mercier? in winter I use porcelain. nude is too yellow, blush is too pink.  I have freckles and blue eyes and fair to light skin with pink and yellow and blue tones . I wondered if bisque might be good for when my face colors up a bit?
I went into my local store just to browse the Surratt line. While I was there I decided to look at the Becca Complexion Creme. I already knew which color to select (Olive) when an associate came over and asked if I'd like to be color matched. I agreed.   Boy, oh boy she said I had have red undertone. RED?! I didn't say anything, but when she said my match in Becca would be "mink", I did what "Miranda" did in Devil Wears Prada , and pursed my lips.   Why such a big dispariety ? I am "Olive" in the particular formula. Lesson learned "don't always trust the color IQ", 
So I currently bought the  NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation and I love the color however I have noticed that it stains clothes and objects when my face is pressed against them even without trying to put pressure. I prime before all my other foundations and have never had a problem with my foundation transferring everywhere. I tried again the other day and I dusted some translucent setting powder but it only helped a little. What are some things you all do in order to avoid foundation from transferring?  
I currently wear Koh Gen Do's Aqua foundation in shade 213. I love everything about it, but it is getting too light for summer. What color would be one shade darker but still have the same yellow undertone? 
if my color iq number is 3y03 what color would i wear in estee lauder double wear foundation?
I am trying to figure out how to have flawless looking skin without it looking chalky or thick. Can someone help?
I'd like to try a new foundation.  I'm trying to decide between the Tarte Amazonian clay full coverage foundation and the Bare Minerals BareSkin serum foundation.  I have redness in my cheeks that I'd like to even out...it seems to be worsened when I'm in the sun.  Any recommendations?
If I wear NW15 in MACs studio fix & "Nude" in Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer, what color would I be in Urban Decay's naked foundation?
If I use Medium Beige in BareMinerals original foundation, what color should I use for the Pure Brightening serum foundation?
Hello Everyone! I have a question to ask! I have been reading numerous posts and reading all your suggestions about combination skin but I can't seem to find an answer that suited me so I felt I should ask my own. For me, I have combination skin. My skin is almost always very oily but on rare occasions it will dry out. My skin is also sensitive, I have allergic reactions to salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide when they are in makeup products or just acne treatments. Its always been a little difficult trying to find foundations that fit my needs. First I have tried almost every drug store foundation and I have long since gave up on them. Now, I am starting to look into these higher end brands. One of the biggest problems for me is matvhing my foundation. I went to Ulta and got matched for Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation and I'm in the shade "fair-light honey" the shade is not perfect. I was also matched in Sephora via Color IQ for MUFE HD Foundation in the shade NC130. That shade doesn't match either. Foundation is either too light on me or too orange/red. Right now, I am using the Tarte foundation and it's not bad, it just starts to rub off and separate throughout the day and look weird on my face.    I ask for your recommendations for combination but mostly oily skin skin foundations that look great on the skin and stay in place. Thank You!
Hello all I would like to try a new powder. I've been using Cover FX Blotting powder in medium over my foundation and BB cream. My skin type is oily that's why I would like a powder or blotting powder whatever they are called these days lol. Thanks for the help! Also if you could recommend a face brush along with the powder that would be great. 
I am interested in buying georgio armani luminous silk foundation…I'm conflicted between the number 10 and 11.5. I wear amber honey in estee lauder double wear stay all day foundation. Any suggestions? Thanks Akosua
  Has anyone tried this foundation? Would you recommend it for someone with dry skin? If not, any other foundation recommendations to give u a flawless finish? Thank you!!
Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.01.03 PM.png
Hi everyone!    I've been on the hunt for a good brush that applies the right amount of highlighter. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!   Thanks in advance