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My grandmother is looking for a foundation and is always overwhelmed by the choices. Before she ran out, she used MAC and is looking for something else. She likes full-coverage foundations and wants to find one that won't accentuate her "deep wrinkles" and pores. Her skin tone is pale with yellow undertones. Please suggest any! Your help would be much appreciated! :-) 
I'm looking to buy Burberry's Fresh Glow Foundation but need help with a color match? Has anyone with the color ID 5Y06 bought this foundation and if so, which one did you buy? Thank you!!!
I need a good foundation that has full coverage in every way possible.  I want the look of air brushed, without actually using an air brush. So basically an all around foundation that covers all flaws for a an air brushed look finish.  If it needs to be a foundation plus a powder to get that look I would love to know! Thanks! 
For years I have been trying different skin makeup products both drugstore and high end foundations, concealers , moisturizers and powders all claiming to keep oily skin matte and while some did just that it was always at the cost of looking cakey. My skin only needs light coverage products to cover up redness, blemishes and dark circles around my eyes ( and something that keeps my oily t zone mattified). However I have yet to encounter any natural, light coverage products for oily skin that do just this. It seems that the foundations are either too much coverage(don't look natural at all!!), the concealers crease too much and look too cakey under my eyes(and feel dry) or they just drip off my tzone all together(it gets gross).Does anyone else experience this with makeup products and has anyone found any products that work on oily skin but look natural?
Hi. I have light skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. I am looking for blush and lipstick colors. I just got a pink blush from MAC and I feel it's too dark. I love the urban decay eyeshadows, I just got the smokey palette and I have the first one as well. So, maybe blush and lipstick that goes with those. Thank you.
I recently paid a visit to my local sephora and got a few sample foundations that I like but would rather try one that other people with more experience recommend. Unfortunately I don't remember my skintone number but one of the sample foundations I liked the most and matched the best was MUFE y365. Has anybody used MUFE in y365 that can recommend a different foundation and in what shade? 
Like most girls I've been wearing makeup since jr. highish age and have always struggled finding the correct shade. I'm also very low maintenance and prefer super simple, easy to do makeup, but I've been dealing with severe adult acne and have started using makeup more and more to help cover up and draw attention away from my problem areas. I went to a Sephora store and was color matched as 1R05. I bought the bareMinerals matte foundation in fair and correcting concealer in light 1, which both match my skin wonderfully. I'm wanting to find blush and/or bronzer to do some simple contouring, but am totally lost as to how to choose the correct shade. Please help! Thank you.
So basically every foundation I have used causes breakouts or emphasizes dry patches. I have dry, very fair, acne prone skin, is there a moisturizing foundation that comes in a light enough shade? I love the dewy look but everything I've tried looks cakey and dry on me even if I exfoliate,moisturize, and prime beforehand. Any help would be appreciated! 
hi I'm interested in a nice dewy glow finish for my dry skin. Can anyone suggest any drug store or Sephora makeup setting sprays that will make my makeup last with giving me the dewy glow as well.? I would appreciate suggestions. Looking for an affordable spray that will do the job.  Thanks. 
Hi everyone! I'm NC40 and kinda new to highlighters. I bought Becca's champagne pop and love it. Any recommendations for medium skintone? I prefer sublt non glittery (nothing more than becca). Il love the LM matte radiance... but thats too white for me. Its a beautiful highlight on the cheek though.   What are your favouriteS? 
I am looking for a higher end concealer that doesn't crease, looks natural and lasts on oily skin. I have tried a lot of drugstore concealers, and I find that they are too harsh for my sensitive skin and crease way too much. 
I wear Sephora foundation 10hr Wear 30 med sand, what concealer do you recomend  
What is the new equivalent of MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation #N115? I noticed the labels/numbering is different. Thanks!
 I posted about this on another board a moment ago, forgetting that the Customer Service board doesn't appear in the "feed."  I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen:   Okay, this is strange. I just received my order for the MUFE HD powder (full-size.) All my samples were there. My point perk was there. My promo code sample bag was there. The MUFE HD powder box was there. I picked up the MUFE box and immediately could tell it was way too light - sure enough it was empty! My item was not included. I just called the Rouge line and explained to a staff member. She is re-sending the powder, which I appreciate! And I still have my travel size in my purse to use while I wait. But I made a suggestion; I asked if she could report to this to the company. As awful as it is to suggest, I don't see how you could pick up the powder box to add it to an order and not KNOW it was empty. Could someone be stealing products? I'm wondering if I sounded horrible for suggesting it. :-( Good old human error is certainly a possibility. But if there is a pattern of products not reaching customers from a specific warehouse or whatever, that is worth an investigation.
Hi I recently purchased champagne pop and it didn't catch my interest like I thought it would. I feel like its not much of a glow. I'm light/fair skin tone color. I'm looking for something that will make my face pop and people can see the glow from a distance away. I like the josie maren illuminating wand stick its creamy texture gives my dry skin such a nice glow, I just feel the brightness doesn't stand out as much, Can anyone suggest any nice popping highlighters for decent price either creamy texture form or liquid, or any powder that will stand out. Thanks
I need advice! I want to get everything I need for face makeup. What are your suggestions?
With so many users looking for the right product to use on their fair/pale/alabaster skin, I thought it would be great to start a thread specifically for this.   Some of the main questions I see have to do with the following: - Foundation/concealer shades - Contouring - Highlighting   I'll be posting comparison reviews and photos of everything I can get my hands on with these categories, as well as any others that people would like to inquire about. If you'd like to give input as well, please list the following:   - Skin IQ/MAC ID/describe skin tone and undertones - Skin type - Foundation matches (make it clear what is a perfect match if you have one, and what is slightly off) - (optional, but highly helpful) Photos of your skin with and without makeup, swatch comparisons, etc. Please ensure there is proper lighting, with little colour overcast (like fluorescent lighting).     ME: Skin IQ: 1y02 (closest neutral "match") MAC: NC8-10 Skintone is very pale, neutral to cool toned, translucent, prone to burning and freckles. Some surface redness. Cannot tan whatsoever. Type: Currently normal/combo. Slightly sensitive. Prone to dryness/patches and oilier nose.   Foundation Matches: - Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer sx01 (99% match; more neutral toned, which evens out my redness perfectly) - CoverFX Custom Drops N10 (same tone as KA SS) - Dolce & Gabbana 60 Classic (perfect match) - MUFE HD Foundation Y205 (ever so slightly too light, but looks super natural with contour or blended with a drop of coverfx n10) - Giorgio Armani Luminessence (slightly cooler toned, great match though) - NARS Chantilly Concealer - DiorSkin Nude BB Cream 001 (slightly darker and too pink, but wearable, especially if wearing contour or bronzer) - KVD 42    Common recommendations that are too dark for me: Urban Decay Naked Foundation 0.5 (too dark for me, but would for for a tone darker than I) YSL (Touche Eclat concealer in 1.5 works though) GA  Hourglass  Tarte  EL  Too Faced Smashbox (fair is slightly too dark; would work for some a tone darker than I) Dior Foundations/serums (other than the one BB cream)   Too light: MJ Genius Gel cream 010     Foundation comparison swatches in natural light:   L-R:    Spoiler (Highlight to read) NARS Chantilly Concealer MUFE Y205 D&G Classic 60 KA SSE sx01 GA Luminessence CoverfX Custom Drops N10 DiorSkin Nude BB Cream 001 UD Naked 0.5   NARS Chantilly ConcealerMUFE Y205D&G Classic 60KA SSE sx01GA LuminessenceCoverfX Custom Drops N10DiorSkin Nude BB Cream 001UD Naked 0.5      Contour: WIP     Highlighting: WIP     Let me know if you'd like any other categories, would like more info, or have any questions!    
I'm looking for opinions from persons who have tried both Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous base in nude v. Laura Mercier Radiance Primer. Specifically the sparkle factor, longevity, and "feel". I like the subtle sparkle factor of the Burberry, it makes it through a 12 hr stretch well, and it doesn't leave me with a "tacky" feel. I haven't tried the Laura Mercier, it interests me more due to it's availability (why is Burberry Always out of stock Sephora?) and the lower price point. The biggest turn off for me would be if it was a glitter bomb. So whats the verdict BT, is the LM a reasonable dupe for the Burberry when taking these preferences into consideration?     
Hello, I really want to purchase a contouring and highlighting pallet. I want to know which would be best for me and how to apply it correctly since i've never done it before. Please help.
SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ Available at SEPHORA 5 Times Square in Manhattan July 26th and SEPHORA Powell Street in San Francisco, in early August -    Find Your Scientifically Precise Foundation Shade From Over 1,000 Foundations In Our Stores -   SEPHORA, the leading beauty specialty retailer, and Pantone LLC, the global color authority, unveil SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ, the most advanced foundation matching tool available in North American beauty retail.   Powered by Pantone and based off the color matching technology developed by X-Rite, the SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ system is the first and only beauty device to scan the surface of the skin and assign an official Pantone skintone number, to find your scientifically precise foundation shade amongst our 1,000 foundations, brands and formulas.   “SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ POWERED BY PANTONE is an incredible tool that delivers a real benefit to our clients,” says Margarita Arriagada, SVP of Merchandising at Sephora. “We see this as the first application of this patented Sephora exclusive technology, and are excited to expand its capabilities for other uses in the color world.”   The SEPHORA+ PANTONE COLOR IQ is a hand held tool based off the Pantone X-Rite Spectrocolorimeter used in the design world.  As the first of its kind in cosmetics retail, the device works by taking an image of your skin, analyzing and assigning you an official Pantone skintone number.  With that number, Sephora beauty experts reference SEPHORA’s Universal Skintone Guide (via iPad) which holds over 1,000 foundation skus to determine what products are a precise match for your skintone.       “SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ eliminates many of the variables that can affect shade selection, including pigment challenges, skin texture and undertones which can often distort the clients match,” added SEPHORA PRO Gilbert Soliz. “As an artist, I know the right foundation is essential to a great makeup look so this is an amazing resource to have for my consultations.  It allows me to pull the best matches across all our brand offerings for my clients personalized consultation.”       Facts about the SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ :   SEPHORA + PANTONE Color IQ Handheld Device: Image takes 1.8 seconds to capsure Produces  27 photographs in black and white using 8 different visible LED bands and 1 ultraviolet band COLOR IQ measures only in red/green/blue Ultraviolet and three split spectrums Grid of 100x100 pixels across skin sample which then becomes one color composite New method of color measurement, including texture and surface sample variables, allowing for the most accurate color positioning   Cameras vs COLOR IQ device for pigment precision: Traditional cameras uses ambient light (huge pigment variables) COLOR IQ can measure pigment in pitch darkness, does not require ambient lighting for precision matching   SEPHORA + PANTONE Color IQ Skintone Library: Ethnicity isn’t relevant when color matching- there are more factors in the physiology of the skin that determine color (hemoglobin, sun exposure, freckles, skin conditions, sun burn, excess or absence of melanin) 110 colors are mapped out by the Pantone Color Institute that comprise the SEPHORA + PANTONE Skintone Library Colors are based on SEPHORA’s current foundation landscape and can be expanded as more brand offerings are added, making the most comprehensive foundation library available at retail iPad app platform, exclusive to SEPHORA only available in SEPHORA stores   Recommendations for the best SEPHORA + PANTONE Color IQ match : No workout 30 minutes prior to match No chemical or harsh peels 3-6 days prior to match Drink more water and less caffeine prior to match, caffeine restricts blood flow, affecting flush of skin If you are wearing self tanner, disclose to the Sephora artist for a better match     <br> <br>        
The brushes I've tried just seem to separate or the bristles clump together. Any suggestions?
Any good concealer that will hide under eye dark circles. Any suggestions?  
Hello everyone!   I have fine lines under my eyes that are prone to creasing. It seems that no matter what I do or what products/tools I use my under eye area creases! Sometimes it creases so much that the lines are emphasized and look bigger. I am 21, and right now I am using the Urban Decay Weightless Naked concealer (but I have even used Mac Pro Longwear, NARS radiant, and drug store ones...) and I set with Mac Emphasize/Anastasia banana powders (I just ordered Laura Mercier's translucent setting powder). No matter what I do, I crease! And yes I moisturize and prime, and if I use more powder than my under eye area looks "chalky" (and still creases).   I've watched many YouTube videos but I feel that most of the girls who do the videos don't even have creases under their eyes...   Any help or tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated.
I have a lot of acne and dry spots on my face, and I am looking for a primer to help smooth out my foundation, and maintain a high coverage.
I need a good foundation for dry skin over 50   Please help!
So when I put on my foundation is makes my skin look very unnatural and like I'm wearing a ton when in reality I'm not putting a lot on.(appears cakey and pores can be very visible) I am currently using Nars Sheer Glow Foundation.. just curious if anyone can help me out with my problem.