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I'm under the impression that natural hair brushes work better for powder products and synthetics for liquid.    I've been eyeing the RT blush brush? or the one that is shaped like a cone for bronzer application but I know that all RT brushes are made of synthetic hairs.   Is my general rule concept mistaken or is it the quality of the brush that matters more? 
Dior Rouge Dior Baume Fall 2014 - Photo Credit BritishBeautyBlogger.jpg
I am so excited to try this!    It's available on Dior's site now, any idea when we might see it on Sephora?   "Inspired by the professional illuminating techniques and expertise of its makeup artists, Dior invents Diorskin Star, its 1st brightening foundation: a weightless fluid capable of recreating the spectacular and perfecting light of Dior's studios.   - The complexion is instantly more luminous and visibly more even. A new generation of hollow silica beads captures and diffuses light in a correcting halo with no shine. At the same time, colour-filter pigments neutralize colour imbalances to recreate the perfect light. - The complexion is clarified with a purer, more dazzling and long-lasting light. Anti-"light-trap" skincare ingredients help reduce the appearance of dark areas, pigment spots and redness."
Wondering what new palettes Kat Von D will have, as well as what's to come from Tarte and UD!!! Who else is with me and what are you excited for? Can we expect these the end of this month?
Hello Ladies of BT!    I just bought myself a couple Becca products and when I was shopping around, I saw The One Perfecting Brush. I didn't buy it at the time. Now I have been flipping the internet and blogospheres for reviews because it seems like such an excellent concept. Especially for people who are traveling or for people who are in a hurry (busy mommy like me). Has any of you ladies used this brush? I would appreciate your reviews, good or bad! Thanks!
I love the YSL Touche Eclat foundation but I can't find the right color. I've tried Beige 10 (its to light) and Beige Dore 10 (slightly to dark that its noticeable even when well blended). Any suggestions? My best match is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in 1.0. A lot of paler are people are wearing B30? Is it lighter than the ones I mentioned? 
Hi! I would like a recomendation to choose a foundation for my wedding day! It will be taking place in the summer, so I need something to stick on my face but still look like myself. I have combination skin, and a little bit of redness. And im pretty sure it will be hot that day, so I dont want to be oily-shiny. Hope you can help me!! I was thinking about studio skin 15 hour wear foundation, but im not pretty sure! I linked a photo of myself so you can have an idea, I have make up on, and the other one with the pink t-shirt with no makeup at all   HEEEELP!
I'm looking forward to trying this when it arrives. I'm surprised to be hearing about it first from Beautezine as I thought Sephora gave VIBs first dibs on new products.
Hi, I need help choosing a darker color for foundation. I'm currently using Estée Lauder double wear in Ecru 1n2, I feel like its a little light for me, what would be the next darker shade for me?
I'm looking to lighten up my makeup bag and save time. I've always hated having to put on a liquid, then a concealer, and then powder, and so on so I'm looking for an all-in-one foundation that will even me out and cover up some redness that I have. I'm guessing that's what medium or full coverage foundations are for? Could really use some help on this!
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So school is soon approaching and I am going to be starting my masters degree in Epidemiology (excited yet scared)!    Anyways, I am certain that I am going to be very busy and will only be able to go to the gym between class breaks or before class starts. Other than that, I will be researching, with clients, or TAing.   My question is, do you or should you go to the gym with makeup on? If you do, what do you do with your face afterwards? Obviously I do not want to reapply my makeup on a sweaty face and if I shower, I would have to start my whole skincare regime again followed by makeup (which takes quite a long time). In addition, I would be in a male locker room and could you imagine what those "gym jocks" would think if they saw me doing my routine ... oh please (I hate when people judge).   Any tips, advice or suggestion would be great to hear!   Definitely let me know, thank you so much in advance!   Michael, xo
The Kat Von D Foundation only lists descriptions from the original shades, not the new crop. I have fair skin with yellow undertones, and the Light 45 is slightly too pale. On the yellow spectrum, which color is next? I've compared and peered and sampled, and I'm flummoxed.
I love this look! Particularly the lips and cheeks! Any suggestions for dupes of what she is wearing?
I have the Laura Mercier pressed powder bronzer Golden Bronze. What is the equivalent product?
Hello! I have a question I am sure is asked a lot. I am having trouble finding a foundation, well kind of. I was matched in store for MUFE Mat Velvet+ in No. 20 Ivory. I do really like this foundation but since its summer I went back in to find something a bit lighter looking and a more natural finish. (I have Combo Skin that gets oily through the day on the forehead). I was matched with the tool they have now and was told I was 2Y04. Well now I am really lost, how do I know what color I am and how do I go about finding a shade for me with out having to go and try them all on and not get pushed into one I don't really like. When I go to find my color matches through the foundation I already have it comes up with 1R03 and a totally different set of colors. Now I have also gotten my hands on MUFE HD in 115 Ivory and it also looks good on me. So If you can help me out I would much appreciate it. 
becca champagne gold
I was looking on the Ulta website and saw a new BECCA pressed powder shimmering skin perfector in champagne gold. I wondered if anyone has seen swatches of this. I already have Moonstone, Opal and Rose Gold so the question is do I need it?? LOL...of course. But I was really wondering how different it is from Moonstone. I'm not sure how to link a picture but you can find it on Ulta or the BECCA website. It says it's limited edition (ha ha, so was rose gold) and it has the same stamping on it as the holiday rose gold had on it.                                    
I am debating on switching my makeup routine if there is makeup more suitable for my skin type.   Throughout the day I get an oily t-zone, and I have acne prone skin (majority of it on my chin and around my mouth area).    I prime with Cover FX mattifying primer (doesn't seem to do its justice for me), I use Kat Von D lock-it tattoo foundation, which I LOVE the coverage with that due to my acne and lots of hyper-pigmentation. I then use **bleep** full cover concealer to cover any imperfections, I just use a revlon pressed powder, rimmel bronzer and revlon blush. I then use Urban Decays de-slick setting spray.   Could anyone make an suggestions on products I need to swap out, or entirely new makeup routine that is more suitable for acne.   Thank you!
What are y'alls favorite foundation brushes? Lol I really like my sigma f80 to apply it. I have heard a lot of good things about the real technique brushes.  
Is it good? I just bought the nars foundation in Stromboli. It's a good match and I like it, but I want something for lighter days. Does anyone know what color in the tinted moisturizer would be close to stromboli 
This is also helpful for anyone with yellow or olive undertones. I found a really great (long) article with photo's, examples.    The reason why I decided to post the link is to help others as I do struggle who with the finding the best foundation match. I always have to mix two to three shades to get a decent match. I don't like using a color correcting mixing medium, it seems to alters the foundation formula.   Sorry, had to remove link, trying to be as specific as possible to direct you to the article. There are other articles but look for the link that begins with musicalhouses otherwise it won't be the right one.   To Find ArticleGoogle: Undertones for Asians: How to tell if your skintone is Cool, Warm, Neutral, or Olive The article is listed as musicalhouses blogspot undertones for asians how to tell if                  
I use a makeup sponge to blend my under-eye concealer. This may seem like a silly question, but does it matter whether you wet the sponge with warm or cold water? Not only for better blending but also making the sponge itself last longer.
What are your tips for choosing the best color of blush?  
I was looking for some inspiration for some Halloween makeup ideas. THey can  be simple or grand. I would love to hear what others have done and new ideas for a party look. TIA
Until today, I never knew that there was a difference in the beauty blenders other than the colors. 😩😩😩
I know alot of you guys love the brand. They have a good selection on HauteLook right now. I've never used them before. Please share any insight you have! The blushes look pretty. What's the quality like? Happy Shopping! 
I need a long-wearing foundation.  Is Estée Lauder Double Wear the one???
I'm looking to throw all my old makeup away that my mom gave me because she didn't really use it. I want to get all new makeup and start over fresh. So should my makeup be all the same brand for best results?
Looking at my loves, I saw that the Kat Von D Light 42 was out of stock and there's no email option for restocking. I also see that it's not on the shade list when you look at the Kat Von D Tattoo Foundation page, either.  Anyone know if it was discontinued? If so, I'll be cranky - it's the best foundation match I've ever found for my skin and no one else has anything close, it's all either way too pink or way too yellow or too dark.